Why has porkyspeak soaked into the art of seducing?

Can we do anything to stop this disgusting porkyspeak ruining genuine human relations?

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"seduction" is base and primitive, under communism this sort of coercion would not exist

Basically it's everywhere.

We just had a thread where leftists who should know better were using the phrase "sexual capital" to refer to attractiveness.

does this mean anything different from "sex appeal"?


I immagine that's what it must mean, because Sexual capital doesn't make any sense if you've read capital.

Read this recently, don't want to make a new thread but relevant:


How the fuck such thing would not exist? Are you fucking retarded?

Because porky's terminology is a semantically a more accurate representation of the real world, which is why he is rich and you are a poorfag shitposting on Holla Forums.

More like porky appropriating and commodifying all culture in order to pass his cancer as a part of it.
Capitalism poisons everything.

Valentine's day is how porky manipulates prole relationships into being a counter revolutionary influence
Christmas is how porky manipulates parents into brainwashing their children with consumerism
And so on and so on for every major holiday

On a related but somewhat not related note, does anyone else cringe when a Youtuber describes themselves as a "content producer?"

Porky also totalises his worldview into the people who inhabit the world he makes

This truthfully fires up my neurons fam, keep going

What's wrong with using that term when we are existing under capitalism? It would be wrong to use that if were living within a socialist society but we're not. Relationships are active value exchanges under capitalism; whether that value be looks, status or wealth - there is something to be gained while getting into a relationship. It's hardly about the relationship itself nowadays, just how good it makes you look to others.

A lot of people are monogamous. Get used to it.

MGTOW garbage.

It's not exclusive to "seduction" it's everywhere and I believe it comes from management and especially "self-improvement" as self-management.

You are misusing value. Relationships are not commodity exchanges.

Do you really think you will have to buy fancy clothes and an expensive car and take some vapid slut to a fancy restaurant to talk about petit bourg bullshit over expensive drinks before shitty sex under communism?

You are naive or a virgin if you think you need to do that for a girl ever. Are you dating Victoria's secret models or upper middle class blonde chicks? Then you'll not encounter a girl that want that much money spent on her

Unfortunately lots of people treat them like they are.

Way to miss the point. You won't be coercing girls into a relationship because sexual capital won't exist.

I don't need to "coerce" women into a relationship. What the fuck are you on about


Do you ask permission before kissing?

By the way Fromm's The Art of Loving is genuinely good:



Why user, deep down you actually know this already. A capitalist society revolves around private property. Iain M. Banks summarized it perfectly: such a society boils down to ownership, which in turn has two aspects, taking and having. Which one is preferrable depends on the owner and the owned.

It was written by a woman