Tankie Hate Thread

No leftist movement will ever be successful as long as tankies are tolerated.

Tankies are worse than fascists, they warp Leftism into some authoritarian, inefficient system and advocate mass murder.

Inefficient in what? Not existing, apparently, unlike a magical tolerant and hippie leftism.
I simply advocate violence. Because society is a field of a violent struggle between classes and many other interest groups. Rejecting violence is rejecting reality, and that means you'll never win.

t. tankie trying to get BO to give them a safespace on the board.

daily divide and conquer psyop.
compare this thread

happy shilling you retards your shit won't fly

Unfortunately the BO is an obvious tankie sympathizer
Its the only explanation I have fir why these fascists can spew their propaganda across the board. Liberal and Holla Forums threads get anchored all the time, Tankie threads never do.

Fuck yourself nigger

now that was impolite, young man. great argument on a factual level though.


Anyone who isn't a tankie is a crypto-liberal

BO is still obsessed with idpol though


Has the BO actually stated his tendency/views?

Yes, she is a Marxist Leninist Maoist I think.

seems to be a weird sort of MLM who is also liberal on some things

This is some weird shit I ain't gonna touch.
Tankies are cool tho. Gib them a gun, point at your enemy and say "He hates Stalin and is probably an imperialist shill". 100% kill rate.



Their canal building system was completely fucked and filled to the brim with horrid bureaucratic problems. For example.

BO is almost certainly a ML(M) with homosexual/transexual and green characteristics.


BO of Leftypol turns out to be redditor-lite.

Well MLs will either be actually reactionary types or redditors while Anarchists will either be redditors or Stirnerites.

Not a tanky but ou need to fuck off with this tub of liberal lies. No doubt you are a Crypto Hillary voter

This. Not only that but it fucked with the environment

lol, cry more faggots


Hello fellow leftist.

The Holla Forumstard exposes himself quite rapidly



mass murder i'm fine with, hi fbi, but it's forced labor I say no to. I don't have to work under communism, neither should the prisoner. No work at all, friends.
and cooltake: tankies were probably just ussr founders in their past life, now they are just in a body capable of expressing their desire for that kind of state. One day they'll evolve out of the second dimension.


Kill yourself. Regards, an anti-tankie.

take your meds


Literally Holla Forums and anti communist memes.

t. CIA

So what is a tankie? Is it just someone who doesn't uncritically accept Western and Krushchevite propaganda? Because that's what it seems like

take your meds

>>>Holla Forums

i don't even see what's wrong with the first three things on this picture

This is an anarchist board. Fuck off.

Holla Forums kronstadt when?

Tankies like to identify themselves as the only communist ideology, because they are completely willing to exterminate all the other communists.

The literal definition of fascism.

tbh marx was a tankie, don't see what this boards problem with them are


If only he had lived long enough to tell us whether his ruthlessly critical side (leftcoms) or his excessively pragmatic side (tankies) would have won the debate.

Resorting to right wing propaganda to criticize other leftists should be a bannable offense.

Better to educate people about the USSR instead.

It is right wing propaganda to claim that "hundreds of millions" were "starved and enslaved". And I don't even know what you mean by tankie, that word pretty much has lost all meaning because of people like you.

Tankie absolutely confirmed.