Gaining support

Just random thoughts on how deal with different people. Feel free to post your own.

In general -
In public discussions your main goal is to win the hearts of the audience, not to change the mind of your opponent or even to win the argument. Know your audience and adjust your terminology, rhetoric and argumentation accordingly. Avoid bringing up unpopular truths. Use potential trigger words such as "communism", "socialism", "capitalism", etc. sparsely. Identify common boogieman concepts and use them to your advantage even if they are ridiculous.

In private discussions you should focus on bonding rather than argumentation. Try to find common ground. Your dismissal of shitty views should be delicate. If you notice they're getting defensive don't keep pushing. Rather than making arguments against their views, make arguments in favor of yours.

Again, adapt your language to circumstances. Don't use big words when nobody else does. Do use them when your opponent does.

/r9k/ -
Suffering is the most important part of their identity. Acknowledge it. Never trivialize it. Connect it to the commodification of sex and general capitalistic alienation. Point out how great "leftist" welfare states like the Scandi countries are for NEETs. Point out how fascist society would be hell for their kind.
Most are on the deep end of identity politics, but don't realize it themselves. Use their hatred of women and feminism to antagonize liberals. Take care this doesn't happen in favor of Holla Forumsshit though.
Don't talk about your normie life. They will resent you for not suffering as they are.
If you're a girl use this to your advantage. Most are desperate to be seen by a girl, even if they don't wanna admit it.

Holla Forums -
Their racism is pathological, you can't reason them out of it. If you try to appeal to onlookers outside of their torture chamber it can be useful though, because of how retarded and uncompromising it is. Your best bet in changing the Holla Forumsyps themselves is to subtly shift the blame from le Jews to the capitalist system. Capitalism is what causes their misdirected anger in the first place. Keep in mind they're very sensitive to trigger words, so avoid them at all costs. Don't let them know you are a communist/socialist or whatever. Refer to yourself as "politically independent" or some bullshit.
Don't expect success.

Liberals -
Your average liberal is simply clueless. Having them get mad at all the bullshit in the world and then explain how capitalism is to blame can do a lot.

Porky sympathizers -
Just use your head to expose their lies and their bullshit. They're hopeless. You can't expect them to change but in public discussions you can make onlookers aware of their shittiness.

Kids -
Kind of a creeper tactic, but I think one of THE most productive things you could do is to befriend as many ~12-16 year olds as you can and introduce leftist viewpoints to them. Most kids haven't formed any hard opinions yet and are easily malleable.
If you're comfortable with lying about your age, tell them you are a couple of years older than them. That way you gain a certain authority while remaining relatable.

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As a NEET I can tell you that making these people see the error of their ways will be particularly hard. There is a power fantasy and a righteousness to libertarian capitalism and hating on right wing scapegoats that is is intrinsically appealing to the NEET mind. They feel they have been wronged and their chance at a happy life has been taken away and they're just well off enough without being rich that they can live in an inbetween area indefinitely gaining a lot of benefits of their cultural inheritance but also feeling stymied by it. So this makes them feel superior but infinitely unfulfilled and they think they can be a great entrepreneur or a hero of some type if what they perceive to be a minor defect in their personality could be changed. So they actually feel less pity for the less fortunate because they think everyone else gets to be a standard unbroken human while their latent unfulfilled potential is the real tragedy everyone should care about. Which is why they all fixate on fairness and opportunity like everyone else in the current political climate who isn't really struggling.

On top of all this you have the paranoia, insecurity and the defensiveness that comes with being a NEET. All three of these things are the roots of the fake machismo right wing mindset. The less tough and brave you actually are the more you have to fake it to feel like you're living up to a hyper masculine ideal to overcompensate for the fact that you aren't even good enough to do most standard work. I've always said being conservative in America is being simultaneously scared of literally everything and also pretending you're the toughest person around at the same time. NEET'ness plays right into that.

The ideology and entitlement necessary to believe all this entrenches them in and towards more rightwing nonsense. I've met very few people like myself who have broken out of it, but maybe I'm going to the wrong areas.

