Tired of being addicted to pornography? Tired of wasting time and energy jacking off when you could be doing more productive things instead? Let us struggle together comrades to cast off this horrible bourgeois decadence to become self-controlled non-sexist non-womenhateric upright vanguards of the revolution!

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I have a literal busted nut so I might give this a try

The no fap is pure bullshit. There's nothing wrong with fapping. Just don't use porn, because you're going to fuck up your brain, you're going to start searching for more weird fetishes to keep you satisfied.
Use your imagination people. Faping is so much better if you just lie down in bed and close your eyes.

t. masturbation addict

t. reactionary nutjob


Tbh you don’t have to watch porn to bust a nut fam just use your imagination. I often think about hot sex I’ve had with my gf recently and that’s kinda like reliving it in a way.

i just do it once or twice a week tbh

Porn is a tool to pacify the masses and prevent them from revolting against the capitalist class. Porn is one of many tools they use, along with television, alcohol, and fast food. It keeps the prole content and blissfully ignorant because his base needs are taken care of.

Good lord I can make the same argument about drinking tea or coffee or riding a bicycle or walking your dog or literally any fucking thing or activity. If you want to follow this twisted chain of logic you would need to strip your life of absolutely everything not 100% necessary for survival because everything is the product of 'the X industry' and people do it because it feels good.

Those things don't release abnormally high dopamine levels with every use. Porn fucks with your brain and makes it so you have to find weirder stuff to get off, and if you're addicted enough it makes you less likely to be aroused by naked women (or men) alone so you might not be able to get it up when it comes time for the deed.


Literally have never masturbated in my life

Exercise releases dopamine
Playing with your dog or petting him releases dopamine
Chocolate releases dopamine

it's a fucking meaningless buzzword

Orgasm releases far more though. It's supposed to be a great pleasure and reward for your brain. If you orgasm to porn 3-4 times a day, it burns you out.

People like you just keep throwing shit at the wall until you find something that sticks. Just stop.

who the fuck has time for that?

Jerk off all you want, watch porn sometimes, just don't get carried away with it because it can fuck you up.

Just reading this makes me want to have a wank

NEETs of course

So 8 is pretty bad, yeah?

Pseud shit. Yourbrainonporn is christian propaganda not a good source.


Cool well this was a seriously needed call to arms.

Play MOBAs if you want, just don't get carried away because it can fuck you up… like everything else.

Even when I was a NEET I jerked it like 1-2 times a day, there's other shit to do

A wank a day keeps the doctor away

People are somehow convinced not watching porn or masturbating will somehow make them fuckable alpha males. It's delusional.

Did he just nut too, what the hell is with his face

This. The whole nofap movement. Usually incels fall for it becouse they think that they ll magically have sex once they do it.

Since 16 I haven't gone more than maybe 3 days at most without fapping. It has real bad effects to go too long without busting a nut, like how I become obsessed with women around my workplace IRL in a frustrated manner. Ironically, I think less about sex when I am regularly on the fapping schedule.

I've listened to Holla Forums-tier nofap arguments but it's pseudoscience that is more built on "muh christian morality" than facts. Actual science tells you that fapping is completely harmless. I usually even like to combine my fapping with a little social element of going to Imagefap and trying to bait legit-looking female profiles into roleplaying with me. I have been doing the latter for many years through some other communities too, and it has developed a little confidence on me approaching people online in general. I think when you passively watch porn videos or hentai stuff, then over time things might get weird. That is why I've tried to keep my tastes rather vanilla.

I have also noticed I can appreciate male body and probably gay stuff but I have always kept myself out of that territory since I don't have any romantic connection with males, so it wouldn't make sense to fantasize about fetish-tier stuff.

literally 15 minutes max if you know what gets you off

lel, do you count every joule of energy when you feel like scratching your butt?
literally "turn off the lights to save the planet" tier

also what about trade-offs?
renting a prostitute wastes less energy? I need to waste my whole fucking evening on this shit when I can just have a comfy fap in my armchair

All I've gathered from that infographic is that I should get a lobotomy
Let the Proud Boys literally hurt themselves over nofap, we're on to your tricks Gavin

Help me out here guys, what should I jerk off to today?

You are in the right place, then. You lucky you.

Find someone to trade nudes with, 2 birds with1 rock

If you're a weeb:
Click on this until you find something hot

boypucci, what else?

it's dressed as a girl etc.
Why you need to add the penis? Why chans are obsessed with traps?

Traps are hot
Leftypol has a lot of traps
Draw your own conclusions my man

well i'm glad you asked me that question

Back when I fapped to traps I mostly just got off on the taboo, and the feeling of making a man my sissy fag bitchboi

I've stopped trying to understand why the fact that I stopped fapping to traps around the time I entered my late 20s and picked up large breasts, christmas cakes/OLs, and impregnation fetishes might be a clue though

wtf im gay now

Looks like it's going to be nine today
Fuck you.

to be rightfully honest this makes me want the finnish gf more
trap bf is waaaay too horny for my age

Holy shit Finnish GF is perfection.

I only ever get horny a day or two after I fap, I think I'm broken

I'm completely straight but these gave me a boner

May reduce the chances of getting prostate cancer later on in life too (may is still the key word) but hey.

Just embrace the gay my friend it's cool sexuality is a social construct


Liking traps only makes you 10% gay, tops

there's a difference between nofap and noporn you imbecile


thanks for enforcing the nofunzone mods.


What if I start off with weird fetishes?

Same. But I find I don't need them when I'm with real flesh and blood people, it's just a bit of harmless fun when alone.

NoFap is mostly psuedo-scientific incel bait at best, and Holla Forumstard lifestyilist propaganda at worst.

Most of the psychological arguments against porn could be applied to videogames, and well pretty much every other form of visual media.

also, as a socially awkward virgin, I would rather not have the shitload of sexual frustration that would come with Nofap on top of that.

add scores/ending text
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check sound levels
final watch through and proofing

I wrote a bit of my thoughts on this a while back, in my view pornography use is mostly built on unfulfillment and trying to address it in a time of mass unfulfillment is ineffectual. People will cope in whatever way they cope and trying launch a campaign to stifle it would be like telling people to just quit drinking and smoking with no supports in place not directly comparing those things to masturbation, simply trying to get the point across

I wish, 95% of the time I can't jerk off in less then 1-2 hours. It doesn't matter if it's the hottest most obscure fetish porn I can find it's just not happening.

To all the people denying this, it's true. I can tell you that from experience. I'm addicted to porn and real women just don't cut it. I still get hard, I can just never reach orgasm. It's probably due to being used to my hand too


lol. nope



This was bumplocked? Fuck you mods