Civic Nationalism

How do you guys feel about it?

good for divide and conquering polshits

Nothing wrong with being proud of your culture: but culture is a two-way street bucko, you have to contribute to it.

Being proud of your porky overlords instead of your race, I guess it's marginally better but still cancer

Nationalism but for cuckservatives and PoC/mixed people.

Reminder that all kinds of nationalisms are bad.

But I'm a lefty

I'm proud of my country and the ideas it stands for not the fat leeches in our society.

better than race nationalism but not by much

Not being republican is dumb, and not having an aesthetic is dumb, but on the other hand being proud of your aesthetic, especially when you're from a consumerist capitalist power, is dumb, as is linking your republicanism to that aesthetic.

It's a lot better than fascist nationalism

Taken as a whole, it's not particularly terrible. Could do without the hate for "the other" though.

Like wtf?

Its still racist and it still requires scapegoats to stay afloat.

How is it racist?

I mean, just look in the picture you posted. "Indian scalp lock".
"Nationalism" of any sort doesn't tend to work out very well for us Native Americans. My great-grandfather came home from serving in WW2 just to have the KKK come knocking down our doors. We're one of the first groups to be trampled on when nationalist fever takes over.

Remove muds tbh.

That's why I would like to see an end to terms like native american, african american etc, it only serves to further divide the people of our nation.

But they connect us to our family. Like shit, if all leftists throw away tradition and heritage then the right is correct in saying we value change only for changes sake. There has to be some sort of connection to the past, today, or tomorrows generation will never value our contributions to thier lives.

Nationalism isn't the thing, it's gotta be closer and personal.

I don't seek to deprive a person of their heritage I would just rather the values and ideas of the nation take precedent over things that can be used to divide our people.

Spooky shit used to get the proles to fight and die for you.
Fuck it.

So where is the line, people aren't allowed to call themselves African American, black, First Nations? How come that can't be a primary part of your identity, nationalism doesn't have to be the be all end all of who you are.

It goes against "human nature"


Civic Nationalism

The fact that a person is black or white is irrelevant and shouldn't be used to form their identity since they have no control over what race they were born as.

Don't care about the land

A country is nothing but land.
You can argue that the nation is what makes up the land, but without the land, a country doesn't exist.

also, check my dubs.
I speak the truth

You're right without land there is no country but a country does not form with just land it is made up by the people of it's land.

But not every land a person occupies is a country, but the land still takes precedent. It is first and foremost, about the land. The people are secondary, because they only decide it is a country after they have defended it and claimed it. It's always been about land. So which is it that you care about, the nation, or the strip of land that the nation decides it occupies? Because it always sounds ridiculous whenever you people say you take pride in a piece of land the nation decided it occupies.

How does the land take precedent if it's the people who decide what sort of nation is formed, a fascist dictatorship is still a fascist dictatorship regardless of the land it inhabits.

Key word is "nation" that's formed.
They haven't formed a country yet.
That requires land.
That aside, most of the time "the people" don't even decide what type of nation is formed.

A nation requires land but a empty plot of dirt doesn't make a country it's the people who create the state and control it's territories.


I'm leery of any kind of nationalism that is based on ethnicity or inherited ancestry. It's really easy for porky to hijack ethnonationalists of all races by substituting diversity at the top for actual concessions.

Maintaining traditions is important and I respect that. But it shouldn't mean that native peoples trade a white porky for a native porky (which happens a lot up here in Canada)

I never said it wasn't.
The point being, the people alone don't make a country. A country is just a description of a type of occupied land. It's still about the land, but it's about occupied land. The nation is the form of the people who occupy the land.

With that being said, white socialists absolutely need to stop being cowards whenever reactionaries come knocking for scapegoats. Standing Rock was a good first step and we need to do more

Land alone does not make a country, a country is a description of it's people, there is no France without the Franks.

re-read what I wrote.
I haven't contradicted anything you've said.

As long as it isn’t Burger nationalism it’s fine.

I'm aware, it's clear that we disagree on what makes up the bedrock of a nation.

Why are you some sort of separatist?

LOVE IT. Cornerstone of Nazbol! Unsad!

Its soil silly.

Wish Cascadians were cool and not hipsters.

nationalism is bourgeois

do you actually think it's the land?
Because there's been a number of nations with no country.

Wrong guy see
I believe the people are what make the nation not the land.

all nationalism is trash
except imageboard nationalism


Why would you not be a separatist? The US doesn't uphold any of it's supposed values or consistution. Autonomy is easier than changing a massive country full of idiots who want corporate dick in their wives.

You're right the current US government doesn't uphold many of the values in the constitution but splitting off would only make both parties more vulnerable to outside attacks.

Attack from who? For what reason? The US government is about as useful and protective as a foreign occupier.

If every state became independent tomorrow do you really think they could all peacefully coexist, even if they could do you think they would be left alone by other outside forces?

Independant states are perfectly capable of having peaceful relations which each other and pretty much the enterity of the western world would have vested intrest in keeping any imperialist ambitions to an absolute minimum within in the americas (Something which the US is doing a piss poor job at by making everyone else on the continents hate them). Of course if you did it tomorrow it would all fall apart because the US is full of militaristic brainlets who would love to get shot trying to destroy everything some more.

Only if your country is shit.

More robespierre and the guillotine, citoyen. Less city on the hill faggotry from burgerland

Makes sense…
If you're not American.

bitnation federalliance on fully p2p network when?

It’s literally impossible to have a functioning polity without it.

If your country is nationalistic, it's already shit.

Because the US Government and Economic system has inflicted economic and cultural harm upon New England. Seriously American agricultural policies are vey hard on New Englander Peasants.

Believing your country deserves to exploit others for the benefit of your bourgeoisie because it's "your country" is just normal capitalist foreign policy. All forms of nationalism are for fucking suckers. I'd only respect a country if they were committed to liberating proles instead of exploiting their labor and resources.

cultural nationalism is better. nice inbetween.


All nationalism is counterrevolutionary.

The proletariat have no nation.


Expect if it is socialist father- or motherland.

What did they do?


"Fatherland" is a reactionary concept.

American Patriotism or similar forms of nationalism applied to other states is the most disgusting shit ever(which is what most civic nationalism on the right amounts to), but most ML states were civic nationalist to some degree or another, for better or worse


Then you should care about those ideas regardless of where they can be found rather than unconditionally supporting the state, especially considering that the Burgerland gov't hasn't done a particularly good job of living up to the Enlightenment values it claims to stand for.

I don't believe in unconditionally supporting the state especially one controlled Neolibs/Neocons who actively spit on the values I hold dear.

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A statecuck is a statecuck, even if civic nationalism is less bad than ethnic nationalism.

The eternal cliche of the person that has never created or done anything of value.

All countries are shit you fucking retard.