Mfw this board hates both tankies and anarkiddies

As a brainlet and notheory lurker, I unironically can't decide which side should I regard as closer to truth when board consensus is this much split. Which one is it then?

These are two extremes. The middle path of libertarian marxism is the truth.


Read Bordiga

Liberalism, obviously.

Just never do this and you will be fine.

Just make sure to avoid the combination of this two

tankies aren't a "side" they're a very specific strain of one side. It's like saying "mfw this board hates both communists and primitivists."

A mix is the right answer. This is what Marx meant with dialectics. Obviously we need tankies for things like roads and the police but anarchism is for shoes and hamburgers.

What did he mean by this?

Anarchism is inherently destructive both economically and socially. Tankies actually want to build and strengthen society.

Yes anarchists want to destroy capitalist society while tankies will maintain it.

Destroying capitalism is not invoking socialism.


Making fun of le radical cenbtristsr

now there are some words of wisdom I haven't seen for a long time

Socialism is the abolition of capital, you won't get it with red markets or GDP growth.

We hate everyone. It's a basic precept of karltural Marxism.

Seriously tho, all sides are shat on. It's just board funposting.

You won't get it by destroying material wealth either.

For all the shit I give anarkiddies, I can't stand tankies on this board. They're not nearly as bad as stalinstache posters but that isn't saying much. Tankies are basically dogmatic/nationalistic MLs who are oblivious to the fact that in practice it becomes state capitalism.
inb4 enjoy your IMF loans and markets yugofag
At least anarchists have a point with their anti-state stance I just personally find it to be unrealistic. I've never met a tankie in real life but considering the types here I'm happy enough to stay away. The few MLs I've meet IRL were at least honest enough to take a few criticisms of the Soviet Union.

I mean, the correct answer is to read for yourself and make up your own mind but I assume you don't want to hear that.

We're not talking about blowing up factories because a capitalist built them, we're talking about destroying the system of property relations that allows capitalism to exist.

Centrism is the way forward, you can have both a state not called a state and non-state state wage labour and surplus value extraction.


It's called a Free Territory