Qatari state media blaming China, Russia, DPRK for Rohingya genocide

Is this more proof al-Jazeera is nothing more than propaganda which will attack anti-imperialist states for its own benefit?

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Is the pic false?

It's probably exaggerated. Israel and America are no doubt fueling the genocide but China and Russia have repeatedly demanded an end to the violence.

But the article also points out Israel and Ukraine as culprits, both of whom anti-imperialists identify as imperialist stooges

Of course. But they group in Israel, Ukraine, and fascist India with China, Russia, and the DPRK. Propaganda.


The reason they group them together is because they all supply arms to Myanmar. Which they do.

I fear the Dane

There's no evidence China and Russia (or the DPRK) are *still* giving arms to Myanmar. In fact Myanmar just expelled a DPRK diplomat AND Putin has come out to condemn the Rohingya genocide.


Not the same thing.

Makes me pretty suspicious the US and UK aren't mentioned considering arms dealing is one of their big gigs.

AmeriKKKa is no doubt doing it through Israel, just like they did with Iran-Contra.

It's no true imperialism? Or is imperialism fine when the Chinese bourgeoisie does it?

Rohingya are just another mudslime proxy for the gulf Arabs butthurt that Myanmar entered a gas line deal with China. There's a gas line involved everytime. The moment there is a gas line involved the gulf arab activate their mudslimic toadies where ever they are in the world muslims are essentially a zombie population ready to be activated and strike for their Meccan overlords.

The "Chinese bourgeoisie" you speak of is mostly state bureaucrats who are in no way analogous to the Amerikan bourgeoisie.

Why do polfags have to be so obnoxious? Can't you state your point without all that bullshit?

Colorful language is the spice of life.

Except China and Russia are both on the side of the Rohingya and have called for the genocide to stop.

Where's the gas line? Who's funding it? I hadn't heard about this.

How? Did they write a "stern letter of condemnation" to the un general Assembly and nothing else? Lmao

The female prime minister is in bed with the Chinese

Then learn more words.

Opposite actually.

I'm getting real sick of this meme.

There probably are if you bothered to look. Why do you even care in the first place?

It's anti-Chinese anti-Russian propaganda.

All those guys are "bureaucrats"? Also, is Xiaomi a socialist corporation? Is Djibouti socialist too?

That's not true. There is nothing bad in killing lousy muslim dissidents that cause problems

Rohingya are indigenous.

White americans qre more indigenous to Texas than the rohingya are to Myanmar

Ok so first you have native americans, than you have spaniards, and only for a small amount of time after the fact do you have what might be considered today's "white americans"


Well guess what, I decided to google the whole ordeal. I learned that Russia recently agreed to increase their military cooperation with Myanmar, possibly in a broader move to increase their influence into south-east Asia. So much for the anti-imperialist Russia.

Rohingya were imported by the British in the late night 19th century from Bangladesh

How long have white men been in Texas again? White people are at least twice as indigenous to Texas than the rohingya are to Myanmar if we measure it in years

Rohingya were imported by fucking anglos

This is a great example of how tankies can't have their cake and eat it too.

I mean, this entire genocide could be stopped if "anti-imperialist" China, and also India, would allow foreign intervention this close to their borders.

It wouldn't even need to be the US, just the UN. Get the UN to station troops in Rakhine province to stop the killings. No doubt plenty of Muslim nations (including Iran) would offer to pitch in.

How could it be stopped? Plus is not even a genocide.


lol. Fuck off.

Sanctions do work though.

You say that like they actually care about people being tortured and killed in huge numbers.

Sanctions by who? Nato? UN? Literally weapon of imperialism

Depends how much of a madman you want to be.

If sanctions don't work, then why is the BDS Movement specifically advocating SANCTIONS on Israel?

That's not how anti-imperialism works. If Rohingya constitute their own nation, Myanmar is imperialist. The same way the Confederate State of America weren't "anti-imperialist" as some might say as a strawman, because they were enslaving the black nation.

Literally the only case in wich sanctions worked was South Africa. In every other case it was a miserable failure. People tend to rally behind their government in these cases.

Is israel getting sanctioned? did sanction change the situation?


If it can work in South Africa then it can work in Myanmar.

Sanctioning Israel could easily work.

How old are you?

You're stupid.

If white cattle drivers made it to Texas in late 18th century just before the Louisiana purchase and rohingya were brought to myanmar in the late 19th century it means white people are 100 years more indigenous to Texas than the rohingya are to Myanmar

This board is LITERAL brainlets

Why wouldn't it work in either of those countries?

That still doesn't make them "indigenous", anymore than the Native Americans, plus that just means Spain is more "indigenous".

