How about this

Porkys are all pedos and harass women in their power fantasies right?
So how about fucking destroying them all by making use of this?

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you know you can explain the behaviour of capitalists by simply understanding how they follow their interests as capitalists instead of having to make up stories about pedo cabals?

even more retarded is that you have this idea that we should "expose" capitalists and everything will be fine
capitalists get exposed over and over again for shady business practices, it's not an end to capitalism however
you should wage class war as a manifestation of proletarian class interests, not cause some rich people are pedos

Good Idea, but I can already feel certain types turning this to be about patriarchy or STRAIGHT WHITE MEN rather than Capitalism.

kek pedo "cabals" yeah right…It's a fact! These people are sociopaths don't you understand? They live in a different reality than ours. Look at England ffs…former right wing prime minsiter was a pedo, so many celebreties were pedos, people heard the rumours for years, but dismiss them all.
After the revolution i hope you prepare yourself for the type of shit you're going to discover. It's always like this. Liek in the philipines they discovered the dicators wife had literally thousands and thousands of shoes. Saddam had lots of shit in gold. Those examples pale in comparassion to what the Wall Street folks do and what politicians in our countries do.

Would you still be an anti-capitalist if there were zero sociopaths and pedophiles amongst capitalists?

Go make your fake rape allegations somewhere else feminist cunt

this shit is fucking real

I have bad news for you OP.

Working class people molest kids a lot too.

its a fucking good strategy you fucking morons

You left out the best one!

there is no such thing as thoughtcrime, stop kinkshaming pls
yes because entraping or framing people and creating a guilty-on-accusation trial-by-mob system wouldn't be a perfect way for (you) to get rid of whoever else you found inconvenient

that's a great argument you celibate genius

So Holla Forums is now controlled opposition. Good to know.

First step to leftism is realising women aren't really people.
[spoiler]Non-meme answer : sexual behaviour and ideology are not stritcly correlate
You moron[/spoiler]

This sounds like a hare-brained scheme cooked up on /r/socialism to get rid of the male porkies and usher in an age of dicvagtatorship of the femgoisie.


Where are all these obvious as fuck new posters coming from?

They're not all pedos, it's just that capitalism (and other hierarchical institutions, the Catholic Church had the same problem) means that if they are pedos they can get away with it for decades.

The second one looks like he's from 4chan; that's how spoilers work there.

>://You're not just a regular moron. You were designed to be a moron.

All of them? Really?

wrong game user

You're right.
I did the spoiler because I didn't remember how spoiler worked here. And also because mods would have banned me without it

Those people designied capitalism and gave it the supernatural edge with the whole "invisible hand" because they are sociopaths user. Capitalism is organized crime, it not an idea. Those who defende capitalism are corruption apologists. Economic schools are corruption apologists. Radical centrists are corruption apologists.
I'm sorry, i didn't expressed myself properly with previous post and gave this idea to you.

Conspiracy theories are reactionary.

stopped reading there
capitalism creates capitalists, not the other way around you fucking utopian
learn about materialism instead of thinking in terms of ideological conflicts, socialism isn't made by socialists either, it's made by the proletariat

Those suits are so low effort, I am disgusted

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