The next crisis

What will cause it? What bubbles are we looking at?
t. 2007

Some things to look at:
>the housing market, again

The debt from the 2008 crash was never fully repaid.

We are long overdue for another crisis.

unless class consciousness is spread to the lumpenproletariat, we'll probably experience a fascist takeover since most people will fall for the fascist lies about "returning to the former glory" that got them into this mess in the first place so the cycle of exploitation can repeat. or they'll just continue to prop up the existing liberal system for another 30 years or so with more and more debt.

I'm just left wondering if we're now just entering a new cycle of constant bailouts

It's not only the same sub prime mortgage bullshit that caused 2008, it's the renting market. These huge renting companies can only jack up the rent so high until people realize how that house is built on mud.

bump, this is an important thread

Student loan bubble because its the same shit as the mortgage one, universities hoovering up easy student loan money to hand over to hedge funds. They're so profitable all the major unis do it. Mass defaults or crackdowns on defaulters could be a shitstorm,

Car (or auto if you're a burger) loans. Low interest loans dished out willynilly is just like subprime mortgages except far more numerous.

Student loan debts literally cannot be forgiven though, not even if you declare bankruptcy.

The crisis will happen soon. A very intelligent commie economist that used to be the general secretary of the communist party of Portugal that predicted the 2008 crisis mentioned that soon the new crisis will be here in the upcoming years. He also said this in 1997 about the Euro currency:

based as fuck

Right, I mean that's why its so easy to go into six figures of student loan debt. Saddling teenagers with that much debt then giving them jobs that barely keep them alive is bound to lead to disaster. Non whites especially are likely never going to be able to pay.

The point is that because student loans can't be forgiven, they can't cause a 'crash.' They'll be a permanent drag on the economy and might cause a political crisis over a debt strike or protest, but they can't cause a recession the way auto loans or mortgages can.

I hope people blame the Right wing for it.

The great bitcoin crash will destroy the world

Auto-loans bubble

Any day now.
t. economists who predicted a crisis in 2015

TFW you are off by at least a year

TFW elites and aspiring elites get what they deserve

Most kids who go to college arent wannabe elites, you need a college degree if your idea of a fulfilling vocation isn't either cutting people's lawns, firefighting, or shooting Fentanyl

The true fools are the moderately wealthy people who fancy themselves part of the 'elite' without realizing they're mere specks of dust compared to the true porkies out there.

t. reactionary brainlet philistine

Everyone is in fucking debt

Car, house, or student

This country is a farce

The crisis is right here. We are living within it. Now.

And it doesn't have to do with money.
It's mental health, pollution, the totality.

When was the last time we had serious insurrection or revolution from monetary problems? We are running out of time and that is the worst part.

How the EU fucks Greece, porky fucks us as individuals, debt is an asset to be traded, not something you as a debtor are actually supposed to pay off.

most likely this next recession will be of the long term cycle. Get ready to be reversed to great depression levels of bad.

Can capitalism actually function at this point if it gets hit by anything major? Is it almost time?