So what is there for us to actually do?

So what is there for us to actually do?

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Study theory. Build the cadre.

Learn, learn and learn.

fap to tanks

We've been doing that for more than a 100 years now.


Right now there's nothing we can do. Read, try to keep your mind and body healthy.
At the moment the only thing we can do is wait, people are going berzerk, everything wrong in our societies is communism and socialism, cultural marxism is destroying the west. It's pointless to talk to people and convince they are wrong.
We have to wait for when shit really hits the fan and peopel realize by themselves they were duped…then we strike, then we say "WE HAVE AN ALTERNATIVE"

Not really tbh. People aren't seriously engaging I theory. They're just mixing vague understandings of socialism with campus liberal ideology

that worked so well last time


Nothing. Join the armchair gang

how does one "build the cadre" gotta be more specific than this

Then I guess that narrows it down to nothing.

What do you want to do? What problems do you have with society?

Start from there, then research effective forms of activism/insurrection/revolution. Educate yourself, then make plans and take action accordingly

Form study groups.

What effective forms?

So you study and then what?

Yes prole just sit back in your armchair and don't do anything, don't worry everyone will just accept your ideas after a century of propaganda you did nothing to counter as long as there is crisis.

take it easy

Why the sage?

Well, what do you want him to do? Literally no one is giving an answer other than lol just read. Which is the ultimate armchair activity anyway.

Does anyone actually live in a country with the sort of culture that study groups would be taken seriously and attract anyone but bookworms?

Study groups are to form an intelligentsia not attract everyone

Speaking for myself I think I need to find better ways to integrate being socialists/communists/anarchists etc with my normal daily practice. I don't do much honestly.

I don't think there is anything worthwhile to do politically, I think our ideas will spread underground, that is to say, outside of the realm of spectacular representation. (All 'politics' is spectacle). That includes marches, protests, etc. Even though those are places to meet people.

Learn skills, develop your interests, locate your desires. Keep the outlook of social revolution in all your actions. Be on guard.

Understand that we are enemies of the state, (thought-)criminals. and read

That kinda sounds elitist

It's a simple reality that you need cadres to push the revolution forward

Right, but what do you do with the intelligentsia cadre after you have one?

You have to seize power. It wont get very far due to FBI infiltration though.

Depends on the issue, the time, the place, and your angle.

Are you just looking for a general list of things you could do to help the revolution? Or a more broad theory of how revolution could be achieved?


Tell other people who get screwed by the system about socialism. There are plenty of people who are disenfranchised with the system and would really like an alternative. Reach out to them and show them that there is more to life than drudging away for money and we can move the world into a brighter future. If you address a person's concerns and give them solutions they can get behind, they'll listen to you.

I've been talking with some friends and family about socialism some are interested, some think that things are fine the way they are, and some don't care about politics but it's going pretty well imo. It's best to reach out now before the fascists stop tripping over themselves and start actually recruiting normies.

ITT: "read more lmao"

Yes, because a bunch of people circlejerking and/or arguing viciously about theoretical minutiae is what the left needs more of.

Not to mention just how profoundly isolating it is. It's very unlikely you'll ever meet anyone in real life who has ever read any of the very specific literature we are into.

And when you point this out you get accused of racism/classism because you're supposedly implying those people can't read these books rather than that they probably have never fucking heard of this shit. I think a lot of leftists have the curse of knowledge bias.

You don't need to go that far. Most young people don't even know what the point of a union is.

why do? just be.

In my experience they think unions are scam organizations meant to siphon money off workers, but these days that's not too far from the truth. I think most people in unions don't know what the point of unionizing is supposed to be.

fuck you

He is right though.

When people try to condescend this viewpoint they completely fail. You can make fun and say "hurr durr lets just wait for people to realize how shitty capitalism is" all you want but at the end of the day, that is literally the only thing that might cause the overthrow of capitalism. Reading theory is not "doing nothing," it's preparing oneself for when shit hits the fan. You can't improvise organization and ideology. Read a book or kill yourself you dirty opportunist.

This is the only correct answer. I would add organizing to that list, but make sure it's actual organization and not LARPing in the streets to feel good about yourself.

Are you 100 year-old?

it did work well
they overthrew the autocrat of a major european power

Had the western Marxists followed the same guideline before WW1, we would probably all live in a communist society by now.

We should re-engage labor struggles tbh. There's fertile ground for this in the tech sectors. Uber drivers, youtube content creators, yelp reviewers, etc. should be classified as employees and the companies should be regulated so they have to treat them appropriately. The left was big in the West when it was running unions and reaching out to the workers to make their lives better. Liberal reforms bought people off and the need for these things appeared to fade away. But now we're getting back to the awful conditions that got people motivated for labor struggle in the first place. Reform isn't the ultimate solution, and unions are not a revolution, but we need to re-build our strength. We need to get more of the workers organized and disseminate literature that fills in the gaps that need filling. Nowadays we have the ability to organize globally. So go learn some fucking languages and find ways to talk to people who work in your sector (particularly if it relates to Silicon Valley industries). Talk about labor negotiations. Talk about unions (secret ones if necessary). Just be wary if there are policies in place about promoting unions like some companies have. The ones that don't treat people as employees are less likely to even consider the possibility though.

For instance, if you're an Uber driver you could try ordering an Uber to drive you some place and talk to the driver about organizing, then suggest they do the same. Given the way networks like this function, you could spread the idea quickly if each of you does this a few times each. And in this case you'd minimize the paper/electronic trail. You could even set up networks useful for sending messages and organizing action. Combine the structure (which is inherent to the service) with some "meme culture" and you can have codes that corporate doesn't even recognize as organizing.

he's talking about how other people think that. Communism is too taboo and we're not in a strong enough crisis for people to seriously consider it on mass.

If you are looking to do revolution , you need to be looking at fighting on an international front (assuming you live in a first world nation). That means learning languages too. If you want to stay in your local area, put dual power into practice. Either choice you make, always read theory and always keep up to date with what is happening around you.

There are no actual organizations that do anything in the states.

There's no point in organizing Uber since it's going to get automated in only several years. Professional tech workers (computer science fags) are one of the most reactionary and classcucked sectors around and take pride in the fact they work 16 hourdays.

Join the Army, maybe?

Or if you're a burger, try to aim for army reserve or the National Guard, so as to not get your life cucked by Imperialism.

Besides there being too little people on the Left, a lot of us don't have the equipment, training, or the necessary preparation.

In case shit goes down, we could fight as hard as we can, but that wouldn't really mean much if we don't know what we're doing in the first place.

Eat, drink, masturbate, fuck and do drugs for some 80 years.