'''Holy Mother of God'''

The History of Russian Involvement in America's Nazi masturbation fantasys

Russian cloud seeding also caused our most recent hurricanes which gave Ivanka Trump a terrible cold and destroyed over 23 golf carts at Mar a Lago belonging to our beloved president whose family history shows no ownership of slave people.

Russians are also believed to be behind a Hollywood film depicting the raising of the dead in a film called Red Dawn of the Dead where tortured slaves come back from life and cause wide spread havoc in the South and create all kinds of problems for what was once a peaceful relationship between people whose skin color differs from white and the white people whose skin is actually skin of no color and more or less people of clear skin, whose veins you can see.

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Why not go all the way and trot good ol' Yuri out if they are going to start whining about Russian "subversion."

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually did.

If you think that's what a fishhook looks like, then clearly you've never fished.

Why are people on the left so mechanically inept? The point isn't supposed to be perpendicular with the shaft you idiot.

Wrong again.

The Atlantic to disgruntled Black Americans:

Bombs don't look like pic related either.


user, I too was shocked when I took AP bio.

The point is that the graph resembles a fishhook, not that it literally is one.,

It doesn't though.

Give your SO a valentines day card with a picture of medical gore on it. See how well that goes over.

What is OP's excuse? An actual fishhook used in his political analogy would be pointing to the left, not center. It's dumb.

Are you sure about that?

It does. A fishhook is a bit of metal curved around to catch a fish. The graph is curved around to the center, which makes it resemble a fishhook. Yes, maybe not exactly, but that's inconsequential.

Are you just looking for something to nitpick about because something in the OP made you buttblasted?

OP's diagram fucked this part up.

Hooks where the point is oriented toward the shank are a thing tho.


Sure, for people who think fish are icky and don't actually want to catch one.

Or you can git gud and reel rather than strike while using this type of hooks.

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Of course, this is the Board of the Bait afterall.

Are we going to let this thread get derailed?

Not if people make serious posts responding to the OP

Wouldn’t mind that. Same for Lations with Atzlan.
-White American Male

As long as it was a means of balkanizing base at most roughly on culture and not an actual ethnostate I agree

To be honest Black people who’ve been adopted by white parents in there infancy for all intents and purposes should be Considered white. And vice vera.

You see comrade, explosion is much stronger under the water, and you can kill fishies much faster this way. Is much more efficient than capitalist fishing with big nets that take so much time to drag through water.

No. Don't support Mexican nationalist mythology.

There is no "Aztlan". It's basically the Mexican version of Atlantis.

Immigrant rights and self-determination, sure, but please don't go around telling Mexican nationalists that the ancient Aztec mythological homeland is the southwestern United States.


Who cares

All it took was this post to derail the entire thread

fishhook shape can vary depending on a fish

Help a brainlet our here. What's the KKK propaganda? The black communist state in the south?

those are called circle hooks and they are used when you don't want to guthook a fish/set the hook. the hooks set themselves in the mouth. if the fish swallows it down into his stomach you can yank them out of their stomach and hook them in their mouthes, regular hooks you just hookem in the gut and gotta cut your line off. basically, the hooks are for retards or kids.. the hooks… are for you… leftypol

The idea that the Civil Rights movement was a secret plot by communists to destroy muh murrikan way.

If you lived during the 50s and 60s, you would have heard from the KKK and their segregationist fellow travelers that the movement was being organized by "outside agitators" (i.e. - communists). There was a whole spate of conspiracy theories about how racial equality would be advancing some commie agenda. One of these was the one mentioned in the article, a black autonomous region that would provide a foothold for communism in the United States.

Thx m8.

wew lad

Holla Forums BTFO, how will they ever recover?

i never knew fishes could influence fish hook shape

Fish come in different shames, makes sense that fish hooks would come in different shapes.