Communist/Socialist literature

I've been browsing this board and Holla Forums quite regularly and I want to give both of you a chance.

I've looked at the Holla Forums reading list but don't know if any of the books need a pre-requisite to read.

Would it be fine if I started reading as my first leftist book?

After reading that I was thinking of taking a gander at

What say you?

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Unless you want to kill yourself I wouldn't read Rand.

That Atlas Shrugged is literally fiction written by a goth meerkat.

If you want some literature that you could probably relate to, if burger, then check out "War is a Racket" by Smedley Butler, and a People's History of the US.

yeah that'll do, but wage labour and capital is fine too, conquest of bread is also good
also, atlas shrugged is like 20 times as long as value, price and profit lmao

dude just go play Bioshock lmao

Read Stirner and never go back to Holla Forums again, then you can delve into the economic theory of the left.

My lolbertarian friends reccomended that and it's the only "right" winged book they really reccomended other than the Turner Diaries which I feel is a total meme.

So >Value, Price and Profit by Karl Marx
Is good by you fellas and a good starter book?

Now I'm looking for some right winged literature to combat Karl aha. What do you think of Germany tomorrow by Otto Strasser even if he was practically a radical socialist.

Wasn't he an Anarchist, i'm quite wary of the Anarchist meme.

You're wary of the "Anarchist meme", but you'll read Atlas Shrugged?

Ayn Rand distanced herself from Anarchism, it's known.

Do you see how those two don't compare on a number of fundamental levels?

Are you American? I doubt you know what anarchism is. Just read Stirner.

What does that have to do with anything?

No. Don't do it

Sounds about right. honestly you won't find much far-right theory outside of sociology-tier drivel.

Mate I can tell your right-wing friends are literally a bunch of retards because they've just been recommending you fucking FICTION NOVELS. And shitty ones at that.

Now if you want a coherent political program that looks back critically at 20th century authoritarian and libertarian socialist expetiments, I'd recommend you "The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise if Direct Democracy"

My phone is cucking me right now so I can't post the pdf. Just search for it on google m8.

Shieeet, what does Stirner bring to the table?

I recognize that, but i've garnered no response of an actually good right winged book. That's why I'm asking here which maybe is the wrong place to do ;)

Have you read Wealth of Nations yet?

Nope, i'm quite new to political theorem and economics.

I want a solid base to learn/read about philosophy and ideologies.

A good and healthy de-spooking.
he is also a massive meme

If you just want some pretty neutral theory go with Adam Smith.

Wage labour and Capital is a pretty good basic intro into Marx. Id recommend Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by Engels next. State and Revolution is also a ok place to start.


Permanently BTFOs Holla Forums, once you read him you won't have any desire to read Ayn Rand or other bullshit and you can concentrate on economic theory.

Every time someone says "Don't read Stirner", I post Stirner.!O5gnnK5a!x1PPdqNbhqWKqxg-wxmcyA6ItP0G51qYN4RmJ6N2nfM

If you want to diversify your reading; then instead of reading right wing fiction, like others stated, I would suggest reading works of actual historical relevance, such as Revolt of the Masses by José Ortega y Gasset.

I've gathered this from Holla Forums

Really now i'm kinda wary these seem like meme books.

Albeit some of them look interesting and have actual good theory/content.

I'll start with Wealth Of Nations, thanks it seems both the Right and Left recommend it.

Sure, i'll be sure to pick up Wage labour and Capital :)

I'll continue to lurk this thread before I purchase anything of "Stirner".

So this is what i've gathered to read and have convinced me a bit.
Maybe 1984 by George Orwell?

Anything in the post above me?

I posted a free link to the PDF faggot.

If you're going to read that read his other book Homage to Catalonia as well to help clear up some misconceptions about that book.

Leo Strauss is one of few conservatives I've read that I respected. I recommend his stuff.

Ignore most of the rude graceless cunts in this thread.

