Why haven't you bowed to your savior yet?


Why haven't you bowed to your savior yet?

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Elon is highly useful in his role for pushing for the mass development of technology again. It'll help stop the endless money-shuffling of neoliberal policies trying to squeeze money from where it just isn't going to be.



He's our only hope lads

I honestly don't get the fetish of him beyond

The same idiots that were Obama worshippers also love Elon Musk, but there was so much tech stagnation during Obama's years it was crazy

paypal sucks
it really does

God Roiland is such a cunt.

fucking hell does nobody know that elon musk is a financier, he doesn't personally design fucking rockets and electric cars.


because I think he's full of shit. His company telsa is entirely propped up by investment, it is essentially a shell or a ponzi scheme. He's got big dreams but in reality he's nothing more than a porky capitalizing on potential revenue streams. He is no saivor.

I once punched someone for praising the Muskrat, AMA.

muh new economy is an inside job, a deep state psyop designed to cover up the mounting final crisis of capitalism. I can't wait for the dot.com bubble 2.0, for the coming flood that will wipe filth like Musk and the other californian narcissists from the face of the earth.

""Glad"" that he at least he gives a shit about pace travel and climate change, but he's still a filthy capitalist

Porky must not be allowed to enter space. Space travel under capitalism must be prevented at all costs.

No one can save the 21st century. No one can save the 22nd century. After that, we have a shot.

Human space travel beyond the earth moon system is miserable and ultimately fatal, not to mention economically non-viable. Even robotic space mining is, again, not economically viable.

There will never be a future for humanity in space, not FALC, not interplanetary cyberpunk.

Disagree, asteroid mining can extend capitalism past the point of rationality.

An asteroid has like, what, hundreds of billions, or even trillions worth of US dollars of potential return in rare minerals and rare earth minerals. Not that it's very feasible. It's one of those ideas like space elevators that probably won't happen. But hypothetically if capital got its hands on an asteroid, it could probably only need one to sustain itself for decade after decade. That's the scariest idea to me, because then capital could just simply ignore the consequences of ravaging the Earth for its resources and have plenty of value left to make the working classes' lives hell through the entire experience beyond what it already will do.

Asteroid mining is probably a concept that makes porky lick its lips

This is the type of person I dread seeing die in my life time, because I know everyone will suck rigor mortis afflicted cock as soon as he kicks the bucket, just like they did Steve Jobs.

I doubt he's even a real person.

This actually makes him eligible for saviour status.


South African white boy. Marri3ed to a British lady

Reusable nuclear-powered rockets to push asteroids on decaying orbits closer to earth.

Elon 'I support science denying republican candidates based on economic interests' Musk

Elon 'I put billionaire friends in space burning rocket fuel' Musk

Elon 'everything is just a simulation' Musk

… I could go on.


Depending on how that sentence is interpreted, that would be amazing

Yes but he repaid all his government subsidies and as much as I hate Musk I must admit he is very useful in the accelerationist sense

toppest of my kekes, u crazy bastard

fancy buzz for someone who doesn't do shit besides making money disappear

nah but he is much more aware of the technicalities required for such ventures than any other executive operating in those industries which leads to him making more informed decisions.

Looks like union busters enjoy their own company.

so in other words he's useless

but seriously though, i hope elon musk really gets to develop all his ideas about space so we don't even have to kill the bourgs, they'll just fuck off to mars and leave the planet to us.