Black Panthers

Post pics/texts/lectures/quotes/whatever relating to the Revolutionary Black Panther Party.
They deserve to be remembered.

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why live?

Eldridge Cleaver is in Nazbol heaven now

Another person reaffirming the fact that Trotskyists get the bullet.

The BPP is really quite interesting, and massively misunderstood by lots of people all over the political spectrum. The Party experienced many phases throughout its short history, which means its statements and actions are easily taken out of context and portrayed as representative of the party's entire history rather than that particular moment in time. It started out as a nominally socialist Black Nationalist organization which had little praxis beyond patrolling cops, only to then evolve into a proper internationalist socialist organization which struggled to channel black discontent into a revolutionary direction whilst building bonds with peoples all over the world of all races and disavowing black nationalism, only to then degenerate into totally worthless SuccDems and collapse after the FBI and government destabilized the party, killed / exiled many of its leaders, and eroded its base of support.

To find a real communist. Can't believe she sold out so far as to become an On-call asset.
Just wanted to avoid being in Shakur's position I guess. Felt literally sick seeing her at the "women's march" with Steinem and Sarsour.

You bet I did, Fred, you bet I did.

its funny that Eldridge Cleaver is literally a commie serial white woman raper and Holla Forums are too stupid to even know who he is and tremble in fear

To add insult to injury, Davis shilled that people vote for Clinton because "muh lesser evilism". Cleaver became a Reaganite conservative. Nothing is more disgusting than radicals deteriorating into liberals and reactionaries as they age.

Every. Fucking. Time.

Sigh. TBBP, their biggest mistake was calling themselves "Black." Whatever color they are they were still proles and comrades nonetheless.

How can people deny leftypol is reactionary class reductionists?


this is a great book though.

Sad to see that 95% of 'black nationalists' today are just that: black capitalist lumpenprole

Goddamn Fred Hampton must be rolling over in his grave over the corporate-approved, milquetoast liberals that have taken over the black liberation movement. They are everything he warns against here

In Burgerland “black”is an ethnic group.

Also remember that the South wasn’t fully capitalist in that time. Sharecropers had a similar resemblance to Feudalism.

This is a nonsensical statement. The entire purpose of the Black Panther Party was to serve and organize the black communities from which they hailed. You can condemn this as idpol all you like, but it's insane to suppose that the Panthers could have gotten anything done at all without their ability to relate to black communities and frame their revolutionary program in a way that these people understood and could connect to their own lives. Don't forget that the BPP came about right as the civil rights movement was dying down, and much of their support came from those enraged blacks who found that all those pretty laws and words amounted to jack dick and that they still lived in poverty and squalor and were still abused and murdered by the state apparatus. The Panthers channeled this discontent into rage against the system itself and the capitalist oppression that sat at the root of it, not by being 'colorblind' but by engaging with the particular concerns of the black working class and connecting those to the bigger picture.

They were back then also. You can find a lot of complaints in Newton's writings about "cultural nationalist" blacks who do not see the real problems and believe that 'reclaiming their culture' or black capitalism will save them.

Okay, well lets not pretend like their wasn't some revisionism in TBBP. At the start relating to black communicates and ensuring civil rights and protection for blacks would continue was their goal. I could be wrong but I don't believe they were socialist from the get go. That's what they became, but I'm just saying they would be better socialist if they turned the id pol down a tad. Their observations of racism propagated by capitalism towards blacks was spot on. Im just saying if they came back they'd ought to rebrand.

Idpol is quickly becoming one of the words that let's me know I can ignore what somebodies saying, because they aren't saying anything to begin with, soon it will be up there with the likes of cuck and SJW

Remember there was a White Panther party and they supported each other

Fun fact, whites and blacks were affected by society in different ways back then, (and now) so creating a group that focuses on the material needs of different groups, while having these groups work together towards a common goal is the only actual way to get things done, there is no one size fits all socialist plan. Literally everyone here knows this and yet they still go on and on about

sigh, stop thinking you're not good at it, and it'll give you wrinkles, and nobody is going to want you around for brains, silly.


I dont disagree. I suppose I should have been more specific in my original post. As a black burger obviously we have less racism now then when they formed at first, thus I feel a rebranding would only be a necessity today.

BBP idpol was a a tolerable level it wasn’t that bad.

I don’t think the Panthers still exist.

Oh, okay, you got me there.
Got any ideas for rebranding things like racial or sexual justice, because I'm stumped, as soon as you mention these things unless you dance around it very carefully, you are accused of idpol and uncritically dropped by both left and right, and coopted by liberals, which doesn't help with the "Anti-Idpol left" uncritically dropping you're ideas like they're on fire.

AFAIK there's a rebirth of them called the New Black Panther Party, but I don't hear good things on that front, and the Huey Newton Gun Club, but I don't know anything about them

To me the most important thing today is identifying as a leftist first. I don't know where you are but it seems to be in the US the central complaint amongst all the conservative chuds or libs and dems in the US is being left out. But socialism itself is basically against leaving people out, unless you know its porky or nazis or whatever.

Is he our next champion?

I recently noticed in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the unnamed african country you start in uses the Pan-african flag with an emblem on it's right.