China faces growing debt problems, says central bank governor

42 dimensional chess guys


glad to see minsky getting more mentions these days i wonder if the conclusion of his instability hypothesis applies to society in general


They deserve it. Also on the bright side no more cheap plastic crap in Burgerland.

But I thought convergence was canceled?


Is that part of the plan?

Redpill on Non-Financial Corporates?

industrial production

It's actually pretty good governance when you have a central bank that warns of these things, in stead of pretending nothing is happening.

but wouldn't it scare the animal spirits shitless leading to investors panic?

companies that aren't in the financial sector

they were all kulaks anyway

It is a good feeling

das it mane

tankies will defend this
maybe, just maybe, an economy with debt can't be socialist

Wonder what plans they have to alleviate it, especially given that Xi closed down a bunch factories. At least they're not playing the deaf dumb and blind game of the west

Or maybe just maybe its all part of the plan to collapse the world banking and then switch to socialism?

turn on the printing press and bail out the living shit out of them
what else they could do?
goodbuy foreign investment


Keep laughing but it might all be a part of masterplan

Its not a bad plan

Truly 7D Chess is being played at work here.

Why do idiots act like anyone studying a system learns profound truths about the world in general.

He's talking about a capitalist economy and that's that.

What in the FUCK are you talking about you imbecile. Jesus Christ you can tell how much someone doesn't understand something when they think you can reproduce very specific statements about systems outside of those systems without the equivalent research and scientific work that went into discovering the stated phenomena in the first place.

Kill yourself.