Capitalist Media is Now Saying that Veganism is Nazism

I told you all this was going to happen. Veganism hurts the system because of how much of the economy is hinged on meat and dairy production. Remember how the FBI was raiding animal sanctuaries and kicking down doors for two piglets that were rescued from slaughter? They want to associate veganism with Nazism so the general public will be okay with them shutting down another anti-capitalist movement.

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I think you're reading too much into it. It seems like they're most just offering a (mediocre) explanation of why so many Nazis are vegan rather than implying that veganism itself has Nazi undertones.

Well it's true

This is the second anti-vegan article vice ran this month.

What about all the jobs?

It's not even anti-vegan. Anymore than saying that Hitler loved dogs is anti-dog.

Okay, yeah, that's pretty bad. Fuck Vice.

It's true though veggiecuck


Wrong article, that was last months anti-vegan article. Let me find the other one from this month.

as a vegan and a nazi, nice.

They're literally pushing the "YOU KNOW WHO WAS VEGAN? HITLER" argument

They've been using that argument against veganism/vegetarian for a very long time now OP.

Fuck this. Soy boys few months ago shilled for an article where you call meat eaters are racist and shit.
It's your turn now. Also vegans are pathetic

Found the meatcuck.

take your meds

Again pathetic

Already took my b12 today, nigga


She should be doing that with a tiger…not from a sanctuary, a real wild one in Asia or Africa

I don't need people to side with me. You need people to side with YOU.
Vegans are gastronomic SJW

Veganism is a diet, little meatcuck.

isn't a diet'

OP found this article listicle 420 on facebook because an algorithm suggested it to him
delete all your social media at once fam, wake tf up!

Are vegans Nazbol?

Vegans are petulant brainlets.


Why do carnist sound exactly like alt-right reactionaries?

Sausage Suckers can't comprehend the concept of frugivores. They think since they can swallow flesh, that means it's good for them. Colon cancer is their destiny.

Enjoy your Monsanto soy suck. Maybe your future kid will have 18 toes

Lmao, you probably eat more soy than vegans do. What do you think factory farmed animals are fed?

You would't be one of those fucking nazis now would you, me neither.

Here's the other anti-vegan article

Restaurant workers just hate it so much when you ask them not to put cheese on your sandwich! It's just too much work! Be nice and eat meat!

Funny…people in the 30's, 40's, 50's ate a lot of meat and they never had colon cancer. It's only nowdays with capitalist food productio that such things started to appear

You know why they didn't? Because they ate meat from animals that had lived freely on the outside that ate grass, that drank water without sugar. But porky wanted to grow animals faster to maximize profits…
You're being duped.

Actually i do eat soy…unlike you folks i eat everything. Including some of you guys most weirdest meals with mong beans and lentils.
I like to eat, i like to experience lots of different things. Maye you should try do the same

Educate yourself


Until smoking came along in the 40s-50s, now it's the #1 killer again.


Ever eat human?

A question to the vegans: is it okay to eat insects? They're very nutritious, abundant, and by our current knowledge, not sentient. Would it be a good alternative for a decent intake of protein?

Don't voluntarily put the meat-jew into your body or you may die of ass cancer.

Join the group and good fortune will come to you.

It's similar to eating meat because of the fats and cholesterol: Probably more sustainable than livestock though. Ideologically, no it's not vegan, but a better alternative than torturing/slaughtering animals that are known to be sentient. If you want the healthiest sources if these nutrients beans/lentils and grains are good in proteins. Nuts and seeds are good for protein and fat. Peanuts are amazing to supplement for fat (there about 50% fat) and protein whilst being extremely cheap; dry-roasted/unsalted are the healthiest option.

If you're skeptical about protein on a plant-based diet you only need about .77 grams of protein per pound of body weight before diminishing returns as a strength/body athlete: which is easily obtainable without trying. google clarence kennedy :)

Hilter was only a vegetarian because his doctor told him, and he meat occasionally.



Daily reminder that vegans are insane assholes who would rather murder stray pets than give them loving homes.


What? i'm piuzzled as fuck…i don't understand what are trying to convain with this post.
All i was trying to say was that in my country people ate pork cold meats for ages and they never had colon cancer. Only nowdays the mad cows and ecolis started to pop up

Don't breath, you might die of lung cancer.

My eyes are fucking burning from the amount of liberalism in that picture. Please, I kindly ask you to gulag yourself you enormous fucking faggot. Vegans doesn't deserve any respect at all and in a communist society they will be rightly considered the most fucked up and disgusting kind of mentally ill people. Fortunately when we reach FALC, work will be eliminated, so we will be able focus all our free time on eating steak and lynching vegan scum.

