Was socialist before it was cool

get on his level
also tankies suck

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He's a literal sociopath who has repeatedly made death threats to people, including comrades.

no evidence

He admitted to it in his memoir. Also, there are numerous people who claim Roo made death threats against them (Mike Ely and Doug Enaa, for instance).

Watch out, I hear his rifle can leave a mean welt if it hits exposed skin.

I wonder if he also sent me a death threat…I once sent him a private message on youtube calling his shit and saying he's garbage. He replied but i never even bothered to read.

this is what socialism in the US looked liked before the liberals and SJWs came in

he's single?

He's Saami and I've been told he doesn't date outside his race.

You forgot

Besides his vocabulary and speech only reach to already socialists. he talks like maoists in my country spoke in the late 1960's 1970's ffs.

He doesn't look Saami to me…he looks like a regular burger 90% caucasian european and the rest random shit.

How the fuck is Unruhe still a virgin?

I mean he's been on youtube with at least some audience for like a decade. There has got to have been at least one fangirl who wanted to fuck him.

there's a webm somewhere where he talks about how women hate him

he's incel

incel don't mean virgin, he probably hires prostitutes now and again

How would Jason not still be a virgin

was a fake memoir

Because he's like 30.


He's not so autistic that a prostitute wouldn't fuck him

Jason is 36 years old to be precise.

yoooo jason
big fan



Fuck, he's literally as old as my mom.

you have to be 18 to post in here dude

So he's almost 40 and yet makes a career off of making videos for 16-year old tankie kids? Figures.

I wish I could do this but I'm doomed to be a retarded fuck-up for the rest of my life most likely.


Nigga I dont even LARP this much.

honestly an improvement

Thats because he isn't. If I remember correctly, he "discovered" that he is a Saami in a dream. He is literally larping as a ethnic minority.

I mean, I know Roo is autistic, but holy shit.

It's stupider than that. What actually happened was that he went to a "Native American shaman" or whatever, and that old kook told him that she saw "native ancestry" in his spiritual bloodline. Roo then concluded that he was Saami.

After he left she probably texted her friends about this shit like "Can you fuckin believe this boy" lmao

So Jason Unrhue is basically The Jerk, but instead of believing he's black, he believes he's Native American, because he can't wrap his mind around being a third world Maoist that's just an average joe white American. It's gotta be deeper than that…

it's just shitty in a different way

Jason Unruhe is the madlibs of leftism, be a turd worldist, but have true for once brosocialist contempt for people of other races and sexes. Be a maoist who doesn't advocate for open revolt. Be a leftist who isn't a bordniga disciple that has contempt for theory.

I couldn't meme a more perfect jigsaw into existence.

saami people aren't native americans.



What edgy, hipster fake socialist faggots always say.

Holla Forums is thattaway -→
we 'aint that abrasive

I could have sworn Jason said he was "part Native American"

perhaps he did…combining native american with saami which are finno-ugrian folks does give lots of points in the minority scale and makes him feel even more of a snowflake

Tell someone to kill themselves is not a death threat.

even better

So Roo is officially off the autism meter.


Well, regardless, he thinks he's Saami, and thus also Native American, and thus nonwhite. Coupled with the fact that he (poorly) practices shamanism (because that's his "native" religion), and you've got a mangled ethnic mess that not only looks goofy, but manages to offend at least 3 groups of people for cultural appropriation alone.

Unruhe is a Deutsches name

Eh, there's some genetic similarities between the two groups. Of course, that hardly means that Jason is a "red man" like he claims.

No there isn't and it's never been proven.

Finns/Saamis and Hungarians aren't even related to Turks or Mongolians. Those hypotheses were thrown out years ago.

His real surname is MacCaden.

Wait, where did any of us mention turks or mongolians?

Turks and Mongolians are genetically similar to Native Americans.

He's 400 lbs.

what's wrong with those two?

He doesn’t make that much money. Most of his income comes from his minimum wage job.

Half of white Americas are “partly native american” It means nothing.

Yeah but Jason actually thinks something of it while nobody else does

Big if true.

This is a really dumb thing to say, my mom had me when she was 17 so when I turned 18 she was only 35
It's very common for inner city proles to have kids young, same for rural proles, it's dumburb proles who have this "careers till I'm 38 then I have kids" mentality


"Involuntary celibate"

So volcel?

Doesn't understands socialism
He just deoesn't admit its besides it doesn't matters. Lardgon of Cuckkad "never lost" any debate either by that logic.
This is fucking sad lmao, not something to be proud off ever.
doesn't has any personal goals to put the money in, he lives with his mom.
He also lacks a social life so it doesn't surprises me. better would be if he had no addictions what so ever.


how the fuck can one even be proud of being involuntarily anything

by sacred ideology. ask /r9k/ they practice the ideology. they're "pure"-er.

