Should we try experimenting with noflags?

Think about it. Instead of shitposting and immediately kneejerking to one another as muh leftcucks/muh anarkiddies/muh tankies, we'd actually be able to have quality discussion.

I say we try this for a month or so.

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You just made me realize.
What's going on? No flags? I mean I get your argument OP and I think its valid, but it just comes as a shock is all.

Servers got cucked, I think

Shit, some of you didn't even notice at all. It seems there's only pros to removing flags from this board.

damn lol really?

In my defense I'm sluggin a nice Belgian brew and just got off work, so I didn't even have time to notice


Fine but the rules on no posting multiple images, no posting images twice, and no PDFs must be removed.

t. tard

It should display country flags instead imo

then burgers would be nonstop bullied by everyone else, no fair.

horrible idea you idiot
we should try no flags for one month, make two polls about, one now and the other past the month, and then decide if we should get flags or not

Off-topic: that AK is one of the most glorious threads I've ever seen. Fucker made a stamped receiver out of a 3 dollar shit-shovel he got at a farm, what a madman


Yes people agree with my posts instead of needlessly insulting

Shows just fickle and brain dead most of you are.

Do you have a link?

Yes I do:!

Fuck i miss the christcom flag give it back. And how will i know if someone is shitposting or not ? also why cant' i post more then one image ?

Shame he's a fucking randroid.

On a sidenote, we'll need a leftypol guide for AKs that take AR 15 mags

flags were always reddit-tier faggotry

Wtf I want to kill jewish proles now!
And don't forget! It's only Jews that exploit whites. Pure-blooded Anglo-Aryans™-whathaveyou would never even consider doing something like that!


Like what posts faggot. Is it something as vague and uncontroversial like "immigration is a ploy by neoliberalism"?

No because then Holla Forums will have to admit that most of us are Burgers.

It's more boring here without flags, the "image never existed" deletion message, and the spoiler it used :(

Those can come back, just not the flags


Flag-drama is fucking hilarious and fun. A bunch of the flags are already in-jokes. Our goal is not to be a giggles-free community.

Let's give a try, man. If its really that shit then we can switch back.

Besides, think about the source of untapled memes that could come from having no flags

scathing comeback

That photo is fake. You can see the zipper on the back of the guy they're throwing in the heap. It's just a cheap costume.

Joke's on you. I am a fucking leaf! Very different to those filthy burgers.

t. tard


fuck no. it clearly doesn't works.

This is a stupid idea and I'm going to take to using a name if it keeps up.
Using a flag helps to set up necessary background information to the post I'm going to make. A given statement is changed greatly depending on the ideology of the person making it.

I don't care about the flags but let me post more than one picture and pdfs please

Flags are a sign of infectious bourgeois individualism. They are literally nothing but niggers.

It's basically namefaggotry tbh

Flags have just become another way to attach an identity to a paste. They function no differently from a name or a tripcode. And the way that those function is building a reputation, positive or negative, that goes against the entire central concept of anonymous discussion, which is that ideas should be considered on their merits instead of who said them.

but you just outed yourself without having a flag so that can't be it

Even better - give everyone randomly selected flags. Only then will discussion quality prosper.

agreed but we need to force anonymity in all facets. Disable names


i wish, always get mildly uneasy when another rose enters the thread and says things i disagree with.

it's a stupid idea anyway, i used to believe that bullshit but the reality is that 9 times out of 10 the result is that you move from "who said it matters" to "how many people are saying it matters" which is even worse.

No sectarian shit-flinging these past two days.


There seems to be more Holla Forumsyp shitposting and low effort bait though

ditto, redflags are sometimes the worst idpol posters

Flags serve the important function of reminding MLs they are merely a defective minority the rest of us tolerate out of bemusement

The function of using a flag is to cause others to make presuppositions about the post, and to fit it within an ideological narrative. If one is confident in the content of their post, they will want people to focus on the content of the posts themselves. Therefore, no intelligent, rational poster will ever use a flag unless they are not confident in their position, and therefore and have an interest in people ignoring the content of their post. If one is using a flag, we can conclude that they are either, irrational, or aren't confident in their opinion–likely because they don't read books.

If we are to take this into consideration, then we can use the number of flags in a thread as a direct indicator of the quality of the discussion taking place. A higher number of flags, in theory, should correlate with a thread in which few people know what they are talking about. If we allow people to use flags, it will save the rest of us time, by allowing us to ignore threads where there is no substantial discussion taking place.

Also we need names for the Holla Forums in thread RPG I am working on (and flags would be helpful too). The thread is gone by now but I am planning on releasing the final rules and running an alpha campaign this weekend.

If I wanted to talk politics with no flag i would go to Holla Forums

Gave me a kek

I don't mind flags, I just think there should be more joke ones so dumbasses realize they should be unironic.

Anyway, what I miss the most now is multiple images per post.

Holla Forums does have flags actually. But kek.