United States data…the world doesn't revolve around america you know?

More news at 11:00…

It must be really sad to be both a plantcuck and an amerifat. Even though I don't know how miserable eating fucking broccoli 24-7 can feel like, I still want to say this to all vegan-fascists ITT: Don't lose your hope. Suicide is always an option and you will feel a lot better after shooting yourself.

First time censorship made me laugh.

ITT two lifestylist autists get into a slap fight.



you heard him, anyone with a dog goes up against the wall!

What are you supposed to do with sick and old dogs off the street that no one will ever adopt?

Lad, those are shelter animals, there are millions of homeless pets. What's your alternative to letting them starve to death?

You're moving the goalpost.

All the cutest Jewish gals are vegan.

It's like you aren't even pretending not to be a judeo-vegetarian fascist filth.


Real shelters have far lower kill-rates

And Peta takes the animals that those shelters are unwilling to take.


Those "real" shelters only take in the best looking pets that have the best chance of being adopted. PETA takes in everything.

But, as communists, how could we abolish meat-eating if every vegan will be walled or gulaged post-revolution?

bu-buh, dey rkillin duh dogz! dey hypocrates! stop tellin me to nawt eat duh meat!

Yes, that article proves that Hitler was actually an ethical vegetarian. Your point?


Daily reminder that dogs with dumb faces like that will be rounded up and shot if any communist movement were to seize power.

Small dogs get the gulag. Little shits.

Pretty damn sure that they take any animal you drop off. I also happen to know that shelters take in animals with birth defects that make them "unadoptable". Shelters aren't pet stores, they're for helping stray animals, unlike PETA's concentration camps. Quit defending their bullshit, no "shelter" should ever have a kill rate that high. They're nothing but scum, any organisation is better.

The absolute state of """leftists""" who not only vehemently defend the interests of Big Animal Agriculture™ but commodification of sentient beings itself.

Haha good on you sir, made me remember the "Save the Guinea Worm" foundation.

Why do the teeth of the dogs and the woman match?

Like 0.5%

Veganism isn’t inherently pro or anti capitalist.

Not as much as B12 vitamin supplements.

It was just a diet you wouldn’t obsess over it.

That's missing a dolphin torn between merchanting and reeeing

Why the cubs hat?

HAHAHA you think they actually need to reach the shelter.

You do realize that people have eaten meat sense the dawn of humanity.

damn i thought peta was just libshit lifestylism
but they are actually doing something useful exterminating vermin

wtf i love peta now

I dunno, sterilize them?
I pretty sure that alternative of being euthanized is not alternative at all

Oh shit, Veganism just got debunked!

Why is it when the topic of veganism comes up, otherwise reasonable people turn into utter pants-on-head retards

I'll shoot your sorry ass before you hurt my pupper

It's Vice. If you want to see what they really think of veganism, just look at what they've tagged.

They're trying to trick retarded nazis into a vegan diet as well:

Will Your Eyes Change Colour on a Raw Vegan Diet?

No kidding.

Animals are assholes who kill anyway, they're fair game I say.

Biocentrism is a shit


Also the dog died, of course. They just could not wait to euthanize it, they barely got it into the truck before jamming needles into it. By the time the family noticed their dog was missing and called local shelters it was already dead.

Eating meat and Rape aren’t comparable.

Yes, they are. Just research artificial insemination

He's illustrating why appeals to nature or tradition, which you used to justify consuming meat, are not generally accepted as valid arguments. Rape is natural and historically it was the right of a husband to have sex with his wife, even nonconsensually; if nature or tradition justify meat consumption, it seems to follow that rape is justified in various circumstances for the same reason.



Humans and animals have different brains. Animals aren’t conscious. Also eating meat is nessicary to get Vitamin B12.

I'm not conscious when I sleep. Is it ok to kill me in my sleep? I'm not a vegan but this is a shit argument.

"You" aren't actually existing when you're sleeping so I would say yes.

So by that logic it's not murder if you knock them out first and at most you could be considered guilty of knocking someone out against their will.

No, by that logic you've murdered them by terminating their consciousness when you've knocked them out.

you do realise people thrown out their piss and shit on the streets since the dawn of humanity? window flush is part of western culture you toiletcuck

Oh shit, do we hold funerals every time someone goes to sleep?

Oh shit, do I exist until I have a funeral? Is that when I get to experience all the time I can't remember when I'm not conscious?

