Is there a more evil man?

Is there a more evil man?

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at least Milton had the decency to die

The fact that this man has lived comfortably into his 90's and will most likely die a peaceful death surrounded by family and friends should be proof enough to anyone that there is no God.

He made a deal with satan so that for every non-American that gets killed in the name of "Freedom" his life gets extended 1 minute.

When will these fucking cunts shuffle off this mortal coil?

I hope their age is a reminder everyone should take their mortality into their own hands, for whoever replaces them after their death.

be the change you want to see in the world

I know a more evil woman

"But guys, killing random Porkies won't change anything!"

Tbh, I want Kissinger to die a painful death as much as anyone, but the fact of the matter is it's the system that's responsible for all that horrible shit. If someone had killed him during the Nixon administration, another monstrous asshole would have merely taken his place.

Honestly, I don't think they would ever be as monstrous as Henry Kissinger. I have some serious skepticism anyone could be as evil as Kissinger, or even fucking outdo Kissinger. I mean that's a gamble, but it's very hard to imagine.

All porkies and/or their minions don't all possess the same level of competency and despite the overriding nature of capital interpersonal politics still play a major role in running any kind of organization or administration. "Someone just as bad is just going to replace them" is literally retarded and self defeating circular logic.
etc etc etc etc
It's just a justification to do nothing.


To be fair

Actually you're right I can't be fair. Fuck Gorbachev

I like Kissinger. He was damn good at what he was doing. Truly a great statesman. It's not like he was a rabid anticommunist like or just a sad disgusting slime like

you mean genocide?

The only people who say this are literal demons.

You're not going to change anything by killing porky #29,328. You're just alienate people to your cause. Fuck off larper.

I mean, killing Henry Kissinger sounds nice.

Why do I get the feeling people who cry so much about the thought of killing strategic people just like to act smug and snotty on leftypol?


Ehhhh he's not as evil as Henry Kissinger

It's not a genocide if you aren't called out, you know!

It's better to see the world for what it is, than falling victim to your naiveness.

It does; doesn't necessary mean anything will change.

The person I responded to was speaking generally and said nothing about specifically killing Kissinger. Why do I get the feeling people who cry about killing porky might be FBI?

Henry Kissinger is from hell, and that's the world for what it is.

Fuck off Mr Internet Debate Lawyer Esq. - Kissinger is the topic of the post he's replying to. You and seem to be the only ones insisting that Kissinger is some random porkman by replying to posts discussing him with "muh random porkies who lost the murder lottery" crap.

What makes you think there isn't a malevolent god?


His Holiness is based, you revisionist

checkin' those nice dubs while murking all the way from normiepol
There's no earthly divine authority either, considering he got one or two 'peace prizes' as well. No wonder y'all want to perpetually revolt!

don't forget the secondary reason! (yeah yeah normie news source, couldn't be arsed to go farther)

minor word of advice when you tangle with that on righties, remember the average gope-a-dope doesn't really "see" those indirect policy connections. They rationalise it like
so that's why they always leap immediately to the 'hands on' guys like (other) Uncle Pol.
They focus on the immediate numbers.

noice. I'll take a little of column A and a little of column B.
If anything, the fact he consciously engages in it makes him a little less dangerous than the puppeted buffoons he utilises. He is aware of his own 'limits' as opposed to those partially functioning on 'divine guidance' like the Bushes/Clintons. He knows where the line is, and will stop directly upon it.
You can get these guys to go away. You can't appease the other stripe.
All a matter of balance. His moderation means he won't burn away as fast as the others, but over time he'll have a slight edge on atrocity. Do you want the full plate all at once, or do you want to stretch it to a 7 course meal?

whoa whoa whoa
We all can blame them for Neoliberalism too? Fuckin' A, then run it!

Which is why I quoted a part of his post where he's speaking generally. I don't care about killing Kissinger I'm arguing against' the notion of "doing something" or "killing porky"

No, my first post in this thread is . I don't know where you're getting Kissinger from. Are all LARPers as paranoid as you?

Libertarians are neoliberals fam.

The Kissinger hate is flawed since he didn't do anything other state department officials and similar politicians didn't, and don't, also do. I think the reason he's so hated is because he doesn't even bother maintaining some public facade, and just admits that he's a pragmatist who thinks anything is justified in promoting American power. Keep in mind that's the unspoken attitude of every official involved in any aspect of US foreign policy, they just don't say that out loud.

So you're just being a whiny bitch responding to posts nobody has made. Got it.


Just get off the internet if you can't take the heat bitch boy.