Post ur books

Post ur books

All I need is the communist manifesto to under stand what being a real communist is all about. Everyday I carry it with me to university to remind me what we stand against. The evils of capitalism.

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Messy shelf and shitty camera but I am at peace.


I have a library on my usb drive that I can fit in my pocket
and what have you?

Eyes that don't hurt.


been reading for a decade now
nothing hurts
maybe you just have a shit monitor



Why tf do you have so much Lenin

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My shelf. Sold my Kindle a few days ago because I'm afraid of it getting lost and costing me $90 for a new one. I pref books because I can give them to friends and don't have to cry if I lose them.
Also muh freedoms muh apocalypse.

Reading this right now. It's great. Address the issues of French society, though it's quite relatable as a Canadian.
Really hard at first, I had to write a lot of notes in the book and go back 2-3 times but in the end everything makes sense.
Not recommended unless you -really- care about Zizek.
Excellent, artistic too.
Still mustering the balls to read this.

fugg forgodd image :DDD

because you can encrypt usb drive
I never buy my books, and with all the copyright laws it's better to be paranoid

I have that same version of capital.

Why don't you have that much lenin?

A true intellectual.



Still 4 more than the average person :^)

Nice. I've only read the introduction which was quite good. Did you find it difficult?

It's more authenticc

I am an anarchist and want to challenge my beliefs; what are some good right-wing/communist books? Already read a wee bit of Marx and was quite fond of his work.

Economic Manuscripts of 1844 is great.
I'd avoid the pamphlets (Wage Labour, Value Price and Profit) and just skip along to Capital if you're interested in economics.


state and revolution is pretty great

It gets way easier when you get through the first chapter.

About to start Anti-Dühring

Is it still a good read? I've been meaning to read it but that seems like a bit too much commitment just to BTFO lolberts

After that read capital volume 1.


google murray bookchin

to much bookchin

There's no such thing as too much Bookchin

For a project I'm doing. Sorry for shit camera.

But did you finish it?

There is no such thing as to little bookchin.

jihadi propaganda

I'm still reading the main works right now. The whole collection was only 60$ at a local bookstore.

get on my level i'm so ashamed

this wouldnt attach for some reason. have the codemonkeys broken the site again?

Surprised that Sports Direct mug hasn't driven Marx statue to throw himself off the shelf and to his death.

Hey it was free with an order over £20 or something and I needed some swimming stuff

could be worse

Could be worse

Oh I don't know what companies do and don't do workfare, the news is too depressing so I usually just avoid it as much as possible


Sports Direct use zero hour contracts on an industrial scale and use the biggest dickhead managers in the world to keep order.
The vast majority of charity shops use workfare, which only adds to my hope that non-profit CEOs get shot in some kind of poorly recorded scuffle during a violent revolution one day
SweatShop sounds like a small business so it probably at least pays and rotas its staff properly, even if the pay is shit.

I was more just referring to the name.

And cmon that applies to all CEOs.

I thought workfare was finished though?

No idea, considering they've moved onto UC I imagine they're dealing with far shadier shit at this point over at the DWP. Yeah I get the name was just a joke I was just running along with it.
I think there's a special place in hell for people that gouge profits right from the bottom of their work force and for others that present themselves as a force for good in the world when they're practically operating a pyramid scheme. For the pyramid scheme to combine both of these and to start dragging people out of jobcentres and putting them to work at the bottom of their charity pyramid is astounding because they've actually managed to be a bigger cunt than Mike Ashleigh.

clean your bookcase fool

the Metal Gear games count as books

1/10 would help you drink away the pain

if you want to challenge your beliefs you MUST read Nietzsche. He have made the best argument against anarchist.

start by Twilight of the Idols


Technocrats fetishize the military. Who could have thought?

I do not believe that I have ever obfuscated my admiration for military disciple and hierarchy.
Indeed, I think that I have been rather forthcoming in regards to how my ideology would fuse government, society and the military together into a single entity.

Shouldn't you still be interested in abolishing nations and militaries?

I'm not a socialist, friend.
I'm a Technocrat.

Rather then abolish nations, I would like to unite our species under a single government.
And as previously stated, I would like to see the military merged with the government and society.

Fuckin broke site n shit cant post everything at once



This is just what i have on the shelf at school, have a lot more in storage in some crates.

How is that different from what I said?

Well rather then abolish nations, I'm simply in favour of reducing the number down to one; The TUS.

As I do not support the abolition of every nation, I fail to see your objection.

Well read as fuck 10/10

Why so much Hegel tho i have to ask? I figure all his writing would fit in a few of those biggers ones. I have that 1 big Hegel reader in the pics above and 3 other hegel books and thats most of his stuff i believe

Some == BODY ==

Not him, but it does sound like you're abolishing all nations, just replacing them all with a single new one. Whatever, this is splitting hairs.
Out of honest curiosity, by what method do you figure global technocracy could be achieved?