Reminder that veganism requires imperialism to exist

There is nothing wrong with raising animals like cattle and poultry for meat, it's quite efficient use of land and provides us with high food diversity.

yeah methane emissions and deforestation are great

fuckton fossil fuels have to be burned even to bring bread to your table, methane emissions are not that bad, and would cease to be a problem if we would not overproduce meat.


Given the inefficiency of raising cattle, mutton or pork would be preferable. Furthermore, while the conversion rates for chicken are superb, the industrialized production process is too dependent on antibiotics.

you are talking about land-usage efficiency, or factory farming, which is highly dependent on market prices. While there is no real alternative when you want to produce stuff like milk, I believe that low-cost/bio (or however is it called in english) is superior when it comes to energy/labour efficiency, and much more sustainable since animals are living directly at pasture, they doesn't require separate growing of food (except of winter) and much less antibiotics.

Be that as it may, cattle farming still requires a great deal more feed input for meat production than to obtain the same mass of flesh from swine or sheep.

I think they're implying that vegans are socialists.
In the US around the same time Henry Wallace and FDR waved the flag for socialism. During 1932 the All-Seeing Eye was placed on the $1 bill.

Yes, but cows can survive outside even in winter, it is possible to train them to even eat grass underneath snow. This drastically reduces amount of labour and resources required to produce meat. The same MIGHT be true for sheep, but I do not know. I do not think that pigs can survive on grass alone.

But I am not arguing for producing only one type of meat, food diversity is required for healthy lifestyle.

who cares vegans r faggots and no one cares about them.

.t doesn't understand trophic levels

So what? we are living in >2017 and its not like we have a problem with food and we cannot farm indoors. Food diversity is good and its also even better to give away all animal products becouse of all risks they make, Why do you think china is tryna cut 50% of meat production? People started dying too much becouse of CVD's

b-but das wah muh ansestor eet
Or you could take a supplement (like most livestock animals are given in one form or another anyway) and avoid the carcinogens and cholesterol.

b-but I love animulz


bbut what about the studpy that shows that meat is neccesary for erection

That's right, prole. Without ebil Imperialists you can't eat potatoes and vegetables. Better buy my meats from factory farms that use slave labor.

Broscience needs to be stopped

also those workers have a very high suicide and divorce rate

uh uh, i don think so, fam

What pussies, spending hours upon hours ankle deep in blood and shit, while slitting the throats of crying and screaming animals is a wonderful job. If those fucking illegals don't like it they can go back to Mexico, goddamn spics.

They should be honored to be killing the animals for my McBurger

All animals are dumbfucks who would kill me without a second thought. But oh wait, some shitty paper says that polyps actually feel deep sorrow when they inject deadly poison into me!


*plugs ears*

muh brotein

If animals keep on attacking you, I can only assume you're a massive scumbag who deserves it.

but when I went into a cage of gorillas and started throwing rocks at them they attacked me!!!

You deserved for attacking their way of life with your oppressive presence you filthy two-legged scum.

Wait wait wait are you perchance saying that there is ethical consumption under capitalism you DIP

I don't think globalism has to mean imperialism. Global communism is the endgame after all. But it doesn't necessarily require that either. The Okinawans were an isolated group and were the some of the healthiest people in the world when subsisting on a mainly plant-based diet. But it depends on geographical location, in terms of what you can grow, I'm sure.

Literally all tribes consumed/consume mainly plants

Apart from Inuits, who were unhealthy as shit.

The association between veganism and leftism will be the leftism killer. It's nothing but right wing moralism and fake science yes FAKE SCIENCE every fucking person I knew who went vegan no matter how hard they planned their diet DOCTORS told them to eat frigging meat
Why don't you blame the jews at this point? Fucking psychopaths you care about animals not because you love them but because you hate humans. You are the idiots who cry when in the movie the dog dies. Scum

City folks.

Yes, most tribes that live in the north consume more animal based products

It's funny how you call us psychopaths, and yet you get angry that people care about living things that aren't human. You're getting angry that other people aren't as shitty as you are.

Well now that changes everything, because Doctors are definitely never wrong.

You live in America don't you? Where medical care is a private industry? Where the Animal Agriculture Industry is absolutely huge and influences practically everything?

Not to mention, do you actually know how much nutritional education doctors are required to have? It's not a lot. That's what dieticians are for.

sandals are bad, but don't diss silly shirts



Inuits and mongols ate nothing but meat and had the same lifespan as every pre industrial society (60 years more or less without counting

$1 has been deposited to your account, courtesy of Big Beef™

Yeah, vegetarians and vegans are just dropping like flies. They're not real. You're definitely right, Varg.

