Since a commune would only produce what it needs, who will make my videogames and other useless shit that I love

Since a commune would only produce what it needs, who will make my videogames and other useless shit that I love

you of course, you will finally be able to live out your dream of becoming an amateur game dev

… are part of what you need. You just need them less than food.

I will not raise a finger, and you cannot make me

But I already have that under capitalism, (food)and a great variety at that. I'm not saying this as an anti-socialist, I lean in favor with it, it's just that when I think about my own self interest, I could possibly see socialism as a hinderance to me

That makes you lucky.

video game developers council

So as long as everybody is fed you think that a socialist society will just choose to not produce anything else?

Literally a waste of electricity, plastic, and rare earth metals which could be taken for other, more productive purposes. Under socialism videogames will be banned for The Greater Good.


COUNT me out

Where do you think open source vidya comes from?

Commununes without interdependence within a broader confederation is parochialism

Who would want to play anything besides Tux Racer anyway?

Presumably someone not in the local commune would make it to be distributed. I just want to be able to play MMOs after the revolution, and anyone who says MMOs are not important can fight me.

Society shouldn't be separated into communes anyway, that's dumb. I want to keep global society, just make it better.

There is already more television than you could ever watch, more video games than you could ever play, etc.
If you start with nethack and played all of the classics in a row you would not get to the modern day.

best game ever.

Games where done under communism, the most sold game is Tetris, done in 86 (aprox.) in the USSR. There will still be videogames under communism if there is people who enjoy making them and it seems like there is quite a few.

That was in text mode on an outdated mainframe. Nobody knew about Tetris until it was bundled with the Gameboy.

If you want useless shit you can go live to USA then.
People that wish to be corrupted leeches can all go live to USA.

No one will make video games without a profit margin!
Communism BTFO!

This. besides video games are an addicition, many gamers display signs of an addcit, denial, "i'll stop playing and go to classes tomorrow", "i'll stop playing and will study for my exam tomorrow".
There's cases of even people who deied while playing video games because they didn't ate or drank or slept for days.
Yet this isn't seen as an issue…the video games lobby is a very powerful lobby who makes billions upon billions on the humans weaknesses and alienated peopel who wish to escape reality and pretend that they're doing something that matters.

So what you're saying is that capitalists stole it from the communists just like they did with everything else

have fun with paid mods, day 0 dlc, pay-to-win, infinite cod/wow/dayz clones, catering to the casual market and other amazing features of video game development under capitalism!

The indie game market, right now, is basically making shit for free. Steam is so fucking overstuffed, with something like 4500 titles being released this last year alone, that the vast majority of those will, at best, barely make back whatever budget went into making it in the first place. Maybe some are starry eyed dreamers looking wistfully at shovel knight's twenty bajillion copies sold, but I think many or most indie developers are realistic about their chances and still make things because they're just that goddamn motivated. So I don't see how things would be any different in a communist society. Small teams of motivated individuals making entertainment in their spare time for the purpose of making entertainment, rather then a profit, seems to be happening right now. The only difference is their spare time would be after 4 hours of work doing socially constructive labor, instead of 8+ hours of work so they could pay for the bosses salary as well.

There is one thing that would die and it would be those 5,000 employee monolithic "AAA" companies, and quite frankly they are a fucking blight and I can't think of a single benefit of keeping them.

You will. Before the emergence culture industry it was mostly people in their free time that would make art. Stories, visual arts, poetry, music. Where do you think folk tales and mythology come from? Even philosophy started around with a bunch of people sitting around, contemplating life. There were no universities, no tuition, not even publishers.
But in order to do that you need time, you need to live in a world where you don't have a soulless repetitive job and multi-hour commutes that leave you completely drained and exhausted.
People didn't only work before capitalism. Sure they worked the land and did their things to sustain themselves. But it is capitalism that reduced it to a rat race where we need to increasingly debase ourselves in order to make a living.

There is a post someone made here that talks about this, about how people would get together to play music and tell tales, before capitalism squeezed that out.