Identifying COINTELPosts:

Identifying COINTELPosts:

It's not the people calling for revolution you morons it's the people discouraging you. Everything a shit, communism will never happen, everything is LARP, let's just make memes about bunkers and bordiga and catgirls guize lol


There's nothing wrong with this though 2bh.

Yes. These are the kinds of low-investment high-disruption posts you should be worried about. Being afraid the FBI will trick you into supporting revolution so they can sting you is pre-9/11 thinking, you're already monitored all the time electronically and if your NSA terror-quotient reaches a certain number a human reads the file.

On the offchance you're serious that would be a teenage subculture, not politics.


I mean there is a well documented history of naive white communists thinking racism is completely over now that we're comrades. Class reductionist crypto-reactionary brocialists do exist, at least on leftypol.

Yes indeed Holla Forums is pure 100% nofunallowed. Come on, user. I love theory threads and discussion about current events but there's nothing wrong with a bit of fun.

There's nothing wrong with doing it, but JUST doing that is not leftism, it's just an aesthetic.

They get more sublte latley.

Wait until these people read Stirner and they use the spook meme to shill this kind of shit, it'll be game over

You can't end racism tho

And that is why you should not ignore it, no matter whether you just declared communism or not.

Anyone who posts with an anfem flag. Any of those post-modernists who show up every time we have a thread involving science.


Kill yourself useless idpoler.

You guys are missing the point and projecting the FBI onto every post you don't like instead of seeing the important pattern of COINTEL posts

clarify, do you deny that is true or do you claim it doesn't matter?

To clarify, I think you should fuck off to reddit.

If you don't think racism against black people in the US is a huge deal you aren't a real communist, you're a Asserite.

strasser-ite is wordfiltered

Everybody knows racism exist. These kind of behaviors take a lot fo time to change, they take generations in fact, but it's not by calling racist to everyone and using expressions such as "cultural apropiation" that achieve anything.
Getting ride of capitalism on the otherr way it's easy…it just rquires a goog amount of people in proportion tot the population of a country. The hardest part come later. How can you solve racism when there's people dying of hunger? When there's homeless people?

Except that nobody thinks that you painfully retarded redditor. You're preaching to the choir here.

go the fuck back to reddit you inbred swine

People should read Stirner, but you're right the nature of his theory could potentially be very useful to cointelpro agents. I don't think the solution is to ban Stirner's works or anything like that. It is just better to address the limits of his theory (Are spooks spooks? How can one truly be sure that one isn't being swayed by ideology? Is not ironic smug posting a limit on your freedom, atleast if you aren't aware of it? Or even worse if you think that you are aware?) and that could be used as a tool to combat people who claim to be spook posters.

stop being oppressive and dismissive towards non-normative blood-related relationships, scum.

No people should defenitely not read Stirner. It transforms humans into selfish amoral assholes screaming "SPOOK" to everything. It's a very dangerous kind of thinking. It's far worst than nazis. Thankfully there's very few stirnerites

This thread is proof I am right.

Have you read stirner lol. Because Stirner himself doesn't really advocate for selfishness. I mean you could argue that he is 'post-left' and useless. but it seems you probably just have gotten a wrong image of his works due to 14 year old shitposters.

I agree 100%

Idk, I think you might just be projecting COINTELPRO onto posts you disagree with. Why not just use your own critical thinking to assess the content of a post instead of trying to identify the source (which is a near impossible task on a chan anyway)?

as somebody who has actually tried to use this place to organise people, this is 100%, i've come to the realisation that there is maybe 5 or 6 posters on here who are actually dedicated to the left and the rest are pretty much happy with their hotpockets and never getting laid and memes(dont know fucking why) the same people who constantly moan about thatfeelwhennogf but then you give them a chance to do something and all they want to do is post smug anime girls are argue about who is the best leftist waifu. Its a large source of my current batch of depression

I think most people who are actually serious don't post here all day.

Also this place is more of a gathering of political leftists discussion. I mean revolutions are built over years and the population of this place is on a steady uptick. Sure you have only a few dozen dedicated people out of the hundreds. But give it some times and you may have hundreds out of thousands that browse here that are dedicated. And you can move on from there.

Isn't the point of Cointelpro to break the consensus, whatever it might be?
Something that can really poison the well by throwing suspicion on every disagreement?

you just listed an extremely broad bunch of shit you disagree with and called it COINTELPRO.

Holla Forums's that way retard.


No. Real leftist don't like mass immigration. It's a fact. Not even that much because of muh heritage and shit but because we are basically brain draining their country and creating an army of lumpenproles.
You basically called me out for calling shit I don't like COINTELPRO and call me Holla Forums because I said shit you don't like

Please leave. We all know that it wasn’t brocialists who killed Rosa.

What's the difference?

Wealth is the only true privilege. If you disagree, go back to your Tumblr safe space.

Wtf is Karl Liebknecht doing on that image? Or Rosa for that matter? I haven't seen either of them discussed very frequently in feminist circles (neoliberal or otherwise).