Forcing morality on people because you think you are jesus is psycho tier, literally nothing different from "we should bomb these savages to bring them democracy"

1 not a burger 2 these are advertisements 3 it's current year not the fifties 4 blood test doesn't lie about levels of vitamins/etc 5 doctors fixed my appendix, my grandpa heart, my cousin heart, my dad knee and so on, I definetly trust doctors who made tangibly better the life of me and those around me than internet vegan losers. Go choke on an artichoke

They both use slave labor you retard. That's literally the point.

Both the animal food and the agricultural industry destroy forests and people's lives. They destroy whole economies, both of them. This is why nobody is charmed by your "let's just stop eating X, that will destroy capitalism" bullshit.

That's a new one. Thankfully I'm not a European peasant.

Eat your vegetables, kids.

Sorry guys, but I had enough of you vegan redlibs. I have been a communist for almost a year now thanks to Holla Forums, but I think that I will just move on to become a fascist. It seems like a lot of fun to me.
Well, this is the end. Bye

Doctors can both lie and be wrong.

Those are still drawings though.

Everyone should be vegan, don't think your faggot ass is escaping us. Veganism is the future, get on board or get OINKED.

Doctors are not dietitians. They do not have much expertise in the field at all.

wait is that doctor lying or not

also i thought we were talking about veganism

Yeah those evil psychopath abolitionists, amirite. Who do they think they are forcing their morality on others.

Did you read the underlined part
That's not a doctor, that's the position of the total association of dietitians, who know what they're talking about.

I can't wait to throw these meatcuck carnists into pits full of wild boar

You are right, I do not understand what are you saying. Elaborate.

Have you ever considered how much fossil fuels needs to be burned in order to bring (you) your """"perfect environmentally friendly""" dinner? Which ones of vegetables you posted grow in your climate? Are you really OK with kulaks in third world countries selling food abroad because people in first world have better ability to pay for their vegan dietes?

Comrade gets it.


The amount of fossil fuels and water used to bring you flesh is a lot more you fucking retard

i missed it, ok. but is that doctor lying or telling the truth though? I have no way to know!

You two are mentally challenged. The problem would be solved, if everyone had to grow their own food. Most meatcucks are too pussy to slaughter animals and pay others to it for them. You're capitalist scum.

Meat is literally the only natural source of b12 besides literally eating shit. I'm not gonna live on pills just to please your ego.


I doubt they're being funded by Big Broccoli lmao, but if you don't like American sources

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

It is the position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that appropriately planned vegetarian, including vegan, diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. These diets are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, older adulthood, and for athletes.*

Dietitians of Canada
A well planned vegan diet can meet all of these needs. It is safe and healthy for pregnant and breastfeeding women, babies, children, teens and seniors.*

The British National Health Service

With good planning and an understanding of what makes up a healthy, balanced vegan diet, you can get all the nutrients your body needs.

The British Nutrition Foundation

A well-planned, balanced vegetarian or vegan diet can be nutritionally adequate … Studies of UK vegetarian and vegan children have revealed that their growth and development are within the normal range.*

The Dietitians Association of Australia](**

Vegan diets are a type of vegetarian diet, where only plant-based foods are eaten. They differ to other vegetarian diets in that no animal products are usually consumed or used. Despite these restrictions, with good planning it is still possible to obtain all the nutrients required for good health on a vegan diet.*

The United States Department of Agriculture

Vegetarian diets (see context) can meet all the recommendations for nutrients. The key is to consume a variety of foods and the right amount of foods to meet your calorie needs. Follow the food group recommendations for your age, sex, and activity level to get the right amount of food and the variety of foods needed for nutrient adequacy. Nutrients that vegetarians may need to focus on include protein, iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamin B12.*

The National Health and Medical Research Council

Alternatives to animal foods include nuts, seeds, legumes, beans and tofu. For all Australians, these foods increase dietary variety and can provide a valuable, affordable source of protein and other nutrients found in meats. These foods are also particularly important for those who follow vegetarian or vegan dietary patterns. Australians following a vegetarian diet can still meet nutrient requirements if energy needs are met and the appropriate number and variety of serves from the Five Food Groups are eaten throughout the day. For those eating a vegan diet, supplementation of B12 is recommended.*

The Mayo Clinic

* *A well-planned vegetarian diet (*see context*) can meet the needs of people of all ages, including children, teenagers, and pregnant or breast-feeding women. The key is to be aware of your nutritional needs so that you plan a diet that meets them.*

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada](

* *Vegetarian diets (*see context*) can provide all the nutrients you need at any age, as well as some additional health benefits.*