Roo only wins debates because the people he debates are fucking retards.


Nice slander, US shill. Take your Zionist propaganda to pol




fuck off reddit


gee whiz Mr. Stirner, according to you consensual sex is a spook. teach him your tricks, property.

what if you're an involuntary rapist? I mean at least you get laid…..

only the Faggot gang of Muke, comes here to spread lies about him.

Muke go back to Reddit.

He's way too fucking big to be saami. Most saami are on the short side an Unruhe looks like he's a tall guy in person.

Anyone have that video of someone torching a little Unruhe effigy?

if the debate with that socialism or barbarism guy is any indication, roo doesn't win shit, he just says he does and people humor him.

this is your brain on third worldism

He's over 6 feet tall and 400 lbs fat.


A lot of people here are proud of being involuntarily poor

Also, a shitton of incels and redpillers won't see hookers, so they really aren't involuntarily anything

there is nothing wrong with this statement.

the guy who made it is a canadian white guy who larps as a saami shaman

Someone on twitter ask Roo if this is true.

I've talked to the man a few times. I've got a song written for him, but given the controversy surrounding anarcho-pac, I'm a bit hesitant to publish it.

Anarchopac? You mean that whole business with "him" trying to kill Jason for """"misgendering"""" xir or whatever? Fuck that noise.

Do it, screw Anarchopac

Do it anyway. Roo deserves all the shit he gets.

I meant in the sense that it would be somewhat "praising" him.

Not too sure if I should tho. Anarcho-Pac is part of a YT leftist community which I'm part of. I don't think it'd be a wise move if I did.

Just change the lyrics to make them derogatory.

I know nothing about Anarcho-Pac or the issues they have towards Jason
Can someone bring me to speed.


The irony here is that he is a white boy who identifies as "agender" in order to get oppression points.

The thing is I was going to reply saying "Fuck him, he's just a liberal with some edgy aesthetic" but thought I'd double check his twitter just in case since I've not looked at anything to do with him for ages, and his entire twitter conveyed the feeling so much better and all you need to do is click stuff at random and link it here.
Here he is praising the feminists on his campus and showing their efforts as proof idpol isn't just privileged whining. His campus is fucking Cambridge.

Very ironic how the most "radical" universities/colleges are always some of the most elite schools in the world. Berkeley, Columbia, McGill, Oxford, Cambridge, Wellesley, Dartmouth, I could go on forever.

This Twitter post frustrates me greatly. I can get where they are coming from in that ignoring the inequaly prejudice of our Legal Sytems towards minorties but I feel as if they missed the point of the YT comment in that while yes inequality amongst social groups are disproportinate this hiearchy stems from Capitalism. On a more blogpost note Im a tranny MtF and while I dont know much about Agender I would ask people to judge them based upon their character and not their identity.

Anti-capitalism and idpol are not opposed. Pointing out other oppressions which exist does NOT entail ignoring the role of capitalism.

I don't think anyone actually has any problem with them because of their spooky gender identity, but more because they claim to be a radical but pretty much everything they say is liberalism. No matter how many tl;dr posts I start writing to explain my impression I think to sum it up it's simply that the only reason they're not a liberal is because it's not cool anymore.
How can someone who is agender get misgendered anyway? Am I supposed to refer to them as they all they time? It seems a little dumb, I've never really cared what gender I am, how do I know I am or am not agender? Why shouldn't people just refer to me as my biological pronoun in this case? Baffling.

Except we're not talking about that we're talking about someone who pays lip service to capitalism and talks almost entirely about idpol.

Again I cant talk from an Agender perspective(Not because Im not agendered more because Ive never read anything on it) and I agree that they seem like a bit of a cunt but I just dont want to alienate someone based upon something as spooky as gender and yes Im aware my "gender" is spooked but Im a girl because it pleases my ego to be a girl.

Well that's nowhere near as spooky because it's something that can be translated to reality. If I looked up and discovered I was agender, what in the world would change? Literally nothing. I would demand everyone referred to me as they/them and boomers would raise their eyebrow and that's that.

How is it in your self interest to follow a label you were assigned. I say take a label and use it to serve your ego.

But if we're going by that logic then saying anarchopac is doing it for oppression points is perfectly valid because there is no non-internet benefits to making any noise about the label. When you start to think about it it's just waking up with a feeling of not caring about your gender. There are many things I have intense feelings of not caring about. For example I'm acoffee-without-milk-or-coffee-without-cream, asugar-or-sweetener, aagender problems, ablonde-not-brunette, aUV209 asteroid family cluster. There are literally billions of things which make a feeling of complete apathy wash over me. The only reason I'm not aanarchopac is because I can't wrap my mind around not identifying as something so much you begin to identify as it this non-identity.

what if label has no use