Which county is the most reactionary when it comes to shit like

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Israel if the holocaust is against Palestinians.

Some shit hole in the Middle East.



I want to fuck that minion.


USA is the most racist country in the planet. They really took it to a whole other level

probably fucking Israel tbh

That Tumblr blog


What did she mean by this?

Turkish Nationalists are some of the worst since

yes, because we all know people who have greek statues as avatars and deny the holocaust are black

fucking christ can europeans own up to anything?

POCs only exist in America. As a term it should be mocked for the dumb shit it is. Pure liberal garbage.

unironic shitposting is still shitposting

or christcucks.


Murrica or Israel for everything but holocaust denial

So the US and Canada are pretty much the only non-reactionaries?


did you paintbucket out a bunch of no countries?


the propaganda part is probably topped by Hungary. The government has anti George Soros propaganda posters.

Come to Poland you'll get beat up for being black.

OP didn't ask for online presence he asked where stormcunts thrive IRL.


Most muslim countries.

bait harder retard

Rural Poverty

Yes white people did some bad shit, but it’s also fun to shitpost. Also I’m half Lebanese so I can’t feel guilty for any of the shit white people did.

what show is this from

Are you retarded? Those people are liberals that by claiming to be anti-racist and friends of minorites…they become racists. Is that so hard to understand you shit cunt?

I'm shocked Greenland didn't vote. Unless it was up to Denmark since they're greyed out as well. But then again. I've been told my entire race should be genocided because a lot of our country lives in poverty because "we don't work hard enough"


Nigger, Greenland is almost always excluded from these no matter whar, top kek it's not a conspiracy.

Kikeling spotted.

Saudi Arabia. They still hsve slaves there. They toss away bangladeshi andsri lankans passport. And unironically the African American community seems veey anti semitic.

And for Asia its Japan and Europe Hungary

In no particular order:

p-post more

to answer your question I feel like Ukraine, after the whole crimea and donbass thing many people turned to nazism and shit

no, you can look the resolution up, I also thought it was paintbucketed so I checked un.org
burger, leaf, kulak and PALAU voted against, everyone else either abstained or voted for.