Harvard Medical School

* *Traditionally, research into vegetarianism focused mainly on potential nutritional deficiencies, but in recent years, the pendulum has swung the other way, and studies are confirming the health benefits of meat-free eating. Nowadays, plant-based eating is recognized as not only nutritionally sufficient but also as a way to reduce the risk for many chronic illnesses.*

British Dietetic Association

* *Well planned vegetarian diets (see context) can be nutritious and healthy. They are associated with lower risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, certain cancers and lower cholesterol levels. This could be because such diets are lower in saturated fat, contain fewer calories and more fiber and phytonutrients/phytochemicals (these can have protective properties) than non-vegetarian diets. (…) Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for all stages of life and have many benefits.*

So apperantly veganism is now about spending shit ton of money on quinoa ? lol
You ill spend less money on a vegan diet, beans are dirt cheap and so are vegetables and grains. You are a fucking idiot

You implied that industrial agriculture is the only source of vegetables. Lets stop eating meat and grow our own food, surely that will deal a blow to capitalism and be more nature-friendly?

No. B12 is synthesized by bacteria, it can be found in soil and untreated water sources. Even animals themselves are supplemented often, you're basically taking second hand supplements, along with all the nasty stuff that's in meat. You're being retarded. You can fit loads of mcg of B12 in a pill, you may only have to take one a week, you can even put it in a smoothie or some other blended food so you don't have to take it in pill form, it's also available in drops and fortified foods.

Hitler was a vegan and the nazis were the first environmentalists.
The nazis created the first laws against animal cruelty i think.
I was reading kaczynski and he explained that anarcho primitiveism should not be left wing because any movement obsessed with the past and nature is inherently right wing. Makes sense.
If you ever read the history of environmentalism it was actually started by right wingers in america at least.
The only reason america has national parks is because of teddy Roosevelt a republican.

Somehow in recent times things switched, maybe its the neocons fault. But mainstream republicans started to be anti nature because of global warming or whatever.


Where the fuck do you think vitamin B12 comes from to put IN those supplements? Meat extracts or milk. True, seaweed produces some B12 but there's not enough that the entire world could live off of.

Now THIS is fanfiction!

No i didn't.

Veganism is about eating certain things, it's not about economy in any way. The way vegan products come to your table is entirely about economy, though. This is the usual ethical consumption under capitalism wild goose chase.

And the only way to get the b12 that bacteria produce is by either eating meat or eating shit. The whole problem could be easily solved by not factory farming animals and pumping them full of hormones and supplements

it comes from cruelty free vegan meat

water is abundant in my part of the world, and I find quite difficult to believe that meat, which travel a few houndeds of kilometers tops in order to be brought to my table requires as much fossil fuels as vegetables traveling many thousands of miles, not to account all stuff industrialized agriculture requires.

so yeah, being a vegan nazi is okay by nazi standards.

Vegancucks better start posting pics of their veggie gardens if they want to use the "supporting the meat industry is capitalist and destructive to the earth!" argument

because supporting the vegetable agriculture industries is capitalist and destructive to the earth too

Its has to do with health benefits read
Honestly thats why most people go vegetarian/vegan their docotrs says they should becouse their cholesterol levels are too high.
Then there is ethical reasons, not wanting to be part of the meat industry becouse they torture and kill animals.
THere is also an environmental reason to go, since animal agriculture costs a shit ton of land (both from animals and animal feed) and water. All of this resources can go into crops that can ultimately feed more people.

It is.
Ted was arguing that wanting to go back to nature, to a tribal life, to the past.
Thats right wing.
Technology and progress is what destroys traditions.

The whole archetype of the man alone in the woods, surviving, manly man.
Its very right wing

I dont know what happend, or how things switched around.
But there is a lot of overlap with right wing ideas and the environment.

Lmao, go fuck yourself.

B12 is a bacteria that is naturally found on the earth. They synthesize it in the lab, you mong.

It's autumn, you urban negroid.

its true that nature is just a made up term by us. But still that doesnt mean veganism is about that as i mentioned in here there are different reason to go vegan.

I will expand on the health benefits, one of the biggest killers right now are Coronary Hearth Disease, now if you studied biology you will know exactly how meat and animal products help develop CVD's.
Places like china are cutting rapidly on meat consumption (they promised on 50 fucking percent) becouse of the increased rate of death by CVD's china is currently experiencing.

