Immigration and socialist strategy in America, past and present

By Eric London
24 October 2017


< When a war got going it was just war and there weren’t two kinds of it. It required illiberalism at home to reinforce the men at the front. We couldn’t fight Germany and maintain the ideals of the Government that all thinking men shared. He said we would try it but it would be too much for us.

< ‘Once led this people into war,’ he [Wilson] said, ‘and they’ll forget there ever was such a thing as tolerance. To fight you must be brutal and ruthless, and the spirit of ruthless brutality will enter into the very fiber of our national life, infecting Congress, the courts, the policeman on the beat, the man in the street.’

< This question is posed first by the rapid increase in factory committees during the period, many in open opposition to official union leadership, but even more explicitly by the emergence of workers’ councils, or Soviets as they were called in Russia. It is likely the case that the factory committee and the workers’ councils were the spontaneously-generated result of workers’ struggles in a period of social and economic upheaval, but this does not preclude the possibility of direct influence by international events.

< The case of the Toledo, Ohio, workers’ council is telling. The name—the “Workers, Soldiers, an Sailors Council”—suggests inspiration born in Petrograd… Another workers’ council, calling itself the “Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines Soviet,” was formed in Pittsburgh, probably in 1918.

Socialist strategy today and the lessons of history


How is she so perfect, anons?

No has said this but, thank you based trot user.
God bless you.

Hey, thanks man, I appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoy these posts.

do these types of leftists ever stop and wonder why they seem to agree with the bourgeoisie so often

What was the intended meaning of this gentleman's message?

Porky often support immigration to lower wages.


I wish Holla Forums wasn't so anti immigration and realized borders are a capitalist invention.

How about we don't give a shit because it's literally capitalism's fault? Literally a non-issue 99% of the time for leftists.

And wages clearly aren't your reason for opposing immigration, otherwise you'd support a higher minimum wage, workers' rights, union rights and jobs programs.

Which nationalists almost never do.

I’m not a white nationalist

Being pro-immigration and anti-border is putting the cart so far in front of the horse it's not even funny. Unless you believe that a global socialist revolution is around the corner (the Trot wet dream which will never, EVER happen), supporting immigration and open borders will only alienate native workers while pleasing the ruling bourgeoisie. It may have made sense 100 years ago, but right now the planet is facing a crisis of overproduction, excessive productivity, and resource degredation, with growing populations of proletarianized, destitute citizens in every country. There are no labor shortages which need immigration to solve, the material forces have been developed enough. Support revolutionary political change for your communities, and then once employment and equality are guaranteed, contemplate dismantling borders.

You're wrong to think that there is any distinction between "native" and "foreign" workers.
Your support or opposition to immigration doesn't matter and you're doing the bourgeois's work for them with this ridiculous, backwards thinking.

Borders as they currently exist aren't the same as borders under feudalism or whatever. If you weren't being an idiot you'd see that even if they were, they're still inventions of the ruling/propertied classes to either keep their slaves and workers from taking their stuff or wandering around or to demarcate where their property begins and where some other dickhead's property ends. The Roman god Terminus is an example of this. You might not be a white nationalist but it looks like you have the cognitive abilities of one.

Borders are the prison cells of the proletariat and by advocating for them all you're doing is arguing to keep your own prison in place. It's short sighted and wrong headed and if the destruction of the capitalist economy as we currently know it and/or the destruction of the global ecosystem decomposes like it looks like both are going to, the pitiful, bullshit comforts you seem so intent on protecting won't exist anyway.

There sure are a lot of reactionary economic nationalists on Holla Forums.

If they were better read or actually thought about it, they'd realize that the logical conclusion of open borders (or the abolition of them) would be socialism. Once there is no distinction between 'native' and 'foreign' worker, socialist revolution would happen organically.

this. not sure why they aren't banned on sight for wittingly advancing Holla Forums shit

I think it's tolerable as usually recovering Holla Forumsacks go through a nazbol phase, but what bothers me is that their views are consistently unchallenged and accepted as fact when it couldn't be further from the truth.

No they aren’t. There nessicary for decentralized direct democracy.

Honest answer to why a majority of socialists on Holla Forums are opposed to mass immigration:

They're scabs. That's it.
Unions and activists have fought and won protections for workers and a min. wage, so what porky can't outsource he will simply import.
It has little to do with race religion or even culture. I imagine most of us would oppose the mass migration of white south africans into our country as well given that it would have the same effect on wages.

Then why do most open-boarder liberals not support socialism.

The eventual solution to complete open borders will be genocide on the streets you dumbfuck.

Only fucking Trots beleive in the bullshit that socialism happens in all countries the same. The solution isn't the abolition of borders or dropping socialist production in one country, it is aiding in creating a grand socialist federation or even coalition and subsuming all the other tiny countries under one centralised socialist control. First goal of all socialist systems is replacing capitalism, not to create a more "multicultural" proletariat.

I hate Trots so fuking much.

Not really. You can protect private property just fine under a woke global capitalist imperium.

Read a fucking book you retarded nazbol

Pretty much the most precise definition of capitalism

Some people are too stupid for Communism.