My boy, just don't fall for the muh "Nat.ional/Right-wing Socialism" meme. Hitler sucked Krupp cock even before he was put in power and him and his buddy Mussolini were buttbuddies with all the rich Industrialists that supported them throughout their entire years in power.

Who is being even a little rude? All i see is people saying that Atlas Shruged is just fiction. Recomending that is like saying "Dude, communism works, just watch Teletubbies".

Good shout tbh

faggots are spooks

Stirner and marx are public domain, you don't have to purchase either of them, so no loss there
Even if you prefer physical copies, you can read the first few pages to get an idea of whether or not it's for you

Unironically read this or something like it.

If you want to read capitalist apologia, ask >>>/liberty/ for a serious book but don't waste your time on Rand.

I got these and "The Prince"

Dude… their available for free online.
Why'd you pay so fucking much for them? All the authors are long dead.


Start withe greeks.

Good lord OP don't read a Marx pamphlet and then a Rand tome, you'd end up with some kind of dementia.

what the fuck

It's important really to remember that Orwell was a socialist. He even fought in the spanish civil war vs the fascists

Real talk/minor hijack: We always mention Orwell here but why doesn't this madman get suggested more?

Because it's not really tied to leftism?
Great author tho.



I mean more as a third option to the constant 1984/A Brave New World being thrown around all the time. I wouldn't say either of those were really tied to leftism either and is more to do with dystopia.

I bought the books because I don't wanna look @ the computer all day.

Go for it, no one can judge someone based on wanting to read a physical copy
Though you should concider reading parts of the book before buying it

Lol if a Holla Forumsack read even one of those books on political science then they would almost instantly become bored with Holla Forums's level of discourse within a month or two.
This should be posted across half-chan, the level of discourse would destroy itself. Probably would result in an increase of traffic to here.

Kafka is actually funny too, though the castle is his best work.

It was posted by a cross boarder on 4pol.

I read some excerpts seemed interesting, you are right though.

Definitely read Stirner instead of Rand

lol wat

Stirner would bully the fuck out of Rand.

You'll probably read Atlas Shrugged and most likely you'll find out how poorly written and generally shitty Atlas Shrugged is. I urge you to try "The Ego and his Own" when you come to that point. Apparently I can't post pdfs for whatever reason but you can easily find it online.

You can’t make this shit up.

Some like having physicals and dont like reading on a screen
like me

After you read the Prince read Passionate Declarations by Howard Zinn. It talks quite a bit about how Machiavellian tactics like plausible deniability are used by modern larders.


Read Bordiga

If you do make the rookie mistake of reading Atlas Shrugged be sure to read Matt Ruff's Sewer, Gas & Electric.

==The Principles of Communism== (this take no time at all to read)

Value, Price and Profit

Critique of the Gotha Programme

==The Conquest of Bread== (anarchist)

==The Ego and Its Own== (anarchist)

This is a good place to start. I would recommend that you read some anarchist authors. Anarchism probably isn't what you think it is.

Your friends are brainlets
Read: Tomorrow we Live by Oswald Mosley and The Philosophic Basis of Fascism by Gentile if you want to have in sign into classic fascist perspective
Also Doctrine of Fascism by Mussolini but thats pretty short

Fuck Value Price and Profit, read Wage Labor and Capital, its more succinct and less verbose, better intro material IMO

Happened to me 2 years ago tbh
Holla Forums is made of brainlets that dont know their "own" theory

Its not about orcs vs humans but about evil vs good, its not about races more about morality. Lotr was heavily inspired by Christian theology


have fun letting the two more important books collect dust

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Atlas Shrugged has a Big Speech that goes on for NINETY PAGES, and it's basically an edgy highschooler's rant about how awesome he is and how much everyone else sucks. Ayn Rand is a meme. Don't take people who recommend her seriously.

Pretty much


When it became obvious that Galt was going to repeat himself a third time in that fucking radio address is when I put the book down and decided never to bother with Rand or her "philosophy" ever again.


Yes, please do exactly this.

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