Most of it is the product of bacterial fermentation in labs, in the form of Cyanocobalamin or Methylcobalamin.

the harvest season in the states isnt fucking over yet

who's the urban negroid now bitch

pic related

You are, I'm from eastern Europe. Ooga booga

also nature doesnt exist (or is indistinguishable from human and technological developments) to begin with

I mean there were a lot of things about the nazis and hitler that are considered left wing and tolerant by todays standards.
What im saying is read a book nigga

so you cant grow anything anyway






dogs are cute tho

Well imagine my shock.


Lmao, go fuck yourself.

you realise sausage is made of the worst part of meat? Parts that also go for dog and cat food

I only realize that guy's post was literally nod an argumend.



Lol enjoy your cholesterol faggot

Are you retarded?

Oh, so you're actually a LARPer.

Doctors are the 3rd leading cause of death in America

Feels good man


No, you are dellusioned if you think that meat doesnt increase cholesterol


No it's a lifestyle, soyboy

What's left wing and tolerant in that fucking image you stupid liberal piece of shit?

Not even from there but burgers have to die

If veganism is a lifestyle than carnism is a lifestyle curated by porky.


Neoconservatives are literally asspained HUAC dodging Trotskyites, so yeah, probably always their fault
Also, Scofield probably played a part in the other thing, it's what all the rapture bunnies follow. "If though breaketh it, I shall merely grant thee anew!" Or in other words, destroy planet, God just reaches down from the sky to hand you a new one.


Doesn't change the fact you are, just like vast majority of vegan, imperialist apologist urban liberal. Thus, no better than any average american.

Vegans can not survive without capitalism, or at least without living in advanced industrialized nation. Vegetarians or meat eaters can.

Even if thaw was true, what does it matter? What are you, a fucking primitivist?

That's just wrong and you're appealing to nature. Regardless, there was a group of Neanderthals in Spain were no meat was detected in their diet:
And for actual modern people, there was the Okinawa whose diet consisted of 96% plant-based foods and they lived to 100 on average. The Okinawans are beating by the Adventist Vegetarians in lifespan:

Ironically, the Okinawans are less healthy and more obese due to the Americanism of Japan and its fast-food chains (capitalism).

Don't see the problem with that pic. People have lived with and cared for animals they eat for thousands of years. There's no contradiction between caring about animals and eating them.
It reminds me of controversy a few weeks ago where a farmer posted a video of him giving a beer to one of his sows, to which citycucks responded by throwing a shitfit and calling him a rapist animal abuser. Turns out that beer is a common folk treatment for stressed sows with piglets when the farmer doesn't want to pump them full of drugs and opioids. Of course, they didn't know that.
Fact of the matter is that vegans are nothing but a bunch of burger citycucks who know jack shit about farming or raising animals besides a bunch of videos of factory farms and some shitty infographics and who now see the need to force their ideology on everyone else.

I'm not a primitivist, I'm just calling veganism what it is - liberal [capitalist] ideology, (you) are part of this hyper-consumerist culture.

I'd check again, you literally sound like Varg. I don't know what you think Communism is, but it's not isolationism and rejection of global produce.
In what world is eating vegetables and not killing animals 'hyper-consumerist culture' you fucking moron ahahah.

It's always hilarious when people have absolutely no arguments and always resort to shit adhoms of "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT, YOU PROBABLY LIVE IN THE CITY, I'VE BEEN TO A FARM, YOU CAN'T TRICK ME WITH YOUR FANCY SCIENCE AND STATISTICS".
Crying. Do they perform fucking acupuncture on it as well.
Outside of something like mercy-killings, you can't 'love' or even 'care' for something and kill it for your own personal use. Do you genuinely not see not see the absurdity of what you're saying.
I didn't realise doing something for a long time means it's the way it should be. People have been exploiting other people for a long ass fucking time, I suppose that means it's the way it should be. And Now you're arguing against leftism.

Varg, while being of somehow simpler mind, has more brain than liberals like (you).
I agree, and I see now that you agree on fact that vegans require globally produced food in order to survive. Also, how is not hyper-consumerist not being able to survive a day without imperialist machinery?

Please, fam, tell me how you're gonna grow soy monocultures on old pasture land without causing more environmental damage than a bunch of pigs and cows ever would. Low-intensity livestock farming is by far the most environmentally sound option, especially compared to trying to grow nitrogen-hungry crops (which all protein-rich crops are) on shitty soil

What happens to all the vegans once there’s B12 shortages.

I called it a "folk treatment" because it's a commonly used, recognised alternative to the usual industrial procedure of pumping them full of drugs. It's better for the animal and it's better for everyone.
Leftism is not a moral issue. I'm a socialist because i recognise that our current society is fundamentally flawed and destructive and a socialist society would be a vast improvement. There is no point in replacing one shitty thing with another just because it pleases your ego. Similarly low-intensity mixed agriculture is a far better solution to the problems of industrialised agriculture than the aggressive monoculture and industrial processing that veganism would require. Less meat is good, but that doesn't make no meat better.

