Most anarchists don't even identify as anti-capitalists or being class oriented anymore...

Most anarchists don't even identify as anti-capitalists or being class oriented anymore. They've extended this to animal rights, climate change, and a ton of other single issue campaigns far removed from an overthrow of the government. This puts them in the "liberal" camp for me, because they basically have a laundry list of things they'd "like" to get rid of but never will with how poorly organized they are and how they act.

Also, the status quo isn't really afraid of anarchists because they know how ineffective they are at doing anything large scale.

Like many, I originally went through a phase where I thought anarchism was the only answer from here on out. I went with that until I got far enough down the rabbit hole that i started to take primitivism seriously.
After a while, I got burned out super hard and realized it was all just masturbatory bullshit between relatively cozy middle class people, and that they'd completely lost sight of the top priority, and that is capitalism/the state. It is strange how they will focus on vague ideas and push class struggle completely on the side, as if its less important. I find it absolutely delusional on their part to do this.

On top of this, a common charge on leftypol is that ML's are the strongest peddlers of idpol. In my experience, this isn't even remotely the case. Most ML's are far more well read, and less inclined to spew bullshit statements like "kill all white men" or some other garbage.

It seems to me that anarchists and Maoists are always trying to be the *most* edgy while the so called "authoritarians" are actually pretty chill and willing to work with people. It ironically makes the anarchists look like delusional authoritarians and the ML's look like people that just realize that we need some real kind of structure to get anything done.

In general, I could say that a lot of anarchists just simply don't have their shit together and a lot of the shit they do actually does alienate the hell out of anyone that might otherwise be sympathetic to their cause. I think the old guard style Marxists seem to be far more measured in their argumentation, composure, and penchant for violence.
Perhaps I wouldn't feel so bad about anarchists if they didn't jack themselves off to people like Noam Chomsky and swallow gobs of bourgeois propaganda about the USSR, Cuba, etc.

Chomsky doesn't like anarchists though


He's talking about Antifa here, not all anarchists. He's an anarchist himself.

Reader Rocker or Malatesta, gaylord.


I mean if be with you in theory if all the "MLs" IRL weren't just edgy trots

Tankies are worse than fascists.

The exact opposite is true. Even lifestylists like Crimethinc are vehemently anti-capitalist.
Again, the exact opposite is true. There's a reason anarchists gets slapped with ridiculous jail sentences from protests and fired from proffesor positions. If the ruling class didn't see them as a threat this kind of repression wouldn't be necessary.
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He's also a long time supporter of Cuba, and even turbo tankie China. OP would have know this if he'd actually fucking read.

daily divide and conquer psyop.
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So what you're saying is, that Bookchin was right?

This and the Tankie hate thread at the same time. Both using the memeball. Nice try Holla Forums

America-centrism: the thread

This is one of the most inaccurate statements I have ever read. Even if you think M-L organizations and parties IRL are largely impotent or irrelevant (which is partially true) you have to be particularly ignorant to think that even the majority of them are Trots

A tankie led a group of proles in tearing down a confederate monument, a fascist ran over a bunch of people who were upset that their liberal mayor allowed literal nazis to march through their streets.

Name literally one who has been persecuted like this in the 21st century or even the late 20th century. David Graeber helped organize fucking occupy wall street and has written two books about why the state and capitalism are bad and still has a teaching position, same with Chomsky

You're a dumb fuck. Just saying.

Where has an anarchist movement ever come remotely close to overthrowing the government since the mid 20th century

I'm from the UK. So basically the ML's are all unarmed and are essentially Trots but without the newspapers
no, more
in Britain, but he was denied tenure that everybody pretty much but the board agreed he should have because of his views in the US. Also he isn't particularly radical like preaching violence or whatever,same with Chomsky

So are we counting Rojava as closer to Autist Leninist or Anarkiddie?

Dismissing the consequences of climate change in relation to capitalism is fucking retarded and you're retarded for doing it. It's probably the single greatest problem facing this century and the subsequent centuries, and it's because of Capitalism

And you just call it a "single issue problem". It's going to effect manners of production to manners of quality of life.


K what difference does this make to anything

The best way to combat climate change would be to end capitalism. Cry more liberal

That's what I just said

No you said that somehow I called climate change irrelevant because I made fun of "eco-anarchists" as being irrelevant.

And people say I have bad reading comprehension

I mean technically speaking, I wouldn't disagree with whoever, or whatever an "eco-anarchist" is, when it comes to the importance of the climate this century.

Even if it is an electoral problem temporarily, minimizing potential damage to human life should be necessity until revolution comes. If you just wait for revolution to solve these problems, even for the smallest step, you risk the problems to the revolution being more severe after the fact.

That said there are consequences to interfering in electoral politics, but this is an issue I think that demands attention in such a way we cannot ignore.


We don't end capitalism over night. Ignoring the problem only seeks to exacerbate it, and make post revolutionary society face more problems than it otherwise would have.

Your conscious should be focused on how to make future society better, not simply sitting to wait for anti capitalism to occur. It's procrastination of the most dangerous kind.

And your irrelevant organizations of idealists won't end capitalism.

hard sage

These aren't really separate issues.The vast majority of the worst animal abuses and ecological catastrophes are caused entirely by the rush for profit and the state's compliance in defending the rights of companies to cause this damage.
Is this before or after they accuse the westerners of one and all being counterrevolutionary labor aristocrat scum for not existing in a third world shithole?
In any case it's a garbage place to start with anyway, pretending like SJW's are only anarchists is pure fantasy.
Fair enough, but

Maybe a fringe don't class oriented anymore, (In the way that they don't care about the politburo being proletariat, cause, propaganda or no, they still sucked pretty hard) but not being anti capitalist is really reaching

Google Bookchin. His critique of the decadence of contemporary anarchism is spot on.


So the issue is that anarchists are being impotent, but this doesn't apply to ML parties who at best only manage to participate in election and win .2% of the popular vote.

An anarchist who urges people to vote for Hillary if they live in a swing state.
Nice anarchist you've got there USA.

Graeber literally got exiled from America you clueless faggot. He got booted out from American academia and even from his childhood home. If you didn't know he's in London right now.

Yes we do…ending with capitalism is easy. Just like in 1789 in France was easy to get ride of the king.
All it takes is having the right amount of people in proportion to the population of that country.
The hardest part is afterwards.

Anarchism with tankie characteristics.
It fits surprisingly well

Anarchists are just liberals who aren't scared to riot for days with no organization and call getting arrested by the 100s a victory against the State

No but for some reason ML parties think they do and I think those are a better indicator of ML praxis than some guy on Holla Forums.