Will he win the dem nomination in 2020?

will he win the dem nomination in 2020?

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there will be a coalition of democrats who will laud him as the savior for sure, idk if he's a "lock" though

no, minorities wont show up for a jew



dat UBI doe

he literally polls less than any other potential democrat

Democrats are going to prop up a faux Bernie next time. IE a neoliberal who pretends to be a succdem and who might pass a few actual reforms like raising the wage (though not to fifteen) and so on but will essentially be no different than Obama or Clinton.

Zuckerberg is trying to be that with the UBI talk but he's still too much of a silicon valley cuck to sell it efficiently. They're probably going to get Keith Ellison to do it.

I'm voting for Bannonite Republicans and am going to vote for Trump in 2020 so I don't really give a shit. Accelerationism or nothing, first world is a fuck

Guess I'll be voting for Drumph again out of spite…

I wouldn't go so far as to cuck myself to spite the Dems for being the retards they've always been, but if we get the Zucc in 2020 I would probably vote third party for prez and Dems for the rest of the ballot

I hope so, because he is the worlds least charismatic person or alien and there is no way he can win. I hope the Dems keep shooting themselves in the foot, its time they die off.


3 years out, this means nothing.

And besides we all know this man will be the frontrunner

Trump really set a precendent didn't he? Now every american celebrity is a potential candidate.
I love you guys country…i just can't stop laughing.

This is kinda the impression I get, but like Zizek "here I am much more cynical." I think the dems will just put an unabashed corpratist like Kamala Harris forward and then talk about how great their diversity and "unity" is in comparison to Republicans.

Actually they're too dumb to pin it on Republicans as a whole. They will talk about Trump singularly as if he is an aberration, while carrying water for the rest of those fuckos.The main point is I don't think they even will try to concede to minor succdem policies I think they're still full on delusional and think they can win on a platform of faux-diversity and anti-trumpism. The "best" we're going to get out of them concerning policy is internship programs and re-education seminars for a statistically minor amount of workers.

It's really fucking annoying. I'm beginning to think the Democrats actually want Trump to win.

The problem is…if Trump keeps on shitposting on twitter and playing golf, then the faux-diversity and anti-Trumpism will be enough to secure a win.
Don't forget that Hillary won the popular vote.


not when only 58% of the country voted in the first place

I think Corey Booker is another one. Just unashamedly corporate, neoliberal.

Those who do not vote, have no right to complain.

not in this country.

I mean… sure. But voting isn't a national holiday in the U.S. You have to take time out of work to do it, many people don't know about absentee voting, and there are now many states with laws that effectively bar certain segments of the population from voting. So there are a lot of reasons why people didn't vote. Though I assume given the choice in retrospect, they would've chosen Hillary over Trump.

Voting in this country is a sham, but whoever thought voting on a workday was a good idea needs to be shot

Thought it was 55%? Where'd you get that percent?

I think the point is to not have too many people vote. Maybe at one point, nobody really cared and it was an afterthought. But it really benefits one party much more than the other. It's the same reason why we're seeing a lot more laws on voting that seem to target the negroes.

It's possible but Trump won mostly by Hillary losing as I see it. Meaning it was really on her to win and she managed to fuck up just enough that he managed to skate by, the delusional nature and thinking that granted her this and the dems their historic loss hasn't really changed much and at the same time, Trump is throwing enough red meat at his base in an attempt to actually try to please people… You know unlike the dems who are doing nothing except pissing on the people they should be trying to appeal to.

Yeah. Its pretty horrible here in the USA

Reminder that a majority of Dems voted AGAINST the third pic

Embarrassingly this comes just two months before ISIS lost control of Raqqa. The US led coalition in Iraq has been a success in terms of fighting ISIS.

It's gonna be Hillary Clinton again in 2020. Think about it - the Dems will market this as the ultimate comeback and chance for redemption after her defeat - and after all she "really won" because she won the popular vote and now she just has to win for real, a victory for women and minorities everywhere against deplorables. They'll justify it by saying that Trump's popularity is in the tank which it probably will be, so it will be an easy win. And Hillary is hellbent on career advancement, and has the Democratic establishment under her thumb. Her recent book was just the beginning of her climb back. And the Dems are just stupid enough to try this - they've already floated the idea actually. it's going to happen. Literally Trump versus Hillary again.

Funny enough this is all people are going to care about in the coming election, not the untold collateral damage that emerged and has emerged from US involvement

I know the Dem's are dumb but of all the terrible potential outcomes I hope they're dumb enough to try this, the loss they would suffer as a result would be so seismic that I'm not sure they would even be able to claim they're a regional party anymore like they kinda sorta can now.

