No memes, can we actually discuss the mistreatment of dissidents in socialist countries who were socialists themselves...

No memes, can we actually discuss the mistreatment of dissidents in socialist countries who were socialists themselves? What do MLs make of it?
For example, this man:
Did he do anything wrong?

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You tell me homie

They weren't true socialists.

That's awful

A lot of "socialists" aren't socialists at all and are still drinking the bourgeois kool-aid. But depriving someone of citizenship for dissent is really stupid


Social Democrats and Liberals aren't socialists and if they don't bend to the will of the Proletarian Dictatorship they deserved to be relentlessly crushed in the interest of the working class.

Anarchists, despite their idealistic statements about autonomy, always disrespect the proletariat's will when it builds a dictatorship and attempts to attack it, and thus, while being socialists, must be dealt with to protect the revolution

What a tragedy.




I actually think Bob Avakian's new synthesis is a hot take. It actually admits that there were serious flaws in MLM practice, and suggests that the state should have enough elasticity to encorporate dissenters.

This is unrelated to the question in the OP, tankie retard. I already know that gulags weren't death camps and lots of quotes from Stalin are fabricated etc.
this thread has one subject: the mistreatment of some dedicated socialists in socialist countries


its just a random example, I don't feel like compiling hundreds of people who suffered a similar fate

well you did a poor job squeezing tears from me
give me a better example

as far as I can tell dissidents were usually artists, writers, poets who got in conflict with censorship

They deserved it.

as long as you idiots refuse to face the crimes and mistakes that were made by the radical left in the past you are undermining the very moral high ground you claim.
you're not worth the support of the masses, and as long as you don't change i'm fine with it. you're nothing better than porkie, you're just powerless.

fuck you, that's your "retort" to everything. It's like Holla Forums "b-but you islamic gommie jeeeew!1!" did i mention you're intellectually and ethically bankrupt?

In the space of time it took you to read this thread you could have read a pamphlet and stopped being wrong constantly for the rest of you life.

Popular support is irrelevant. The bourgeoisie will be destroyed so who cares what they think?

The dominant and rich have no qualms about using violence and repression for those who wish for better rights and living conditions while political avenues are blocked by corruption and inherant barriers for change. Needless, to say to not use violence is to put ourselves at disadvantage. The reason why evolutionary socialism has never suceeded in gaining political power even before the Cold War in a country isn't because of bad election campaigning ok.

If they were actually socialists they wouldn't be dissidents in socialist states, would they?

Honestly I have an issue with mistreating dissidents regardless of whether or not they're socialists. If they're just voicing dissent leave them be. If they're organizing a revolutionary program then offer to fund their travel to somewhere that needs them more. If they won't take you up on it and would rather fuck up a socialist experiment than start another socialist experiment then they're just counter-revolutionaries.

c'mon put at least some effort

It's unacceptable. If socialism is to stand for anything, it must stand for the common man regardless of their opinion.
put it best


At least you're honest here about your love of fascism, I grant you that.

Whether violence is "okay" or not is irrelevant, it's inevitable. Communist society is impossible without the forceful divorce of the bourgeoisie from property, juts as capitalist society is impossible without the separation of the proletariat from property. You pacifist argument is ultimately nothing more than an apology for the latter, you're just too cowardly to admit it.

this thread proves that there is no substantial difference in the authoritarian mindset regardless of claims of being "left" or "right".
friendly reminder that tankies are fascists in red disguise. friendly reminder that this board is called Holla Forums because it's half lefty and half Holla Forums.

why you retarded fucks seriously believe that anyone would rather be oppressed by you than by mercer, soros, the koch bros and their cronies is beyond me. you're just as bad if not worse.

Name one major world event that shifted human development in a substantial way that occurred without massive violence.


We use violence to overthrow the ruling class. If we keep having to use it after the revolutionary war, something has gone terribly wrong.

how are you going to protect the revolution from external threats?

If the external threat is an invasion, fight back. If the external "threat" is a dissident or CIA propaganda or whatever, ignore it, because the biggest threat to marxist states (as the events of 1989-1991 showed us) is betrayal from the vanguard parties themselves, and you can't give said parties that kind of power.

uh oh what if this requires violence or authoritarian politics?

Tankie stalin dick riders deserve to be ratted out tbh

btw your mindset does not differ in any way from the mindset of a nazi/isis member/neocon. it's a simple us vs. them dichotomy. your cause is noble and just, the big other is are savages who need to be killed. you justify all this in order to erect some kind of earthly paradise. this never materializes though, because your "paradises" are tainted with murder, deportation, war, and hunger. in your naive attempt to create a better world you achieve the opposite. by killing all dissenters in the name of humanist values and progress you create an intellectual wasteland and authoritarian hell. you are your own worst enemy. you just don't see it because you're stupid. so keep on killing in the name of your ideals (which are totally materialist, goes without saying).

stop embarrassing yourself. for your own sake at least

keep moving those goalposts, it's amusing

Do you think that the CIA does "just" propaganda? If they are actively evolved in a proto-fascist uprising like Hungary '56 you are just supposed to ignore it?

Backstabbing retard. I've yet to meet a single anarchist with integrity. If you have a problem with me, say it to my face. You are not better than many Antifa idiots who valiantly defend the neoliberal status quo by using police and censorship of the state.

That's either /liberty/ or Holla Forums, not sure.

so in your mind how does this completely non-violent buddhist-style revolution take place?

How do you establish an abstract concept violently?

by killing all who are not willing to convert. look at the spread if christianity and islam. have you ever read a history book in your life you dunce?

How was the creation of Christianity or Islam violent? Besides Jesus being crucified, I mean

What have Buddhists ever done for the world you stupid fuck? They literally have slaughtered each other over sectarian differences just like every other religion on the planet

muhammad was a literal warlord who crushed the opposition to his movement through extreme violence

"christianity" didn't start at the crucifixion. the religion and its institutions came decades and even centuries after jesus' death. the establishment and perpetuation of european christendom was one of the most violent periods in recorded history, with countless wars and massacres and atrocities. that you need to be told this speaks volumes to your ignorance. again, you should stop embarrassing yourself

That has nothing to do with the creation of Islam. I could name plenty of Buddhists who were violent as fuck.
Besides that this has nothing to do with the creation of Christianity, it shows your utter idealism. I actually wrote a paper on the origins of the crusades, if you want to get more in-depth on the topic. Hint: It was mostly material causes.

He was talking about the spread of Islam and Christianity, not the creation you autist

wow very impressive. did you get a good grade?

good work everyone

Revolutions are violent or else they aren't revolutions. It's literally impossible to revolutionize anything without violence.

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name one that did. 1000 years of warfare, genocide and worker slavery and the all the states are roughly where they were

Don't see very many warrior nobles and clergymen running the show.

bankers are new clergy, businessmen inherited warrior mindset (vide psychopathy)

so much for the tolerant left

It's not dissent it's merely difference of opinion. Communists have nothing to unite them except their dogmatic experiments, so differences of opinion can cause excruciating frustration.

thanks for derailing my thread, retard
I'm trying to discuss actual problems in socialist countries and you have to spout capitalist propaganda to muddy the waters

you're welcome faggot. jeez you're all so sensitive. at least you got somebody to blame that nobody bothered to reply to your thread because they all are busy discussing urgent matters like if it's good praxis to be into traps.

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