Also it's just bizarre to have a "neoliberal feminist starter pack" that includes the social democracy rose.

2/10 learn to meme better

people talk serious on here. If you talk serious you should act it.

they have a gigantic fucking red X on their pictures.

There’s an X which references when the SocDems killed them.

Racial attitudes will never completely go away. The point is to make them just that: attitudes, with no real power to harm people.

There's never been a super strong consensus on this board outside of the unifying agreement that capitalism is fucking us over.

it's there because the furthest left neoliberal feminists will go is social democracy, and even then neolibs only advocate for that when it applies to middle class white women.

But how can you be both a neolib and social democrat? It's a contradiction in terms

Like I said these people are reactionaries not leftists, they have simply picked up on the bare minimum of socialist buzzwords. They know if you just say NEOliberal instead of liberal you can do nothing but shit on tumblr feminists and SJWs all day and the leftists eat it right up

you don't even have to expect that the immigrants won't join the workforce, the simple expansion of the reserve army of labour due to a larger workforce undermines the political position and power of labour movements
especially since an immigrant from a poorer society is less likely to demand higher wages and to be unionised

ask tony blair


Probably a stab at the DSA

…and? Plenty of people are new to the left and haven't yet taken the basic premises to their logical conclusions yet. This isn't a big problem. In fact, it's a sign that class consciousness is spreading, which means by extension the rest of leftism is better able to spread.

Those people would have thought racism is over before they were commies. This is an attitude you see in sheltered well-off communities that are highly homogenous. It's very easy to divest people of their illusions that we live in a post-racial society. You typically just have to show them examples of racism, because they almost certainly haven't seen them before.

Not everything is intentional subversion, you idiot. What you describe is literally the dominant ideology of our time. The idea that There Is No Alternative, that ideologies are dead, that all that can be done is to efficiently manage what exists today. Of course people are going to express thoughts that are in accordance with it, even if they reject the system intellectually. Especially on imageboards of this sort which are generally home to large numbers of alienated and depressed people who are more likely to feel hopeless. Don't be so dumb as to seek out le evil infiltrators when the true functioning of the system is far more fundamental and insidious.

You are legitimately a larper

with you until you implied minorities and white people are not comrades because of the existing structures of racism in this country, come on now, not only is that dubiously true its also just very bad praxis and treds too far into the whole "everyone who's white should feel bad about it" school of genuinely stupid thinking. It's way more important to unify the working class along their common denominator (status as proles), and that discussions about white privilege and how race affects us in capitalism don't tread into the liberal territory of feeling bad about it, there's really nothing to feel bad about, its just important to acknowledge it and make it part of your program to smash it along with capitalism.

this country being burgerland, where racism is probably worse, id assume.

I remember thinking Rebel was a paid disinformation agent because he was so bad at theory dissemination, but the reality was he really was just bad at reading comprehension and understanding the logical conclusions of theory.

The point is stupidity is usually the culprit of bad tactics and a bad understanding of ideas. A lot of the people I think are worthless in this movement end up imploding internally anyway. As long as you don't let the same happen to you and your set CIA niggers cant bomb your squad.

Nice try Cointelpro
But in all seriousness cointelpro gains everything by having people being afraid of actors within a movement being cointelpro. The best way to fight this is just to have good theory and to crush revisionism where ever it appears, least we end up like the Black Panthers.

no one is worried about you good goys. You are being helped by the richest people on earth but you keep wasting everything they give to you.

just see the resent research papers to see who tptb is worried about >>>Holla Forums10797711

Idk Holla Forums, you took a bunch of NEETs and underaged teens and made a mass movement out of it that effects global politics in the name of rightwing cuckoldry. There is no reason to believe that Holla Forums can't do the same, but without falling for memes akin to Trump.

How do you think a movement that wants to seize the means of production and defeat global capital is somehow not an existential threat to porky?

Internationalism, not globalism.

The reason that thinktank is taking interest in you is because it was founded by a Jewish member of the elite, you idiot.

Everything is a LARP, but communism is inevitable. Why can't LARPers understand this?

Get out nazbol

Reddit pls

Nazbols don’t like Stirner. wtf are you talking about.

i take it as compliment since current nazis are pretty much a joke while neolibs spooked by free market slowly turn the world into global death camp

lol i wish i had backup


I'm not "seeking out infiltrators," if you spend any time on leftypol you'll see that all calls for action are denounced as cointelpro. I'm saying that's backwards.

In what way did I imply that? Was it where I specifically said white people and minorities are comrades??

Why would the richest people on earth want to end money?

Three steps to end infighting and fight any possible subversion in Holla Forums:


Oh my bad, I read that completely wrong lol, thought you were saying that white communists aren't comrades with minorities or whatever cuz of racism. My point stands, even if it isn't really in rebuttal to you lol.


That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

The FIRST response!

This thread is proof. Just behold. Behold the absolute fucking state of it.

hi fbi