MARXIST MEDIA - Finally a new video out!

Hello everyone, please check out my new video on State of Emergency! It's another long one but I put a lot of effort in and I think it's pretty good personally. Please enjoy and share if you liked it! Also if you could bump this topic that would be sweet too. I'm at work so I can't post much.

I do agree that they probably pulled their punches with the game. I would think they probably originally wanted to go for something along the lines of a modern take of Robocop's Omni Consumer Products with their Corporation.

Yup, it's a shame that we can't see what the game would have been like without all the 9/11 crap. I guess we just have to try enjoy what we have, haha.

Also, to change tack, I was wondering if we should set up some kind of leftypol gaming group so we can all play stuff together? It would be comfy to play games with you guys. Anyone interested? I guess we could do it over Discord or Steam or whatever.

Interesting video, dude. It took me back. I remember playing this in high school.

Hah I already watched it whas up fur boy

Haha. Me too, that's kinda why I wanted to do it. Brings back memories.

Not much not much, I'm gonna get a commish of my avatar so I can stop culturally appropriating N8 (even if he's a cutie). Probably gonna get it from Papapopoliscan'tspellit.

This was a good watch and I have a moron's attention span. The only thing I would have changed was mentioning the Detroit uprising instead of/along with the Troubles.

That probably would have been better if I thought of it, I guess my references might be a little biased by my ETERNAL ANGLOness.

Yeah I tried to include as many flashy visuals and explosions as possible so brainlets like us can still pay attention and get something out of it.

bump for americanskis

Hey guys, was anybody interested in that leftypol gaming idea?

Can you be more specific fam?

I dunno, we could play games together and chat over voice and have fun. I need some friends. What kind of games, who knows.

So like a Steam group or Discord?
I can relate. So can most of us probably.

Why I like your current avatar.

There's a Steam group but like most, nobody uses it to play together. I'd be open to that though.

Goody! Well I think I might actually be in that group, we could just try organise stuff in there to start with. Maybe make a group post or something? I don't know.
What games do you two like? I usually play GTA V, Battlefield 4, was playing CSGO earlier, I like Wargame though I suck at it. Willing to try most things though.

I like him too but it's not really 'my' avatar per se since he's /furry/s mascot. I want something a bit more personal. Besides then I can get lefty art of my av.

I mostly play indieshit but I play Civ V a bit. Tend to prefer co-op over PvP multiplayer though.

Co-op in what stuff? I like Civ but I don't know I'd have the patience for a full game like online with other people. Wouldn't it take forever? Idk.

I'm currently playing Dying Light but it's with other friends so it's not much of a choice. Far Cry 2 is fun atm. I do however have Civ 5 which I almost always played co-operatively. I have Stellaris which I play sometimes. ArmA 3 is fun. I'm playing a bunch of Sven Co-op with a couple friends also right now. A bunch of other stuff that's not really on my mind currently.

I like coop over pvp too tbh.

Oh I recall I posted a group post about playing Terraria together but never got any results.

I'm down for co-op in pretty much anything, but I'm most used to couch co-op with IRL friends. Here's the online co-op games I have on Steam minus backlog stuff that may have co-op but I don't realize it.

That was really good and well researched. The radical left really needs more stuff like this, imagine a "Half in the bag" format type pop-culture show, but with a left perspective.

I would have me and a player against AI teams so it was usually fair.

I have all of those but Torchlight II and Portal 2 only has two slots. Should we all link our steam profiles?

Great video as always buddy!

Make sure your new avatar is a furfag. It’s kinda stuck to your channel so just embrace it.

I agree Youtube is filled with annalist videos, few are from a left perspective (among those that are actually decent).

Where's the FBI flag when you need it? :^)

I had some shit to get done for a few hours. That's why my reply's late. And unfortunately my main steam account is too easy to use to find real identities. So here's an alt I just made. BossIgnostic

I can make a group or something if you guys don't want to post your IDs here.

Disliked and reported.

ebin meme

Even just somebody talking about commodification ruining movies/vidya/comics/etc would be nice. I have noticed a lot of lefty youtubers and content creators of other stripes tend to focus on politics and economics, which are very specific and not interesting to lots of people. But capitalism affects everything, so any kind of discussion format could be done from a lefty perspective really.


Oh well of course, that was never in doubt, leftyfur gang til I die.


I would absolutely like to do this. I would like to get into movies as well but fair use is an issue. Plus RLM is so funny largely because of the cast playing off each other.

I would love to do 'viewing parties' of reactionary movies and put in the good reactions and clips into a video. And likewise with leftist movies with a different tone of course.

I love politics but I'm kind of a brainlet so I don't want to try to speak on it with authority like the straight up politics leftists on YT, I think media is a great place for me to be.

As for everyone else, this is all sounding good, that could be cool, why not? I've tried admining groups and I suck at it, I'd rather just be a player haha.

My Steam is Chromeo (furry av).

do u like mice


Already pretty set on my av though, just got to decide on the details of clothing and poses for commishes.

Different guy but sending an invite.

i have no art personally for my short deermouse guy. deermouse being the animal in picture above. eventually i'll maybe commission it, but idk. i'm kind of a cheap guy.

added you on steam, btw. my avatar was changed to make it clear which poster i am.