Good question.
I reject both notions that a proletarian revolution is possible (or even desirable) and that any real change is possible through the ballot box.

As such my ideology would aim to win the loyalty of a given nations military.
As all nations legitimacy and power ultimately stem from their militaries, by stripping them of a military you effectively remove them from power by default; With a march on the capital and declaration of sovereignty being little more then formalities at that point.

Such an act would have the added benefit of ideally being quite bloodless.
With the only deaths stemming from the liquidation of the former government.

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I have roommates who smoke, what is wrong with having an old copy of a movie and chewy bars? This isnt really a curated exhibit its just easy access. Whats wrong with roth btw?

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Because Hegel is very important.

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Here's all my books. Missing are all my works by Marx, Engels and Sartre which I lent to my friend to read. Which is basically some intro books to Marxism, the Marx Engels reader, Manuscripts, etc. And for Sartre just Being and Nothingness and Critique of Dialectical Reason.

Most of my knowledge of leftist I got through taking notes on lectures and stuff. Now that i have a decent understanding I'm going to start moving into reading and picking apart more academic stuff like Capital, Ego and It's Own, etc. I mean I'm finally equipped to read it less casually and more academically now.


We need to repeat what we did in Spain.

Just post dead nuns at them.


I got it as a gift from someone like 4 years ago. Reading it as a 16 year old in a religious family was a big deal for me at the time.

These are the books I own that are related to socialism. Haven't read the Wolff book yet. I bought it when I was much more of a brainlet, and now I'm not really that interested in reading it anymore.

The ugly yellow book is Towards a New Socialism by Cockshott in swedish.

why tho

Good shit.


Barely started Antifragile.

lit student here, whats your beef with Roth? The Plot Against America is literally Trumps rise to power but written long before

R8 my little baby's first collection
The unmarked red book is Stalins "On Leninism"

I don't own any physical copies, can I still be cool?


mah comrade


iphone camera + bad lighting = grainy photo

Fuck off succdem.


it was a gift from my conservative dad who wanted to get me something politics related. I'm a marxist eat my ass you fucking retard

needed it for a class i did on existentialism. Its like an okay book but pretty idpol from a political perspective.

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5/10 meh

9/10 good stuff

4/10 get more

4/10 ditto


4/10 get more

6/10 pick up your shit



3/10 minus points for Sanders

7/10 basic bitch


I can't tell what most of these are but from what I do see 8/10





+3 for Hegel
+2 for actually reading Foucault and Derrida instead of complaining about the pomo meme
still the absolute worst book to content ratio in this thread.

+4 for commitment.


Plato :-)

still some pretty good stuff overall though

Mostly trash, but +5 for capital and +2 for Spore and +2 His Dark Materials -3 for Cards Against Humanities

0/10 shit taste in programming languages


Basic ancom collection, thats okay though

6/10 best book to content ratio here.

9/10 needs more SICP.

I'm pro-paper book, but not at my dorm at the moment.

(I've read Wage Labour and Capital, and Critique of the Gotha programme too though. Just don't have physical copies.)

Can someone post that picture of the wojak standing in front of the anarchist bookshelf with the cigarette? Gives me a chortle.

The Marx bust reminds me of a certain melee weapon from TF2.

'tis merely hidden in the corner.

too much lenin not enough of anything else.

Nice probably the best book on politics I've read so far

conjure the spirits of the workers with our spells.

Invent and fit; have fits and reinvent! We toast the revolutionary theorist who pens his thoughts within nests of contradictions.

is this a good intro book for people who want to code or should I just jump into something like python or js

If you just want to code it's overkill. If you want to do it well it's the best one.

It's a good intro book depending on what you want to do.

If you want to learn how to "code" or "program" it's not going to be very helpful for you. Use one of those "learn programming language" books.

If you want to properly learn computer science, there is no better starting place,

hi muke


Yeah its the best place to start (and reread periodically) if you have an okay attention span and are actually interested in: learning multiple languages / understanding data structures / functional paradigms and lambda calculus (it's fine if you have no idea what this means, but it is totally really super cool and you should check it out once you have a handful of projects under your belt) / perhaps writing your own languages or language variants in the future etc. It uses a variant of LISP which is not quite as easy to learn as python or js, but will teach you more about programming in general, and the underlying process/theory than python ever could.

Think of it like reading volume 1 of capital vs reading the communist manifesto. If you read the communist manifesto (some book on python) you will have a surface level understanding of communism (computer programs), and normalfags will probably think you know what you are talking about. However, this is likely to make you think you know more than you do, and make a fool of yourself when talking to people that actually know stuff. If you just start with capital, you are likely to struggle somewhat, but you will skip the embarrassing phase where you think you know what you are talking about but really don't (ie. muke). You will also gain a much deeper understanding of the theory at play, and anything you learn from then on will make sense on a much deeper level.

loses not looses lol. I majorly fucked up the links on that as well. I trust you can figure out what I meant.