Banned from Holla Forums for posting image of Ruby Ridge

Is this strange to anyone else? Do the mods genuinely work for Jared Kushner and the Trump administration?


You have to go back


I use both Holla Forums and Holla Forums Only a fool would choose one over the other and miss out on information

I got perma'd for posting this, the BO redacted it shortly after though when I made fun of him.

Holla Forums is a source of misinformation at best, disinformation at worst

Holla Forums mod just posted these two histories of posters in defense of him banning them


Because that's ignorant you faggot


Both 8/pol/ and Holla Forums are circlejerks with a clear agenda and a caste of corrupt mods who are not ashamed of censoring any dissenters. The best uncensored politics forum is still 4/pol/, dats a fact.

4/pol/ is just a LE BASED TRUMP circle jerk full of Redditors. Nothing redeeming about it at all

4/pol/ is literally Reddit.

Nice lie, faggit.

Holla Forumscuck detected.

Supporting the government is punk now bitch. Only cucks are against le based Trump.

Oh, no, not clear agendas and worldviews!!!

It's clear to me now that we need to embrace radical centrism before it's too late!!!

Kek, bantz level 0

People should be banned. It should happen.

I believe that:
- 8/pol/ is slowly being colonized by younger stormfront users
- Holla Forums should only ban when it's obvious someone is baiting or arguing in bad faith
- 4/pol/ is too fast to be useful to anyone not permanently online
- leftists should stop being extremely online and start reading Marx & Lenin
- Subs > dubs

I almost want a rule for users to get banned for responding to bait too many times. IDK how that would be implemented though.

Holla Forums has been a trump shill board for like 2 years now. its fairly obvious the mods have been paid off by someone, because no matter what trump said or did the board always defended him. anything critical of trump or his family gets bumplocked or deleted instantly.

This idea that you can only be somewhere inside the line of acceptable political discourse is bullshit. Fuck the pendulum, fuck the fence, fuck the Left, the Right, and the Center. The goal should be to get outside of the matrix.

the picture of ruby ridge is not why, though I also got caught in this last 'astroturf' banning
probably. I have literally never been banned from Holla Forums except for things tangentially critical of trump.

we can't agree on anything here

Woke galaxy brain

you sound like a huge fucking nerd

How do you stop an unaligned political board from becoming a circlejerk?

So is 8/pol/

I love so many of these guys can't go outside