Holla Forums gets swarmed with sjw reddit fags, and no one bats an eye. Nazbol and hoochie shitpost...

Holla Forums gets swarmed with sjw reddit fags, and no one bats an eye. Nazbol and hoochie shitpost, and everyone looses their minds!
gulag the reddit posters plz

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No ones ever explained to me why Reddit is hated.

upboated XD

If you see something report it

This is why reddit is hated.

In general…because is a circle jerk, the whole voting system promotes users to just post shit to receive upvotes, they become attention whores..and when people don't like something you posted, they just downvote you to oblivion, they do not bother writting a reply to start a discussion.

As for leftist and communist subs in reddit…is because they're full of american style liberals and sjw's whose may concern is bathroom usage rights instead of the dismantling of capitalism and convince others to join the cause.

Neogaf is a bigger problem atm

Funnily enough, a lot would say its the other way around.

what's that?

Shitty forum of sjw gamers that got shut down

If it's shitty then what's the problem?

They migrate here

this just shows you havent actually been to leftist subreddits, I agree that voting system is stupid. But there is still good content being made on a daily basis

You have to go back.

Literally all I do in reddit is browse a few subs on the phone when on the bus, you are fucking paranoid

They spread idpol and condescendingly drag the board towards liberalism by sheer numbers

Yes i did, i used r/anarchism for a brief period until i was banned for saying i agree with Zizek when he said Trump was the best option. I'm not even american, so it's not like my opinion on the subject mattered anyway. Still..banned.

The medium is the message read McLuhan


You have to go back

you have to be 18 or older to use this site

Like clockwork

Well, you can just as easily argue that Chan's are also shit because they're devoid of any kind of personal accountability and literally anyone from anywhere can shit up a board as long as the skirt the rules. This is kind of why cancerous places like Holla Forums are able to exist because nothing is earned and nothing is reward, making board culture actually very easy to co-opt and subvert if you've got the resources to do it. Voting systems in general are still easy to subvert, but at least Reddit's post history makes it easier to isolate rogue elements. In general, I've always preferred chan-style posting and culture, but it's a lot harder to foster a decent board culture immune from shitposting and raids.

honestly, I'm not fan of reddit, but I think twitter's format is far far worse. Its character limit and retweet system promote some of the shittiest hot takes imaginable among both the left and right.

Can you provide examples of this alleged migration?

I lurk reddit for video game stuff and hobbies because at least I can talk about that shit there without pol crying about women or niggers in their vidya and day of da rope.

When how much the Chan's sperg about le reddit I figure its an inferiority complex of some kind.

I don't blame you tbh. Redditors in general are a fucking nuisance though because they refuse to lurk due to reddit seeing itself as very online nerds and because of this they'll challenge everything they see, this was incredibly apparent during catgirls saga when peoples' first posts would be threads asking us to change our rules to make it suit them better. What sets them apart from subversive goons or brash hamfisted anons is that redditors are particularly effete when doing this. There used to be far more problems between the two platforms but they're largely historical at this point due to imageboards dropping in quality and becoming more mainstream and as another poster here put better than me reddit being forced to adapt to its userbase not being the perfect economic man.

Do these not understand how movement building works? Do they honestly think that socialists back in 1900s were just sitting alone at home with books all day when they weren't protesting shit and bombing factories?

From time to time I get disgusted by Reddit and several other sites, not even because of their communities, but because of their voting system. That trash corrupts discourse, it's an awful feature.

Twitter is garbage as well.

You do understand that you are posting this on Holla Forums, right?


I doubt anyone from neoGAF migrated here

they usually get triggered and leave or assimilate to our culture, that or they're falseflagging Holla Forumsyps who fail to conceal their powerlevel after about 1d6+2 posts

Let Us Read From The Big Book of Autistic Grudges
shadowbans, rampant shilling, downvoting instead of refuting what the offending post said or sassing them back, the upvote/downvote system ultimately killing discussion and making the site a tyranny of the majority or of those manufacturing consent of the majority, auto-bans, lack of good OC, lack of any extractable resource whatsoever, Langleyfags, site owners consistently put marketability to easily-triggered normalfags over established userbases posting legal-but-offensive crap, 'by using this site you agree to let us fuck your privacy up the asshole with cookies', lack of anonymity leads to chilling effect based on keeping up online pseudonym's reputation, distracting and ugly 'look im web 2.0 too my fellow kids' design optimized for dumbfucks with smartphones; in terms of those elements specific to the stuff this board is interested in, they are intensely triggered by catgirls because soggy knees but try to cover up actual alleged sexual misconduct, they fell for the idpol meme, and some of them iirc supported Shitlery and opposed punching nazis.

I warned everyone about this two years back. No-one listened.

well then they can fuck off if they get in my way

shit man, I was a pure unadulterated WN reactionary in 2008, where were you?


I deny both, that and the holodomor. what do you think makes me?

This board is mostly made up of nihilistic anons, the only self righteous signaling here is from shitposters. Now try and say the same about reddit fags

what did he mean by this

This is false, there have been three "HI IM FROM NEOGAF XDDD" threads and they were all by the same Holla Forums posting sperg.

fuck off reddit

idpol liberals always get btfo here though

That said, nazbols/strasserists are also scum, but I would rather have unironic nazbol posters than unironic hillbots/EU shills.

okay but are you complaining about ACTUAL sjw reddit fags, are are you complaining about everyone telling right wing idpol to fuck off, because both those things get called sjw reddit fags

Pretty sure complaining about rightist spooks doesn't require appealing to other spooks like hatred of women or race

Racism and traditionalism is the other side of the idpol coin. Both SJWs and nazbols must be purged so we can focus on class struggle.


i'm just saying there's a certain type of user that will start talking about how socialism requires that we murder all the trannies/kick out all the niggers, and then when someone says "fuck off" goes "wtf leftpol is full of sjws now"


ignore this

iirc, have never seen that happen since I came here in the first exodus. When people post that bullshit the usual response has been Stirner spam and arguments against idpol in general.