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Parolu esperante, bonvolu.

Angla parolangtoj, bonvolu ne ĉikani
English Speakers, Please don't bulli.

Fundamentals of Espearanto (English)

PMEG (Plena Manlibro de Esperanto Gramatiko) (Esperante)

Ĉinia Novaĵo Esperante

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why not just learn spanish?
you can chat with all the hot THICC latinos out there

For me, It's because I have a fascination with constructed languages, but a lot of people learn it to make it easier to learn another.

Mi lernas pro konstruaj lingvoj plaĉas al mi. Multaj lernas esperanto pro ĝi feliĉigas lerni pliajn lingvojn

Pri kio vi volas paroli?


i see a lot of threads about esperanto here and i never understood what it's got to do with leftism. can you guys explain?

Historically it was adopted by some workers' organizations to facilitate international cooperation.

Read this, it's pretty interesting even if you believe that it is useless now:

I'll read it, thanks bud.

That makes sense. WTF I love Esperanto now.

If you are interested in learning it I recommend doing both the DuoLingo and the Lernu courses at the same time:
For vocabulary, making your own flashcards with Anki is probably the best:
And of course Verda-Chan:

As much as I like the idea of Esperanto, I think that English has the most potential to be a world language. And I say that as a German.

Viaj trip-oj

Kio mi rigardas al

Could be an easy to learn leftist Sekrit Language or something, I mean you're right, but only because America and Britain, if something like the UN or the EU endorsed it, it would have a chance to be more than a hobby language.

Actually polyglots will laugh at you if they find out you speak this. Have fun wasting your time

Where do you think you are, what do you think you're doing, and I am, by the way.

Kie vi pensas vi estas?, kio vi pensas vi faranta? Mi estas, paranteze.


Kion li signifis?

Oh, you
Ho, vi

Triobloj, eble?

Many polyglots speak Esperanto, it's an easy language to add to your collection to languages. Here's one recommending you learn it:
If you want to, it's easy to find situations to use Esperanto outside the internet. It's probably easier than with most languages as Esperanto speakers are everywhere.

Mi supozas

Can't forget about the Pasporta Severo too.

english already works as an international language

Yeah, but it won't last, and I'll be waiting.

Mi volas memmortigi min.


Should be japanese honestly. Esperanto is dumb.

goddamn latinos learn to speak American

Nedankinde Usonanulacxo.

Mi scias ke mi ne havas alian elekton krom labori ĝis mia morto. Ĉiam, kiam mi pensas pri la estonteco, mi sentas min pli kaj pli senforta.

Mi konas cxi tion senton.

La estonteco estas malhela, sed ne lasu kapitalismo malheligi vian vivon, kapitalismo ne valoras tiun.

Kion mi faru? Ekzistas nenio, kio vivindigus mian vivon.


Vere, mi ne scias. Mia vivo estas malplena ankaux, sed mi estas cxi tie ankoraux. Impeto eble.

> impeto. Granda puŝforto; energio de la antaŭenmovo
Mi ne komprenas.

Ho, kiel mi perdis tion!

Fagotoj de Weeaboo povas mortigi sin. Esperanto estas la sola vere internacia lingvo. Ĉiuj aliaj provoj estas tutmondismaj.


Ido seems like the creation of someone who liked Esperanto but wanted it to have the style and retardation of European languages. Possibly the only clever improvement was making the accusative non-necessary in SVO sentences.

all those languages achieved dominance through conquest and colonization. esperanto is a language spoken exclusively by gay nerds that only other gay nerds want to talk to.

Why does Esperanto make people so angry? Are you afraid that you will have to give up your cultural status as a native speaker of the "international language" or why is everyone so butthurt every time Esperanto is mentioned?

nobody gets mad about the language itself, it's the claims of espertanto being the future of revolutionary international language as if suddenly the proletariat is going to care about this meme language that nobody speaks and no important books or media is written in. you may as well tell workers to learn klingon.

That's probably largely it. It's not a coindence that it's mainly anglophones who are so anal about it.

No one makes that claim tho. We say that it should be the future world language, not that it will be. The reason to learn it isn't the reason behind other language, the point is to be able to eventually communicate with the world, not read mangas or flirt with Latina qties.

Help me, Fadeno
Help, Help me Fadeno

Mi bedaŭras, mia esperanto ne tre bone. Mi esprimas, ke mi maltrafis esperantajn fadenojn. Ni havis ĉi tiujn preskaŭ ĉiun semajnon dum longa tempo.

Japanese would be a lot cooler.

Japanese is a borderline useless language where an entire major aspect of it is how submissive to authority you're trying to be.

So it's no better than esperanto then? What makes it superior is that people actually speak it as a first language and produce media that others actually enjoy. That does wonders for adoption rates.

Is it true it only takes like 2 weeks to learn Esperanto?

Can any fluent Esperantists ITT say how long it took them to learn?

Because Esperanto is actually designed to be an international auxiliary language. Easy to learn, logically consistent, and culturally neutral. Japanese literally fits none of those qualities.

That's a bit of a stretch. You could definitely learn the grammar in that time, but enough vocabulary to be fluent would take a couple months. Still significantly less than natural languages.

I'm not fluent because I haven't diligently been learning it and been focusing on other languages, but when I was learning it it definitely came very naturally and quickly.

Is there such a thing as an Esperanto accent?

Like am I supposed to pronounce everything a certain way or can I just talk like I would normally?

You are supposed to pronounce everything in a certain way but nobody is going to make fun of you if some of your sounds are a bit off. But you can't just pronounce Esperanto words like they were English words.

Ĉu vi intencis diri ke mankis al vi esperantaj fadenoj?


One thing that keeps agitating me about Esperanto is how retarded the pronouns are. It's like Zamenhof copied the worst set (English) when he knew a dozen of other languages.
Do you think it's possible for new pronouns to be added and widely used?

No, there's not. You'll notice a lot of Esperantists sound like they're speaking their native language. Although obviously the words are pronounced a specific way.

how is the vocabulary? basic and utilitarian?
I wouldn't want to learn a language with no potential for beautiful prose or verse.

What did they mean by this?

Zamenhof translated tons of poems and even wrote many of his own while developing Esperanto.

Finished the Duolingo course like a month ago then forgot about it, what do I do now?


mi estas geja

exclusionary against anglophones


Even though it's recommended, it's not a requirement. A lot of people alternate between a tap (like the "tt" in "battle" in American accents) and a rolled R. The reason why people avoid the English R is because it sounds like shit.

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Im here to help latinos, but I would never dare be involved with one romantically due to how horrid they look but maybe that is just because I am jewish so looks mean more to me than other people with no class or taste.

English speaking people from both America and England used to roll Rs.

I really hate this article. I don't think Esperanto is perfect in any way, but most of the criticisms there are just nitpicks and subjective opinions. All of the criticisms are theoretical, none are actually practical.

Where are the esperanto loli doujins?

Make them yourself. You'll have to learn to clean the text up.

There's an yuri VN that uses Esperanto in the game.