You're retarded.

You're incoherent, I'm only comparing relative levels of indigenousness between white Americans and rohinya night night brainlet you're too stupid to talk to me go lay your empty little head on your favourite pillow


Where's your proof of that? This is akin to claiming that jews or politicians or capitalists are currently mass importing immigrants to europe, when in fact it's the immigrants themselves that are moving by their own free will.

Even if that's true that doesn't justify persecuting them, they are free to live wherever they want, it's their choice whether they stay or leave, and your Nobel Peace Prize-winning liberal gook whore should be tortured and killed for attacking innocents.


Al Jazeera shits on the US all the time though, is it not possible they're just telling the truth?

What do all of these countries have in common, I wonder?

They want to keep good relations with the US.

Yes, yes, and yes.

They used to…back in the early 00's Al-Jazera was based as fuck. I think Bush even wated to bomb it to shut it down once.
Now Al-Jazeera was bought of

They're all Honorary Aryans?

Add in Greece, Nigeria, and Austria and I'd get your point.

They all have the letter i in them?

I know that you are saying this shit to trigger Holla Forumsyps.
That said islam is trash, you should feel bad.

Also you are a fucking liberal.

ITT: islamophobes

t. liberal.
This is an anti islam board

The Rohingyas deserved it. Islam should be banned. Unless it’s anti-imperaliistIranian Islam.

Says who? The Democratic majority of the people of Mayamar don’t want them there.


Fascists deliberately fuck with language to obscure their true intentions and engage in bad faith arguments, so no, they literally can't speak without bullshit

Hoxha would have gulag'd the salafist mullahs and buddhist monks, repossessed their estates, and redistributed them to the peasants that have been the pawns of religious elites on both sides


Nothing wrong with this

Islam ended the Arabians warring tribalism, unified them into a single community and brought about a Golden Age that ended because of the Mongol invasions. That said any reactionary dogmatic interpretation of any religion is trash. You are an Islamophobic idiot and you should feel bad.

This cunt is a liberal, she even got a nobel peace prize from fellow liberals. I'm a socialist, I actually feel solidarity towards oppressed people.

Says me and others that also believe it's wrong to punish guiltless people. Popularity doesn't decide what's right or wrong. The democratic majority of the people™ of Myanmar ought to be bombed for their support of the government in persecuting innocents.

Most of those "Muslim philosophers" were either heretics, or just plain non-Muslims (Christians or Jews). Islam during that era was hardly "pure" given that so much pagan Greek philosophy (in particular Aristotle) was being pumped into the theology. Al-Ghazali literally had to decolonize Islam.

they have "national interest", of course they're imperialist. it is in the national interest of every single state on the planet to not have a border with any other state

According to whom? Modern-day salafists? They were regarded as fellow Muslims by the Muslim community of their time.

I agree. See >That said any reactionary dogmatic interpretation of any religion is trash.
I imply in my post that Islam was good as a unifying political force, of course when examining it's traditional and scriptural beliefs (just like any other religion) many of it is trash.

No they weren't. There's a reason why the actual purists denounced their works.

Yes they were or else they would have been killed for apostasy and heresy. What the "purists" said is irrelevant since they had no power or else they would have killed all Muslim philosophers of their time and the Islamic Golden Age wouldn't have existed.

Yes it does. It’s the only objective way of deciding what is right or wrong. Determining what is right and wring based on moral code is a bad idea because morality is subjective. The will of the people isn’t.

It's not objective, you're subjectively deciding that everything the majority of people do is right. And if that's you're way of judgement then why are you here? Why aren't you a pro-capitalism liberal since that's what the majority of people deem right?

It's not my will, the will of the Rohingya and the will of many others. Unless you don't regard dissenters as people.

So is the DPRK complicit in the Rohingya genocide or no?

Also, why do China and Russia keep vetoing UN resolutions condemning Myanmar if they want to stop the violence?

The golden age was looted Greek and Persian texts, and the philosophers were ignored and condemned.

Never thought I'd find myself saying good things about Hoxha…

That doesn’t mean Chinese and Russian porkies running Norninco and Armata aren’t making major dosh selling arms to Myannmar.

You mean collected and studied? The Arabians conquered the Byzantine's and the Sassanian's territories and established their own middle eastern empire so of course they got control of the conquered texts. Would you prefer if they had destroyed them like the Mongols later did by destroying Baghdad's House of Wisdom and all other libraries and throw all the books into the Tigris river?

You mean like almost every other philosopher in history?

I get it you are a moronic fearmongering islamophobe that feels the need to bash everything related with Islam.

Also being state-sponsored by the Caliphs is not being "ignored and condemned".