You are M,(accusation)

I accuse lefists of being ascetics

and morally driven for communism.
you are NOT the ONLY benefitted man if socialism becomes a reality. Therefore,even tho thou doeth deny it,thou art working for the joy of someone else.
Someone that you may never ever meet n your life.

you are NOT amoral- your actions are incredibly selfish and morally valuable even if you play edgy and deny it.


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Anyways. a lot of marxists say theyre abode morality but the fact they don't use their knoweldge of capitalism to smash and rule over a bunch of proles who misuse their money,are dirty,sweaty, foul-mouthed and leecherous, the fact that they feel solidary with a negroe, a milk-skin hillibilly, a hook nosed jew, a moon worshippin arab, an smelly french, a barbaric german, an homosexual anglo!!!that feeling of universal brotherhood and kin, is intrinsically moral


I am driven because it is in my rational self interest.
They are still my property and if my property is unhappy it makes makes them less able to aid me.
This is some spooky shit kiddo.

even if you are right, so what? although no, its in the material interest of the entire working class not to be enslaved to the capitalist class who owns almost all the wealth and the government. Selfish or not it creates a conflict that will come to a boiling point. Fuck off

literally wat

yeah, these just don't add up.

No, that is NOT true.
Your self-interested includes self-esteem as a need. You think you are egoistic,but your actions are intrinsically generous and virtous.
you are NOT an egoist;you are an altruist who is pospotining personap hedonism in favour of helping those too retarded.

No no, the material interest is in fact not about this at all. They are slaves and deep down love and deserve the whip. You are going out of your way,against Nature,to help the proles.
you are an altruist.

I'm a fucking hedonist. What is this bollocks? Infinite leisure, that is what the left is about

You ARE being selfish;you don't really care about the others. You want a "pat in the back"from your mammalian brain from having had helped them.

No, you are an altruist.
You step down from your sheltered habitat and help the negroes and wetbacks receive humane treatment.

I work for significantly more than minimum wage 60 hours a week and still can only reproduce my own labour and have no free time.

I have spent time in prison for something I didn't do.

The air I breathe is full of cancer and so is the food, all the beautiful scenery is being destroyed.

Nah I do this shit for me. I want more time to actually live.

You dun spooked, kid.

No, I am sorry but you don't.
if you wanted to be mighty yourself, you'd be a capitalist.
You just dont want to mercileslly crush others,as is within your power,out of altruism.

no, you're not selfish at all.


being self interested is being a team player if you aren't fucking retarded. Think about a sports team, it doesn't function well through self interest but team interest, and then look, you win and get bitches

you CAN.
But you must be callous to do that.
your mind is numbled by your own humanitarian charity;you only see kindly means to make money.

No, getting bitches is not self-interest, it is communitarian pressure.
no one is ever interested in a meager woman,you are cooperating with a social hivemind.

Because helping others I care about is in my self-interest and I haven't put hedonistic impulses on an altar?
That's dumb.

You an altruist. If you aren't willing to sell your brother and your cat just because you're hungry and there's a KFC nearby you are an altruist!!

your own well-being doesnt weigh enough for you to slaughter the world on its stead.

fucking wew


oh yeh, if i start treating people like shit that will just magically get me some property..
You reek of a person who spends all their time online, you literally don't know how people think or work, the whole machiavelli thing only works if you were already rich, other wise you are just gonna be a gangbanger.

This is literally the most fundamental of human instincts. Why do you think father protects mother and mother protects child? Humanitarian charity you dumb fuck.
spoken like somebody who has never gotten bitches, dude cum on a girls tits and then tell me it isn't in my own self interest(you never will do this)
what does this even fucking mean?
says the cunt who learned everything he knows from fucking 4chan the ultimate hive mind.

Dude, no one fucks chicks because it's popular. If they do, they're either queer as hell, or they're a complete autist.

Yes, of course.
you CAN google evil or disgusting ways to make a ton of cash.

you're holding back because of humanitarian concerns, believe me. you could indeed pull off very nasty shit with a PC if you wanted to.

You're a feminist?

that's cute.
Plato said women were basically misbegotten males..a true anti-feminist is also homosexual since he wouldn't put his attention on an inferior being!!

Assuming I have enough money to have a cat, why would I sell my property when I could just go to KFC and pay them five bucks? That's the most round-a-bout way to even go about it.

No, I want a stateless classless society where things are produced for use-value instead of exchange-value, not your fucking approval.

This might be the first time I've seen someone so spooked by anti-feminism he became gay.

if you aren't an illegalist who deems the whole of atomic existance as his you're still respectul of the borguise's mansions and yatchs.

Sounds like a moral guy to me

I unironically like only FTM tomboys and some twinky guys since I realized liking women is giving heed to them and thus a form of feminism

humans are already predators though, regardless of how they organize civilization
I literally have more to gain receiving help from people than trying to destroy them, logic isn't morality.

Problem with illegalism is that it's an ism. Secondly, it usually reinforces the very laws they so despise by putting so much focus on the act of transgression. Essentially, transgression is put on an altar and done for its own sake.

There's a difference between respect and realizing it's not within your power to take it yet

You're spooked as hell by women, dude.

Yeah you're autistic.

You are also, autistic

No shit you autistic faggot

Yes yes, egoism is okay.
Now go back to >>>/liberty/

Actually, it's because that desire doesn't exist in the first place. If I had both the means and the will, I'd consider it.


Femnisim IS a spook
I have seen trough it

If you hang around masturbators,who are retarded,you could rule them

ok up to this point I thought you were playing some sort of devils advocate ITT
but this reads too crazily for an act, are you serious right now? If so its the biggest display of bourg style arrogance on an imageboard since that french aristocrat kid made self congratulatory threads about himself on /lit/ like 5+ years ago

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

that sounds awesome dude, good luck finding that.

Imagine how shit your life must be for Communism to be in your rational self-interest. Commies with a conscious at least have a real job (usually)

I hope u die normie skum

God. You're such a flaming faggot. Even taking taking 20 dicks up the ass isn't nearly as gay as you are.
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You know, back in the day I didn't know why evopsych got so much shit, but now I understand and this thread is a perfect explanation.

Marxism and Egoism are made for each other tbh. Without the other, each is a vulgar dogma.

Guilty as charged, but not out of my own volition. I'm mostly ascetic because masturbation and food are the last things that still give me please, and I think I can feel anhedonia is catching up to the former.

I'm an involuntary ascetic, then. An inasc.