One can only hope. I'm sure there are institutional forces mitigating against the possibility. But I don't doubt that if it were up to Hillary she'd try again.

The Zuck

I'm like 99% sure Zuckerberg running indie being the only way we don't get a Trump second term. It might not be Trump but there's no way the Dems get another win. I'm pretty sure the Tom Perez dickhead just nominated Donna Brazile for some shit aka they haven't learned a thing. It's hilarious how much damage Hillary wound up doing.

this unfortunately will be the answer

Sorry but Burgerland isn’t Europe. Burger Porkies are so disconnected Burger Prols so much that they won’t even let a Socdem take office, even if it means a potential socialist revolution. They treat Socdems like Communists and keep doing the worst of what capitalism has to offer. They can’t change. They can’t reform. And this is why a socialist revolution in America is pretty likely. Because the worst of capitalism (in a post-idustrial society can be) is exposed out in the open.

Something inside me would B R E A K if that happened.

I would be depresses but utterly unsurprised if Booker or Biden or Michelle got the nomination. But you have to have galaxy brain levels of unawareness to renominate her

I fully intend on helping primary every neolib shithead as penance


I agree with you.

Here's some ammo just in case you get in arguments with neoliberals who call you a racist sexist priveleged brosocialist if you speak one negative word about Harris


Why not vote Green. There a market socialist Rusophillac party.


You forgot that Trump won the electoral vote by a land slide. And rural sates aka Trump country are super over represented in the American Electoral System. This is one of the many reasons why the left needs to do more agitation in rural areas.

Also being able to have a foreign policy that isn't completely pants-on the head- retarded and based in Cold War fears and neocon lies=/=being a Rusophile you stupid fucking idiot.

Furthermore I personally feel that accelerationism is working and that even if it isn't and the USA just ends up going full Pincohet while global warming floods, freezes, and burns it to death good fucking riddance anyway

The problem is that Global Warming is even worse then Capitalism as an economic system. It might be fun to like it from an air conditing apartment, but the reality is that Global Warming would make 90% of farmland unusable and will result in all workers (except a few Russian Peasants) starving while Porky lives on. Also the Greens don’t want a wealfare state economy. They want an economy based on nationalization of banks and business. There also one of the few political groups who are smart enough to value stability over growth.

good choice comrade

The thing is that if the various countries, such as China, which are already building and have been building alternatives for quite some time accelerate their production of green tech and the various adaptations to rising sea levels and so on they will probably figure out a way to live through it. Humans have lived through plagues and world wars for a reason.

America might not make it and perhaps capitalism won't end, but America not existing would honestly make it much more difficult for capitalism to exist so if it gets obliterated by global warming who the fuck gives a shit

Ah yes the minorities that share the same white purity obsession as Holla Forums nazis. Too anybody else Zuckerburg is that White boy.

non meme answer as of now it'd probably be Bernie or Biden winning the nomination, though that assumes they're running, if not it'd probably be Warren or Harris as a weird compromise candidate

not really, if he had lost PA, Michigan, and Wisconsin (part of the old "Blue Wall" which I might add he won by slim margins of under 2%) we would be saying Madame President.
He's got his fanatical base with him, but by being a 24/7 flamewar igniter whose really only pandered to his rightist base he's done nothing to secure the sizable number of Obama voters who voted for him and gave him the presidency. And judging by the Republicans barely managing to work through Tax Reform, which is more a Republican necessity to avoid electoral calamity, I see nothing that has salved them.
Unless the democrats nominate another Hillary tier choker I don't see how he wins at this point, the normies are already tiring of the nonstop memes and he's not even through his first year

The democrats will never run another white candidate again. It would absolutely alienate their base seeing as how they gaslit and racebaited for the latter half of Obama's presidency through to the election. Kamala Harris is the obvious pick, she is a clean candidate who is the right shade of brown and she is infinitely more well spoken than Hillary.

This has to be the most biased, incorrect post I have seen in a long time. I'm in college studying history right now, and literally everything in that file is either flat out wrong, or intentionally exaggerated. It's as if the author had learned US history second hand from a Brit in 1830, or merely skimmed Wikipedia before deciding reading an entire article for each major event is too hard.
I'm not even talking about WW2 or beyond, as I haven't studied those extensively yet, but everything before that is just straight up wrong.
I would sage for such a shit post, but I won't in hopes that anyone who saw it and took it at face value sees this post and understands that it is wildly incorrect.

there picking another neoliberal.

Him or Kamal Haris. Both deserve the gulag.

You do realize that China is just burgerland 2.0
Also while Climate change will be pretty bad for America it will hut places like Africa, Indonesia and the Middle East much worse.

