Daily News Thread 10/24

As ISIS Flees, Syrian Troops Find Arms Cache From US, NATO

“We have encountered a huge arsenal of advanced U.S., British and Belgian weaponry,” said Syrian General Hasan Suhel.

Pentagon justifies military expansion in Africa as key to ‘global strategy’

The Pentagon is calling for an increase in the US military footprint in Africa, where there are over 6,000 troops currently stationed. This as a top general confirms the four US soldiers killed in Niger were ambushed by an Islamic State-affiliate.

Storm Maria: Puerto Rico power contract prompts questions

As much of Puerto Rico remains in darkness, questions about how a small utility company struck a deal to help rebuild the power grid are unanswered.

Myanmar Rohingya crisis: US withdraws military assistance

The US is withdrawing military assistance units from Myanmar over the country's treatment of its Rohingya Muslim minority in Rakhine state.

Saudi Arabia Just Announced Plans to Build a Mega City That Will Cost $500 Billion

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced plans to build a new city on the Red Sea coast, promising a lifestyle not available in today’s Saudi Arabia as he seeks to remake the kingdom in a time of dwindling resources.

Germany Approves Sale to Israel of Nuclear-Grade Submarines

Israeli officials are accused of money laundering and taking bribes within the submarine deal.

Final Prototypes of Trump's Wall Unveiled at US-Mexico Border

The last of the eight prototype designs for U.S. President Donald Trump’s wall between the U.S. and Mexico was erected near San Diego, Calif.

Trump and Corker's Feud Erupts Again, This Time Over Taxes

The feud between President Donald Trump and Bob Corker escalated with the president calling the senator “incompetent” and Corker accusing Trump of “debasing our nation” in an angry back-and-forth that could complicate the GOP’s path to a tax overhaul.

Video Shows Horrific Details of DEA-led Massacre in Honduras

Newly-released video shows the massacre in Honduras' Mosquito Coast that claimed the lives of two pregnant women, a man and a child in 2012.

Typhoid vaccine set to have 'huge impact'

A new vaccine that could prevent up to nine-in-10 cases of typhoid fever has been recommended by the World Health Organization.

Kid Rock Says No to U.S. Senate Run

Kid Rock says he's not running for U.S. Senate in Michigan.

Ex-FARC Members Create Self-Sufficient, Socialist-Modeled Town

Ximena Narvaez, delegate to the Territorial Council of Reincorporation, explained that the community "works collectively, each person has a role."

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This is fucking sickening


The Body Trade

Part 1: When Americans leave their bodies to science, they are also donating to commerce: Cadavers and body parts, especially those of the poor, are sold in a thriving and largely unregulated market.

A quarter of US military "sees white nationalism" in the ranks

A survey by the Military Times found that nearly a quarter of US servicepeople see "white nationalism" among their peers, and believe that the white nationalist agenda is more of a national security threat than "Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan."

The FBI’s Forgotten Criminal History


Herbicide Health Dangers: Monsanto Faces Blowback Over Cancer Cover-Up

A release of internal emails has revealed that U.S. agrochemical giant Monsanto manipulated studies of the company's herbicide, Roundup.


Thank You Based Newsanon!

This fucking thing is going to look so god damn ugly, holy shit

Does anyone actually deny that the US supports ISIS at this point?

Lots of people

How high is it going to be?

What about spending that money on actually making existing cities somewhat self-sustaining?
It's just another idiotic pink elephant, all while the population keeps increasing and revenues are falling.

UPM sabotages abandoned paper-mill machinery rather than selling it to a co-op
(in french)

The company has been looking for some time for a buyer for the facilities but decides to reduce working machinery to scrap trough sabotage rather than selling to a potential new competitor, a co-op formed by former employees of the mill.

"Before the summer, the French president of the Finnish paper manufacturer UPM gave the order to sabotage the machines installed in his factory of Docelles (Vosges), stopped since 2014."

"One after the other, the heavy metal rolls used to transform the pulp into paper were therefore systematically drilled. There were several tens. "They even broke a new cylinder, still in its box, which was worth about 700 000 euros," confides, stunned, one of those who have noted the damage."

Fucking typical.

this is extremely fucking sus. an unknown company with 2 full time employees and no office gets a $300m government contract.

20, 30 feet? Maybe even 40 feet I don't know.

Yep, just get 3 giant pieces of rotting wood and stack em side by side

That's great, it'll be great, it'll be superb


Did they just sling wet mud at the far right one

Jesus Christ that looks fucking ugly

all i know is it keeps getting 10 feet taller


It's worth this happening just so people can see what these disgusting maggots are like

But is it ever going to be built tho?