Good thread OP, have my bump. Nothing much to correct, just want to add something to each based on my perspective

That's not a computer.

no shiet fam

This is decent in terms of debating/arguing though there's a good thread here for more general strategies overall for attracting normies >>>/marx/6585

Basically, do stuff irl, not just here. Holla Forums in particular means fuck all


You might want to re-evaluate your priorities, anarkiddie.

You find out what they are most passionate about and relate it to leftism.

You are the one who is a normie here. It's better to leave them alone. Last time I remember a leftest try and to convince tech they did so poorly. Raymond is a example.
Leave it up to other Holla Forums commies.

There are Holla Forums commies?

To be fair Holla Forumsfags are good at smelling through bullshit. I've found that the best way to engage in conversation with them is to just be brutally honest about what you believe and your intentions, and admit they're right when they actually are right.

It doesn't matter if they are right when conclusions they draw are "EBUL MARXIST COMMIE JEW CUCK SJW SNOWFLAKE GO BACK TO TUMBLR"

But wait a minute, am I actually surrounded by kids here? are people here in the ~12-16 year old range?


so, all linuxfags by extension?

t. grampa žižek


Holla Forums here, I'll use screencaps from this thread to make Holla Forumslacks more paranoid and radicalize robots.

Keep posting :^)

They might not admit it, but I think there are parallels between the FOSS community and leftist thought.

The point is that unless you can find some middle ground to agree on your conversation will just end up as an ideological shouting match. Obviously their conclusions are stupid, but unless you do what I said you'll just appear as an ideologue screaming about "EBUL PORKIE CAPITALISM"

Have fun recruiting to a dying movement user~

Bump, good thread.
Something I find useful is creating a historical perspective and showing the ridiculousness of works such as Fukiyama's 'The End of History', i.e. the idea that we have reached the end of human development and our job is to maintain it for all eternity rather than finding a better system. "People back in the times of Slavery, Feudalism and Colonialism got so much wrong and caused so much death and torment. Good thing we've got it figured out once and for all now!"
If your talking to normies then mention the Black Panthers, how inextricably Marxist they were, and how anti-capitalist MLK became in his later years. Mention Einstein, Oscar Wilde, Nelson Mandela, Picasso and everyone in pic related. The Assata Shakur quote is brilliant in general.
Something else I found really useful is creating a parallel between Jesus Christ and Marx… hear me out… the Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount preached about love, brotherhood and equality, freedom for the oppressed. And yet under Jesus' name Christianity has cause so much bloodshed, war and tyranny. The Crusades, the inquisition, the Witch Trials, all of the Holy Wars, as well as the long and blood-stained history of European Antisemitism being inextricably linked to Christianity (read up on it and the writings of Aquinas, Augustine and especially Martin Luther - who Adolf Hitler quoted in one of his speeches comparing the Jews to a nest of vipers). Despite all of this blood-shed, we don't reject Jesus' message of brotherhood, equality and emancipation of the oppressed - why is Marx's critiques shut down because of the interpretations (and I would argue faulty) some states made of his works? Stress how the original goal of Marx was to find a way of democratizing the workplace (or more technically the distribution of surplus value). I guess this is more of a Leftcom/ Marxist Anarchist argument, but its a great way of opening up the discussion and making people more open minded (and seeing how ideas can be distorted through a game of chinese whispers and you can end up with a moron like Mao calling himself a Marxist).
If not that specifically, then if your arguing with a Christian then stress the Christian roots of (Utopian) Socialism, and how writers from the times of the Greeks (Plato and Aristotle) to Christian scholars (Augustine, Aquinas) have all been repulsed by the concept of markets and the immorality of 'merchant capitalism'.
Yeah I dunno, I hope there's some helpful stuff within that mess. The world is majority Christian, ChristCommies are a massive boon to the cause regardless of how spooked they might be.

Make sure to include your own post so they can see you twist around what's being said here to make them more paranoid.

Brace yourselves! Quotes dump incoming

Oh you poor soul.


I get to meet Dom women if I go Antifa? Worst attempt at making something look bad ever.