Where exactly did you read that. I'm just disputing your retarded primitivism. The other post already contested your claims to which you offered absolutely no counter-argument.

As it stands around 80% of the soy we already grow is fed to animals anyway.

what is "retarded primitivisim" about eating healthy, enviromentaly friendly diet which doesn't require NATO enforced shitty regimes in third world?


Becouse meat is in no shape or form healthy?

is healthy*


'hurr look at those vegetarians' I don't think is a valid argument when looking at people who ate 96% plant-based foods. Is it so unfeasible to think that that fairly negligible 4% of meat could be eliminated in favor of something else.

You need protein. A vegan diet that gives you the protein you need without you becoming a ruminant requires protein-rich food that is nitrogen- and fertilizer-hungry. Meanwhile livestock can get their necessary protein from food waste and less protein-rich feed. Livestock are not fed that much soy because it is better (in fact forage-heavy diets usually produce better meat), but because it allows for more rapid growth and is more profitable. It's also something that is more common in factory farms and especially in burgerstan.

I fail to see logic here.
All food requires nitrogen to grow, bean plants literally take nitrogen from the air and synthesise it. That is why beans are so protein rich.

This proccess is called nitrogen fixation if you are interested

and I forgot to mention this actually returns nitrogen to the soil

well no shit, but I still do not see reason for veganism

how is this reason to go vegan?

so am I appealing to nature or not? make up your mind, people.
capitalism do that, the difference is that meat eaters and vegetarians DO NOT REQUIRE capitalism.

Just to add to this after doing a bit of quick searching: the large amount of corn and soy in animal feed in America is due to the massive subsidies of those crops, as well as allowing the animals to mature quicker. Studies also show that feeding cows grasses (what they used to be fed) instead of grains makes for healthier meat, healthier cows, and a lower footprint. What a shock

Do you want the overwhelming research that proves meat increases cholesterol and ultimately death by a cardiovascular disease?

No, I want research that shows me well balanced diet, including meat, vegetables, fruits and diary products, causes any health problems.

Huh, thought soy was an exception to that. I stand corrected. However soy is still a crop that is very hard to grow everywhere, requires a shitton of fertilizer to grow as a monoculture, and that has a very large footprint. This also doesn't address the point of "all the other" protein-rich crops that aren't legumes

ALL fucking crops need nitrogen to grow, we would be growing less of soy if animal agriculture wasnt as huge as it is right now

Daily reminder that most of these modern health problems are caused by shitty burger processed foods. Eat a balanced diet and all this shit goes way down.
I also find it kinda hypocritical that vegans dismiss studies showing problems with thier diet while eagerly sharing studies that agree with them

meat still has high cholesterol levels that will increase you CVD risk either way, a healthy balanced diet is one without diary or meat products. Also I want some of that studies you mention, not reports about stupid parents feeding their kids kale shakes tho

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Of course all crops require nitrogen, but protein-rich crops are gonna deplete the soil around far more than most other crops. This is all ignoring the fact that veganism is still very fringe. If everyone was vegan we might not decrease the footprint as much as you think. I'm not denying that we need reduce our meat consumption and grow less intensively, in fact that's exactly what im saying, but low intensity livestock farming is a far more sustainable use of good pastureland than trying to grow grains on it. I live in a country where half the land is good for nothing but meat and potatoes. Growing anything else would requireludicrous amounts of fertilizer.

Everything is a carcinogen

I do believe that its not gonna fix it completely but its still gonna help it massively. But as I mentioned there is wide variety of legumes that fixate nitrogen back into soil.
Get rid of animal agriculture means
you get rid of massive soy plants
With correct regulations all that space now can be used to grow a huge variety of different legumes

But some are more carinogen than others, you fucking moron

What about small farmers though?

you cannot feed western civilisation by small farmers anymore

But I can feed myself.

I don't know why this is even a question, undoubtedly yes.

NETHER DOES VEGANISM, how many times do I have to repeat myself? ==I showed you the source were neanderthals (you know not existing in capitalism) had zero meats in their diet.== There I debunked you. Furthermore I showed you the Okinawan diet which consisted of 96% plants. If they decided abstain from eating that one piece of meat or fish a month they would be vegans. Their diet is literally called a 'whole foods plant-based' diet, aka a vegan diet. Lastly I mentioned the Adventist Vegetarians, a vegan population who lived longer than Okinawans. How delusional are you?

