I still have no idea what ideology I should be...

I still have no idea what ideology I should be. I think I might be a Orthodox Marxist but Leftcoms are lazy shits and some of the only people left of that branch which kinda makes me uneasy to identify as.

Someone suggest things to read that isn't Bordiga or Stalin so I can close in on my beliefs since I've been a non-aligned Socialist for like 6 months. Something that preferable would realistically work in my homeland and can adapt easily for a population of less than 60 thousand

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stop being a faggot and construct your own ideology

Posadist or hoxhaist, obviously
that's not how this works

this kills the wobbly


When will the britbongs leave my country?

Have you learnt nothing?
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Literally nothing wrong with being just a socialist.

Which country do you hail from? That'd help narrow it down.


Read the thread title.

Well what do you believe and why?

If youw ant some itoduction to it I will suggest "State and revolution" by Lenin fot Marxism-leninism.
Anyway how is life in Greeenland comrade??, are there any communist/socialist parties around?? Are succidesa as much of a problem as people say?

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This is literal identity politics where you're just looking for a label to enhance your personal identity.

Don't wear labels, fagcuck. Unless you're funposting with friends at Holla Forums.


No, be a leftcom. That's the smart kind of communist, they make the theory. Tankies are the strong stupid ones, they are like cops. Ancoms are chaotic good and unpredictable, they tend to be on the younger side. Trots are a funny bunch, they're like comic relief- always splitting! Haha! And selling newspapers! Trots and tankies are more likely to wear communist hat

anprim are like puritan pilgrims- be careful not to invent anything or they will burn you at the stake! haha

if you're into gadgets you may be interested in becoming an anarcho-transhumanist! I don't really understand all that hacker stuff but they are the science kind of communist, or more like the computer/internet kind

maoists are the most aggressive ones! they want to kill all whites, and also teachers and parents, so if you like communism but also like hating authority you might want to be a moaist or an ancom


try out national trotskyism for size

read gilles dauve. there are insurrectionary leftcoms. it's not that leftcoms don't do anything, its that they ACTIVELY don't do useless shit like 'protest' and organize bake sales and 'raise awareness'.

I gotta admit that I love the ascetics of this

Uphold Moeism-Lennyism.

republican communism is the only way

I like to pretend I'm in a Union because unions hardly exist here