North Korea likely building biological weapons program, report says

Using intelligence reports and the testimony of defectors from the country, the report mapped out 13 potential agents that North Korea is assumed to have in its possession, including cholera, anthrax, the plague, typhoid and other such pathogens.

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Good I hope I can die soon

>American media outlet attacking the norks for possibly having biological weapons
Where did this meme that only America is allowed to have WMDs come from?

They're saying what they must say given that we are going to attack. It's not about some core principle.

Who cares? They've already got nukes

They've put satellites into orbit

They've been refining uranium for over a decade. Gun-type warheads are simple. They can make small nukes.

Oh no biological weapons, I'm sure that will make a big ass difference when their artillery already is in range of Soul and even WWII era artillery does massive damage to cities.

Meh. North Korea is like a baby when Russia has the most nukes in the world.

Americans are scared war will effect them.

Well they provoke Russia that has had ICBMs for half a century.

Americans aren't scared of war with North Korea. Americans don't see the point of it.

Why should we send young men off to die for some yellow bastards who make second-rate smartphones? What's in it for us? Isn't one war in the Korean Peninsula already one too many? They won't let us rape their women, nor take home spoils, so what is the point? Why should I want such a war?

Who even gives a shit if North Korea conquers South Korea? South Korea spent most of their 20th century existence with authoritarian military governments anyway, and their democracy is notoriously corrupt. One of their recent presidents committed suicide while being investigated for corruption for fucks sake, and their last president is in prison for being some sort of insane cultists. Is defending that sort of government from North Korea really worth American lives? I don't think so. Do you?

but "Americans" don't decide anything in the US
so their opinions are irrelevant

also why "our young boys" were sent to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq?

Americans aren't. The government is.

I was addressing this assertion, retards:

yeah this is the normal american reaction

But then you would never see real communism.

Stalin showed Nazis that women wielding 76mm of freedom is hard to rape.


Whether you like it or not, the opportunity to rape women has historically been a major factor in motivating people to fight wars.

No wonder we all hate the US military


Fuck off american shill.

Knowing that (virtually) all rights wingers will die with me is ample compensation.

Rape during war isn't an American phenomena, it's a human phenomena. Women and property (the same thing, until recently) have always been traditional rewards for victorious warriors since the dawn of time.

Everywhere they go, everywhere they are the americans cause problems.
Btw I liked stuff only from the first world, imagine what americans dogs do in the middle east

We can't stop them, so I hope they're more responsible than the united states, which has manufactured/tested lyme disease, Borrelia, and anthrax.

I know they're not acting out of some core principle themselves, but surely it must have some value as propaganda if they keep using it. They keep banging on about the fact that various countries might have WMDs of some description, implying that countries armed to the nines with WMDs need to go in an stop them. I doubt they'd keep repeating it if someone somewhere wasn't buying into it.

Considering the norks are involved with arms and drug smuggling across the world I think it's pretty safe to say they've got some form of WMDs inside the USA already.

The orbiting nukes aren't to be used like a gun, they're to be detonated where they are to knock out the electronics.

I am on a leftist board, right?

Everyone knows they have WMD's, people are more inclined to egging the norks on because they want America to get the fuck out of town.


This is very, very old news. It's been known for years that the Norks would likely use asymetrical warfare, including biological weapons, to decimate Seoul, Japan, etc. They're not very helpful for attacking a country like the US, however.

lol, this is a joke right? They don't.

Their dysfunctional satellites do not contain nukes.

NK very blatantly and obviously has nukes. Not to say that this is cause for another invasion, but don't be stupid.

Absolute madman.

But they probably are.
Look at the wars they've fought since losing in Vietnam. North Korea would actually be an opponent who could potentially win, which means a lot more American casualties.

lel, what buts? there can be no buts, it is not a cause for another invasion
stupid burgers

I bet they have one of those

So, why are you trying to defend america

I actually thought it was just those two but looking for a few specific incidents where they've been caught red handed, but it seems like they are into absolutely fucking everything.'s_illicit_activities

Fuck off nigger you've got nothing but the hopes you don't die from the plague to base that on.
t. increasingly nervous burger positing his opinion as a fact for the umpteenth time without a single citation proving they're "dysfunctional"

I have serious doubts they have any sort of weapons in the United States

And considering their past failiures to deliver satellites to orbit, or those satellites not functioning later (see TD-1, TD-2, UNHA-2, the various attempts to create a stable UNHA-3), I doubt these satellites are a functioning thing. It's just as naive to assume that as to assume the US has steady missile defense.

Instead, I think their tests to make a further reach into space based capabilities, but I don't think they have whatever capabilities they want as of yet.

Defending America? I never said this doesn't apply to America. Americans are a subset of humanity, are they not?

Yeah and war has changed, everyone can find the history of an active conflict in just a click away. If you think going and raping people is a valuable strategy in warfare today I bet you twenty new insurgent groups that's bad, stupid, brain dead, bird shit fuckin idea.

Okay, you're a fucking idiot.
>You have no proof that they dont have secret weapons in the US, therefore they do
I'm far more worried about independent bombers than whether or not NK somehow smuggled fucking small-pox into the country.
It's well known.
Not to mention that NK hadn't properly mastered nuclear miniaturization until recently (which even still hasn't been independently verified).

If you wanna learn about NK's actual capabilities, check stuff by 38North, NKnews, Ankit Panda (from The Diplomat), and Jefferey Lewis.

Please be true

If they have a global smuggling ring and the capabilities to produce chemical weaponry I very much doubt they wouldn't attempt to get them on the US mainland. In fact the only advantage I can see to killing Kim Jong-Nam with VX in broad daylight in a foreign country is to drop a massive hint that war with NK would result in chemical weapons attacks at home.

The majority of arguments against the EMP sats on this board have been completely retarded but this is actually a good one against them. The last two I've been in over them was Americans not understanding nuclear yield is not physical weight and is a measurement of TNT equivalent.


No trust me Dennis Rodman is a sleeper cell who will release modified small pox contained inside a basketball with a mechanism similar to the shaving cream in Jurassic Park located inside. He will then slam dunk that shit so hard it bursts, unleashing it to the world.

Using chemical attacks on a foreign power like the US has no strategic benefit for actual survival of the Kim regime. It at most amounts to terrorism that serves little purpose to undermine the military's ability to function, nor works at all towards MAD. Is it something to worry about? No more for Americans than any potential ISIS attack, it certainly pales in comparison to their nuclear capability, their raison d'etre. Their biological weapons would be almost entirely for the purpose of delaying or infuriating an invasion.

W/r/t an EMP, it makes little sense strategically to threaten a country with a non-existentially threatening weapon. The reports of EMPs being able to kill some insane number like 90% of Americans is patently false and propagandistic.

If you think that the satellites had any other purpose than displaying/testing ICBM rockets, you're simply delusional. If it had any sort of weapon on there, the Norks would have openly and proudly admitted it years ago.
The EMP threat has become such a meme that NK experts have a drinking game about it.

If war is declared on the DPRK Kim Jong-Un is going to project his face onto the Empire State Building and he's going to announce a chemical attack on a random city every hour until the Americans withdraw from Korea.
Mark my words, screencap this post.

We can only hope

Kim Jong Un floats to New York City on a giant blimp with "DAMAGED" tattooed across his forehead, and he subsequently releases SMILEX gas, which was banned in the Geneva Conventions

The Suicide Squad was directed with the glorious science of Juche in mind