Plenty of money to pay all the local out of work electricians to get it back up.

wow, ISIS, the group that occupied half of Iraq, got their hands on US weapons?

This is the thing about how one of Trump's cabinet has a friend as the leader of that company, right?

ISIS is too unstable to be of any use to the US's geopolitical interests.

I think they have advanced NATO weaponry more due to the incompetence of the CIA screening their terrorists rather than any intentional arming.


If I ever end up back down south, I kind of want to throw a few rope ladders over it.

Or just blow a hole in it.


At least South Korea's mega city is pulling in lots of weird new technology. This is just more desert porky Penis waving.

I actually look forward to seeing that one because from the travel channel interviews, every single lead designer has a wholly different idea of how the perfect "future city" should look, from one citing Total Recall, to one citing Freejack, to one citing Futurama, to one citing fucking Ultraviolet of all things. I can smell that cluster fuck coming a mile away.

Even better, as far as I know, none of them ever mentioned a fictional city from a book.
That alone should be an indication of how things will go.

the US doesnt support isis. The weapons come from when they armed the FSA, many of wich would later go to join isis.

It's not getting built, it'll be a complete clusterfuck that wont cover even a tenth of the border before it (possibly literally) collapses

user, this sort of shit happens literally every single day and nobody's ever learned anything from it. Normies who see companies sabotage their product (or in this case means of production), for the sole purpose of making it so other people can't get at it or make use of it, usually just respond 'lol its their property bro why are u mad lol'


I think it's pretty well answered then.

Does anyone remember the western, turkish and arab officers that the syrian army has claimed they had caught in Aleppo many months ago?
It was propaganda by the syrian regime, take their claims with a grain of salt instead of falling for whatever they say because of "muh cia is evil"

This is what people mean when they say

This stupid thing might actually become more that the Military budget

Fuck, it's hard not to get depressed when you realize how much wasted labor that represents.

don't forget this…youtube.com/watch?v=IVpSBUgbxBU

How in god's good name?
How is that humanly possible?

This was for


It's this kind of shit that makes the "deep state" and "breakaway civilization" talk seem kind of plausible.

Now that's not fair user, not all of them look like very cheap plywood planks stacked side by side. Some of them look like ridiculously cheap aluminum siding stacked side by side.

I think it'd be fitting for America to put cheap, mass produced, low quality shitty walls around the borders. It really properly reflects its soon to be status of third world shithole, like the whole country is a slum house.

Well…. if they can't get the resupplies, they kind of are.

Not to just be a contrarian or maybe counter-contrarian(counter-counter-contrarian?), Can't a case be made that selling(or giving away) our best gear to a bunch of imbeciles who are going to run away and leave it to the enemy when confronted not the best strategy?
And Saudi Arabia gets billions more in gear. To die and pay taxes in America.


You better believe it compadre.

ben's newest work of art

This is pretty cool. I wonder if Colombian authorities don't view this experiment more as a threat than FARC themselves

I don't understand.

People take this statement way too out of context. It’s only paid attention to because the media sensationalized it.

The just world fallacy is very strong here, but most Americans would rather see their fellow Americans helped out rather than build another useless wall, but these views aren't represented in government. Can you guess why?

Go away, CIA

I have no reaction image suitable for this.

The most pathetic part is that this is most likely going to stop a small amount of illegal immigrants
It's not even going to be as effective as Trump said it would be

That whole article. Jesus christ.

thanks you!! news user


Mexicans aren't even coming anymore: Mexico isn't as poor as it used to be, they don't have as many children as they used to but most importantly America has become so shitty that coming doesn't represent a significant upgrade to their lives and certainly not one worth dealing with a quasi-fascist military industry on the hunt for hispanics.


Last I heard Mexico was still suffering ridiculous violence from the cartels.

I hope this ruins the American economy.

The real flaw with border enforcement as a means of controlling illegal immigration, is that the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants enter the country with a legal visa or similar fixed-duration document in hand, and then overstay.

In other words, we already know exactly who, where, and how many illegal immigrants are in the country, but fail to act on this information.

Net immigration from Mexico to the US is still high, and Mexicans remain by far the largest nationality of US immigrants.

This picture is the creepiest thing I've ever seen looks like distilled death

Yeah if there's anything Saudi Arabia needs to fix it up, it's a Dubai 2.0


I fucking hate this timeline.

If you put it this way…