I heavily doubt that trump gets a second term in 2020. His approvals are shit and he's barely done nothing noteworthy legislative wise. You win reelections based on coalitions, and trump keeps burning bridges with everyone. The Dems probably nominate a jimmy carter tier candidate and edge out a win against the republicans. Silicon valley liberals like Zuckerberg will have no chance in the primaries.

Its going to be the chad and beta meme irl

Is it just me or is Holla Forums not posting all the pics you post

If you are far left you should hope the center loses in 2018 handily. The far left should then spend the next two years bullyciding the center and neoliberals for being losers.

P.s never believe polls anymore


no, because hillary is running, and all the dems who otherwise WOULD support the zuck are in the clintons' pocket

This would be kino

the problem is that if the center loses 2018 too badly the republican party will be within range of constitutional amendments to ban everyone that's not a republican or whatever else they want

I hope Trump runs against her again and wins it a second time.


they just purged the DNC of left-democrats

That's not true. Terry McAuliffe polls worse.

You know old T-Mac, right? Governor of Virginia? Billionaire who personally guaranteed the mortgage on Bill Clinton's house?

The problem is that the “far-ledt” in American politics is just the center-left. Jill Stein is the furthest right Candace i’m willing to support.

Well on the up side it will force the center-left to become far-left and become violent to.

Idk he's really only known for being on Shark Tank and Kevin Oleary failed to secure Conservative nomination.


Still, I am half tempted (even though I am not a Yank) to write an open letter begging Jimmy Dore to run, and then when he loses to run as an independent (maybe for the greens). I actually looked into the Rules, nothing stops someone running in multiple primaries for different parties.

I am a normal human who partakes in customary physical greetings.

Nigga you're thinking in outmoded, pre-disruptive terms. Elections don't have to be your collective decision process anymore. Elections are over. Porky will flat-out buy the government.

Didn't the California UHC bill flunk despite Democrats having a supermajority?

She's too much of a socdem for their taste tho.

It's going to be Hillary again, unless She dies. The Democrats are that awful and bereft of talent.

Regardless of opponent, Trump wins re-re-election because of his fanatical base and the overwhelming conservatism of the US. Any socdem candidate flips the "centrists" but Bernie almost certainly isn't running (Democratic Party will find some bullshit reason to disqualify him, probably mandate that candidates must be party members for so many years.)

Even if Trump were primaried (and Republicans would be stupid to do it, but they're not the brightest bulbs), I think a Republican wins in 2020.

In any event Republicans will control Congress basically forever, because no one will ever trust a Democrat again after Obama and the Democrats fucked up. Even a minor catastrophe doesn't jolt voters enough - the conservatives will just blame the poors and the poor will just be shafted even more, more and more until we're neo-feudal.

I'm still confused as to the results of the 2016 election. Hillary won the popular vote, but she lost the electoral vote. Why? If anything, I would have expected Trump to win the popular vote and Hillary's deep connections in the government to pull a victory through. Why did the very people who she probably is in collusion with and who know how much weight she pulls decide to get rid of her?

Most of Clinton's popular vote advantage came from deep blue states like California (where there is some suspicion that the votes were rigged, Democrats control that state). Republicans manipulate vote tallies too in the states where they have control (Michigan they have control for sure, I think they have Wisc and PA too). There is no such thing as a clean election, of course.

I think Trump was the plan from the start, because he'd be another Reagan - a puppet and loudmouth that would be easy to control and strengthen the fascist movement, because fascism is the inevitable response of capitalism in crisis. The Republican Party certainly didn't fight Trumpism, they know what brings people into their party and Trump represented everything they stand for. As long as the plutocrats get their tax cuts and they get to kill the Social Security Act, they don't care if the president if a buffoon.

The thing I took away freom 2016 is that the destruction of the Democratic Party, started by the DLC in the 80s, has come to pass, and the Clintons had a hand in it. Sure, the Democratic Party was always shit, but I think Porky doesn't even need the farce of a two-party system any more. We're close enough to a constitutional convention that will basically outlaw welfare programs and begin the total class war against the poor. After that, what people think frankly counts for nothing, they won't have the power to resist a huge police state that is proactive in culling undesired populations.

The military-intelligence guys that pushed for Hillary are not the entirety of the USA's unelected power structure, and there were definitely power players who were in the tank for Trump as well. Clinton just made her power-player endorsements the centerpiece of her campaign (because she's always been an old-school Republican at heart, she's infatuated with that shit). Trump's campaign team was smart enough to not play up his endorsements from TPTB too much.

well i think it's pretty damn accurate, prove it wrong

Half of your country is on welfare. Good luck.

We'll need it. The bastards don't care if they crash the economy, it's all about killing the poor at this point. By 2030 the USA (and the rest of the world, probably) will be unrecognizable, and that's if we fade another world war.