No. You get to be a hormonally imbalanced genetic mistake. But you and your friends look upon that with pride.



black people -
Their minds are simple, their vocabulary small, their desires petty. Show them pictures of rappers wearing che guevera T-shirts and explain how socialism is like welfare and EBT but better and that you have to do nothing for dat shit except smashing and looting stores and other businesses when the skinny bearded honkey tells you too. (Try to avoid mentioning things like seizing the means of production, there's a high chance they think you're with the DEA and are seizing their produce)

jews -
Jews are contemptuous, utterly obsessed with social status and have a pathological persecution complex. The trick to get them on board with marxism is by making it instrumental to all of that; they can rant and rage about the goyim racist, inherently fascist, perverse, neurotic, soulless, bigoted whites/middle class all they like while presenting anything similar said about themselves as them always being scapegoated for the evils of capitalism. To make yourself worthy of their consideration, employ a paranoid-schizophrenic frenchman as a ghostwriter. Jews will like his cryptic babble containing lots of references to castration and fathers and mothers, it gives them plausible deniability, exclusivity and a feeling of the cold and twisted microcosm that is the jewish family being understood. Be wary of leaving them alone with female comrades though, their tora studies give them the skills of interpretation and deconstruction meaning that they can make a no mean a yes.

women -
Those are both easiest and hardest.
Make clear that you're a communist, fuck her friends and have popularity in her social sphere, she will look up communism on wikipedia and start to randomly spout phrases from the page, this is the point where you fuck one of her friends who also does this, point being to keep a harem of girls reading and internalizing theory by rewarding doing so with validation. Problem with this is that their conviction will fade just as quickly as your starlet status fades into a life of forum polemics, youtube debates fought out with your counterparts over whose theory is going to lead to world revolution or hormone replacement therapy to be best the girl you can for the ethereal father figure you were trying to please all along.

Sympathies with there beliefs, gain their trust. Then start telling them that capitalism causes Islamophobia. Try not to offend them, they might blow up.

here's your (you) now fuck off

Good thread before the regard showed up


It is. In that age you latch onto whatever opinions your peers may hold.

19 year old here.
No wonder why the quality of this board is down the shitter.
Is the no flaggers a bunch of edgy kids?

What kind of scheming polyp shit is this?

It's a concept known as "tactics".

Congratz on making the most autistic thread of the day

I like this look into the NEET's mind, interesting.

I'd say that would apply to around 50% of them.

aquinas defended the jews brainlet

St Thomas Aquinas, writing in the mid-1200s, argued that Jews should be exploited but not murdered:

“It would be appropriate to hold Jews, because of their crime, in perpetual servitude (slavery). Therefore the princes may regard the possessions of Jews as belong to the state. However they must use them with a certain moderation and not deprive Jews of things necessary to life.”

Like, not really, basically

I'm a NEET and I don't believe any of this shit. Also from my days on wizchan several years ago(prior to the rise of the alt-right) no one believed that shit either.

It's totally wrong though.

serious question, how good is your ideology if you have to lie to defend it?

Havign personally known an insufferable linuxfag who now works at google, I can safely they're thoroughly reactionary and the only reason Linux appeals to them is to provide them with a smug sense of superiority and being "against the system" even though they're fully integrated into it.


I'd be curious about some tactics to appeal to libertarian techy types. I run into a lot of people who would consider themselves socially liberal with a libertarian economic streak. They see themselves as intelligent, well informed and rational realists. They believe the news, are sympathetic to business and investment particularly tech businesses though they're happy to bitch about problems with them. It's very difficult to get them to read any theory or history since they figure a rational person can just figure out what's correct. Anything that seems counter-intuitive to them is assumed incorrect and old is by definition bad.
inb4 Jacobin

Why don't you ask the stormfags running the BUGS program the last 10+ years?

And yet your very own post implies something happened to change it. Face it, the right won the war of the Robotz and we just cant match their appeal to autism.

Wizchan is different from /r9k/. They have to a high degree accepted their fate as social pariahs and won't indulge in the unrealistic and autistic "what if" fantasies typical of the Holla Forums-type robots you'll find on /r9k/.

(of course you'll find exceptions)

Hillary, is that you?

Keep pounding your head against the wall OP. If you want to know how to appeal to kids look at the irrationality that come out of the mouths of feminists and LGBTFGQTs.

This is almost counter idpol