Saudi-Arabia build biggest city on the planet, stretching over 26k km and spawning over 3 countries

So, is this going to be a fiddler's green for the ruling class once shit hits the fan?

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Wew lad.

Wait a second. Jordan and Egypt don't' share a land border. You'd have to go through israel. Is Saudi fellatio of Israel about to no longer be an open secret? They about to proclaim publicly their love for yids?

I think they're going to build arround it, and connect the two sides with massive bridges. Otherwise you are right, they'd have to incorporate Eilat.

You can bridge the Aqaba sea.

Damn, arabs seriously needs to be genocided after they killed all the americans and jew on their soil.

it's gonna be built with slave labour and it will be maintained with thousands of people suffering while a bunch of royal cocksuckers are drinking champagne in their solar powered turbo-palaces. Disgusting.

It's worst friend…they travel to european capitals like Paris, London etc on "bussiness trips", stay in very expensive hotels and have massive orgies with escorts.
I worked in a luxurious hotel at the capital of my country as a cook for a while, my cowrokers told me that once some random royal family saudis stayed there and had one of those orgies with tons of whores and they were all completely drunk.

In my city there is a street where all the luxury shops are located (Louis Vitton, etc.) and the staff in these shops is now required to speak basic Arab, because the majority of their customers is Arab nobility.

I worked as a tourguide once for foreign visitors of a health resort (basically all Saudis have health problems), and took them to the historical city center. They were often accompanied by their daughters. They were the most pampered and bratty individuals I've ever met. Basically they were constantly cynical, making fun of people who study "useless shit" in their opinion, and didn't give a single fuck about culture and just wanted to be taken to the luxury shopping street (which is the same in every fucking city in the world anyway). One time this Saudi guy told me how he owns a massive real estate in Egypt, protected by a private army, so it's safe from the political turmoil there. He gave a homeless person 300€ though, casually

Arabs not only don't want to work, they do not have the capacity or education to.

Alright that makes more sense> I looked more into this and apparently Jordan and Egypt still haven't made public statements about the project. Isn't that strange. Obviously the truth is they're partners in the venture, but what do you guys make of this?

Gonna be the first real cyberpunk city once oil loses the energy market and the finance bubble in the Arabian Peninsula collapses.

Can we agree that sn invasion and deposition of the House of Saud would be an exception to imperalism. UAE too.

Aye aye. Ditto for North Korea, but the House of Saud are atop the list of enemies of humankind.

Don't even worry about it, these guys are on borrowed time. Despite some good indicators the economy is fundamentally unsound. These are more desperate moves in a long line of desperate moves that failed to pay off.

Are fucking stupid or what?

Once that oil starts to run out, the Gulf countries are going to be literally fucked, despite all that money their population have third-world education and probably the worst work-ethic in the world (work for 2 hours at govt job, then go home).

Dude these fuckers enslave the hired help when they stay on European and North American soil, commit rapes and all kinds of fucked up shit and get away with it via diplomatic immunity
They build their cities with slaves lured in from SE asia with false promises of good jobs
The gery definition of evil IDGAF if evil is a spook theres no other word for the House of Saud

Sorry man, the place is a catastrophe. It's one of the rare cases where even an imperialist invasion would be an improvement over the current deal.

You don't know shit about NK. Fucking neogaf refugee.

The horrible reality is that once the US invades and uproots the Kim, North Korea is gonna get a massive increase in living standards.

SK is gonna be utterly fucked tho.

I want the imperialists to leave.

Something tells me this won't happen

For a few year, but we will be looking like unified Germany soon enough.

That's the evil of capitalism, it turns people to sheep.

At first I thought so too, but then it hit me East Germany wasn't that far, economically or socially, from the West one, and even then, to this day, East Germany hasn't fully caught up in economic terms. The problem I mean here isn't assimilation, capitalism is perfect for it and it's inevitable NK will suffer that fate, but material conditions.

By contrast, North and South Korea might share a border but are separated by a massive chasm. South Korea's material development took half a century of American and Japanese investment, and they only did it because SK was right next to not just their commie cousins but USSR and China themselves, or else they would have left SK to rot. Now if the Kim dynasty falls, Japan and America don't really have any incentive to help build them up, and SK sure as hell can't do it by itself in 50 years.

It's gonna be a royal mess. I can see SK using the DMZ as an ersatz immigration wall, to keep the South from being flooded.