Over Ten Thousand Demonstrate in Berlin Against Ultra-Right Alternative for Germany


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AfD are mostly vanilla liberals. And they will continue to be until that point where they actually suggest abolishing parliament, the rule of law, or support a return to slavery and monarchy.

Anti-fascism is futile anyway, as it's not fighting the root cause for populist and radical reactionary politics: Mainly the unresolved contradictions of capitalism, and a falling rate of profit causing societal collapse.

This is like calling Bernie Sanders far left.

Where were these 10k idiots back in the election day?


Why do Socialists need the threat of spooky fascism to be spurred into action?Why can't we engage in anti liberal action in the deadspace between fascists poking their noses out of their sewers?

AfD aren't the enemy, they're nowhere near power. Focus on the capitalists in power, only liberals would argue otherwise

AFD isn’t far-right. There center-right national conservatives. Not good, buy not any worse the Merkel or most Krout politions.

AFD isn’t the governing party of Germany. They have as much power as Die Linkie.

Is not against the state you fucking idiot.

They hold power within the state regardless of if they're the governing poverty or not. Both their interests should be held in question. For too long Germany has pushed towards flake Conservatism and Austerity. Any push further right should be held in question.

Germany's conservatism is just as much of a problem as its liberalism.

So does the Communist Party of France. It doesn’t mean shit.

Liberalism is the greater threat for coopting leftism though

When we have reduced it to Communism vs conservatism we can win

Conservatism is not a force distinct from liberalism. It is just the socially conservative variant of liberalism.

The problem is any further push right.

And any further push right towards corporatism and conservatism shouldn't just be ignored for the sake of entertaining that liberalism is also a problem. We both know its a problem. But ignoring one problem in sake of saying "But there's another!" is foolish. Both should be paid attention too, both should have an eye on them.

That's true, but it's a matter of priorities. Attacking AfD is a waste of time when we ought to focus most of our efforts on SPD/Greens. CDU should be attacked though most of those voters are a lost cause.

Liberalism within leftism is the biggest barrier towards growth in support. Conservatism is an enemy, but not an insidious inside threat which threatens to destroy and divide our support base.

So Germany should just continue down its path towards further and further conservatism? We need to focus on the problems without saying one could be "more", they are both problems with their own unique consequences.

Can you differentiate between the country as a whole vs the support base for Communism?

Many would vote for die Linke for example but they won't because of liberalism and idpol. So instead we get these people either not voting, or voting for AfD or SPD. Conservatives aren't going to turn to Communism in large numbers. AfD is basically conservatism you're right, but don't think that everyone who votes for them is conservative. Germany isn't even turning more conservative anyway, it's the same as it has always been. It's just neoliberal and has been since 1945.

Voting for blue and red Merkel probably.

Dont worry, soon enough biogermans will have gone extinct.

They are the biggest party in opposition. Having that status in quite a big deal.
But i agree they aren't far-right, nowhere near it. Just neoliberals who hate immigrants.

SPD are, not AfD. Don't a mong

can we stop this meme already? It`s cringe

Ah sorry then…i thought SPD would be part of the coalition, my bad.

List one distinctly fascist policy proposed by the AFD, that hasn't actually been proposed or enacted by liberals in the past.


AfD are just social democrats wrapped up in national liberalism.
No one has explained why they're actually fascist.

SPD is far more dangerous than nazis. Nazis are honest about their intentions: Kill jews, kill immigrants, kill fags, kill opposition.
SPD like to pretend they care about people and how they're going to fix everything.

What is fascist about AfD?

isn't the afd just a centrist party opposed to Muslim immigration

Most of the AfD members are at least nazi sympathizers, don't take my word for it, the founder was already accused of antisemitism when he said that germans should not be ashamed of the nazi germany

well the easiest way to ensure afd doesn't get power is to organize immigrants, no?

If you aren't an accelerationist you're just a liberal

And they shouldn't. Anything else is just inconsequential lifestylist liberal self-flagellation. If they really want to help people, perhaps they could start by opposing the system that enables German companies to make a buck off supporting tyrants and mass murderers.
But no. It's always the same theatrical nonsense.

Fellas, fellas. All of you are entering a false Dichotonomy. What we need to do is fight both.

Both the noxious Liberalism eating away at our movement, and the "Conservatism" (really just Liberalism disguised in a Socially Conservative veneer) that tries to redirect working class rage. Because all that they are is just tools of Class collaborationism.

Of course, I say we need to emphasize the anti liberalism of our movement. Because, again, this people have been coopting us since even before the fall of the Soviet Union. And because it is going to be clear to anybody that if we stand against the radlibs, we also obviously stand against the just as rapacious right wingers.

To choose between liberalism or fascism for a Communist is like wanting to hang out with Doctor Jekyll or Mr Hyde. Sooner or later we're going to end up seeing the ugly monster; as long Capitalism exists, it is always going to go through crises and attempt to survive through horror.

Our fight must be purely anticapitalist, as anticapitalism is antifascism, antiliberalism, anticentrism, etc etc etc. It is taking a shot at the root of the cancer. Anything else is just a waste of time.

I say we don't just punch a Nazi. I say we punch a liberal.

Stopped reading after that, op is a fag and the afd are just neocons.

This is like NCR vs Cesar’s legion

My manifesto has a revision

Que es lo que quiso decir con esto?

Nobody is saying ignore rightists completely but liberals are the greater threat and we need to combat them more than we are doing currently. You're the one establishing a false dichotomy here.

How does this mean that they have fascistic policies?

Yeah and I say Liberalism takes a special as an even bigger danger coming from within. We are in agreement man.

literally nothing

There were more people protesting nazis in the early 30s

Y'all know Marx actually had a preference, right?



Unironically, good. Though it should be "BioAnglos" first

I haven't read anything on their website that suggests they're fascists. So why won't you point it out?
It's just run of the mill patriotism, liberalism, and the occasional social democracy. Closed borders are hardly fascist.

Scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds. It's always like that.

You sound like a LARPer that shouts NOU PAHSARRAN with his anglo fucking accent at protests.

You sound mad.

Would you say…like a fascist, user?

How is the AFD accelerationist?

wtf I love Bomber Harris now

AfD is prob one of the least capitalist semi-mainstream parties that there are

OP post just sounds like idpol drivel

it's almost like you WANT white people to support nazism…

Why are Germans so cucked? Imagine protesting because you want more africans and muslims in your country.

I can already imagine these 'people' chanting "OUR DAUGHTERS HAVE A RIGHT TO BE GANGRAPED BY MOROCCAN RAPEFUGEES!"

AfD is neoliberal. They are centrists. They just pander to the right. They are the Sargon of German politics.

You got that out of your system, buddy?