Dude, I just demonstrated the less meat you eat the heather you become. Are you to stupid to understand this or what?

By all means point them out. Veganism is objectively in your best interest, you're the one here who's possessed by porky's meat products.

Also, cholesterol is only risk factor for CVD, so "le balanced diet", "moderation", or "everything is bad for you" memes are moot.

And absolutely no one believes smoking and eating healthy foods will make you healthy, as such, eating meat and healthy foods doesn't make you healthy:

Well unless you have a land for them you can I guess.


I dunno my cat is pretty conscious
more conscious than some humans I would say

my toasted bread is p. consc. too


Is this OC? Saved.

Go back to your intellectual ghetto, you alt-right goon.

Humans are omnivores and veganism is bourgeois decadence. Eat the rich. Google J. Posadas.

Not exactly, it's funded by Agenda 21. The plan is to cram everyone into high-rise buildings surrounded by green spaces. Jobs and entertainment would be within walking distance. Highways would be transformed into migratory routes for wild predators. In order for this to happen people would have to be weaned off meat diets that are not nutritionally dense enough.

These foods are all inflammatory. So are wheat and rice. They inflict just as much damage as meat, perhaps even more because 60% of the meat we eat goes straight through and is never digested.
Tofu is basically custard made from soybeans btw. Soy is quick cooking which causes it to go rancid quickly.
Most vegans don't cook legumes well enough to be safely eaten. They are slowly poisoning themselves every time they have a kale salad.

By "planning" they mean popping pills. Don't fall for the verbal gymnastics.

Reduced saturated fat in diets is a major factor in the rise of obesity. Foods that contain moderate amounts of saturated fat require less caloric intake to produce satiety. Too much fiber causes a variety of illnesses and increases blood triglycerides which is associated with diabetes and heart disease.

You're an idiot who should be using Holla Forums


Workers in the meat industry have a very high suicide and divorce rate and also many of them develop mental illnesses like PTSD

Creationist tier thinking.

Yeah wild boars aren't omnivores that will eat meat whenever the opportunity presents itself. They probably killed and ate the Leopard too.

If you've red the article closely, there's historical link to the blood and soil-movement.

What the lefties have failed to grasp is that you can't subscribe to one or more social issues and think that you are all set. Consider the homosexuals. For a couple of decades it used to be a lefty hallmark. Now it's not. And everyone is totally astounded by the very fact of so-called "homonationalism".

Same goes for veganism, the most virtue-signalling neurosis there is. And now the no fun allowed-nazis has come out of the closets.

What is shitty property rights in shit countries?

No thanks! I've got IBS.

Also, the reason that you can eat fruit and vegetables all year around is because they piggybacked on the meat industry's logistics and cold storages.


Veganism is lifestylist garbage who cares?

Sorry for late response, I don't have every day for 8ch
well ok, I'm not going to brag about how sustainability of food production is a good thing any longer.

Yet you didn't show me how are neanderthals revelant to homo-sapiens-sapiens. Especially because eating no meat did not obviously helped them to not get extinct, or are you trying to tell me that we should "return to eating what our european ancestors eaten" or something? I don't know.

My grandfather eaten meat only once a week when he was young, was he considered vegan by your standards? I'm eating meat once a day, am I somehow 2/3 vegan? The fact about people is that they can go a few years without eating meat, even B12 supplements are for people not eating meat for 3+ years.

not really. The more diversified your food is, the healthier you are. You can live as vegan very unhealthy, and you can live as omnivore very healthy. But yes, I believe that being vegan is better than stuffing your face with burgers every day.

I can't see how fasting is in my best interest. Yes, it might add me a few extra years, but living longer than 70 years is not worth abstaining from tasty meals. I'm not bodybuilder, it's not in my self interest to check amount of vitamins, minerals, and so on, after eating every fukken meal

lel, but even from reading that:
The only way to be healthy vegan is eating huge amounts of imported vegetables and fruits, very often from third world countries.

I'm not going to watch that video.

I agree that [older] people should eat mostly vegetables and fruits. No argument for veganism found.

how many times do you need to mention the fact that you're a vegan? how many threads until it's enough for you?

Just one step from becoming a vaccine-denier.

No one gives a shit

can you elaborate on what you meant by this? i don't know if i'm just stupid and lack comprehension. are you saying that a person needs to be aware of all social issues rather than a few trendy ones, or that awareness of social issues is arbitrary, or neither?

yeah i agree with you here, but however annoying virtue-signalling is i'm at least glad people are adopting less harmful approaches as an indirect result