Under communism will these nice young guys be apart of the proletariat ?

under communism will these nice young guys be apart of the proletariat ?

No because when communism comes no-one has to sell their labor power so no-one will be a proletariat.

What do you think the proletariat is, you fucking mouthbreather?
Are they not proletarians now? Why would communism still make a distinction between proletarians and non-proletarians?
How do you put on your pants when you're so retarded?

What did he mean by this?

i guess selling drugs is labor.

brown people can't into leftism maymay. But smarty pants white people can, thus…leftism isn't stupid even though most of the right says it is…

fuck…I've lost track…

If they sell drugs they're lumpen, if they are wage labourers they're proles.

Why are anticommunists so fucking dumb

they learned everything about socialism from their 7th grade history teacher

When communism is achieved they will be definitely nice guys. These people are just lost souls that will be rehabilited through labour…if they don't show any progress after some years working in farming or whatever…death for being a menace to the well being of society waits around the corner.

If I'm a thief a là oceans eleven, I'm still lumpen?

Under communism they won't exist.
Under socialism they will be killed by death squads, at least this is what I hope for.

lumpenproletariat tramps and criminals to the gulag.

if "communism" has a proletariat than it isnt communism

Drug dealers and criminals should get a nice 7.62 on the forehead regardless of the economical system they find themselves in

lumpens are a drag on the revolution and should be cut like a cancer.



also hope fully under Communism, OP wont be part of the human race

as long as its not cops pulling the trigger.

i'm i right

Aren't criminals considerate petit bourgeois?
Plus their ideology is too pure so they will join the reaction and get shot during the revolution.


I think using video games should be a higher "crime" than whatever "doing drugs" means.

that is conservatives.

Not neccessary,some can happen to be petty bourg.
Thoses who are making their whole living out of criminal activity would be the lumpenproles iirc.

What exactly separates the pimps and protection rackets from bourgeois activity? Drug dealers/makers and traffickers "produce" stuff, but the former seem to just be just industrialists/rentiers unless you think there's something unique about the force the state uses compared to "ordinary" force, in which case you're wrong.


Gang members ought to be shot anyway. They have no place in a socialist society.

It isn't sponsored and supported by the state.

I'm pretty sure most people here are willing to kill white trash bikers too, once the revolution happens.

I disagree, I think they can be valuable.

They're an hinderance to society, and they won't comply to any order while fucking shit up. They have to go asap.

What is the state, if not "that which the most men with guns in a given area adhere to"? Isn't that the mob, in cases where protection rackets exist?

i just assumed it was a polyp thread

They will be forced to work or be shot by peoples militia.

And if they’re both?

Selling goods of negative social utility like drugs doesn't stop someone from being proletarian; telemarketers aren't lumpen, for instance.