How do you sociaI sociaIists sociaIize?

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Well, were on 8ch…


Is this "socializing" some new communist thing?

Stand on downtown corners blowing smoke in the faces of hot girls. When one turns to tell me to fuck off I tell her she is cute when she's mad.

how have you not gotten your ass beat yet?

Socializing is bourgeois

Fuck off no it isn't you don't know what bougoise means.
It's not a cultural thing it's a technical descriptor of the class who expropriates surplus value.
Not socialising and the atomisation of the human race is the effects of capitalism (I mean there's other things as well), so not socialising is in a way more bougie than socialising.


The absolute reject way of making friends is by selling weed tbh

I go to bars after work and socialize with coworkers or friends I've met from college. Most of the times I just smoke weed in my house tho

If I start smoking weed in other places than my home I start moving and thinking awkwardly and if I smoke at home I'm still awkward but it doesn't bother me so I'm chill with it.

First, we need to talk about parallel universes…

I know it's a stereotype but I meet many fellow anarchist at squats. Wish I knew more commies though.

what did OP mean by this?

I don't like to socialize. I pretend to enjoy it at work because no one likes a grumpy person. I'm not like a basement dweller autist but I don't like traveling or doing anything "fun" that involves leaving the house.

Maybe it was my lonely upbringing, but I just can't enjoy it.

Another downside is it make it difficult to meet girls, though I have managed it. Gf literally just broke up with me though and I'm upset

/end blogpost

I don't?
for me it literally work - internet/reading books/replaying fallout 1 once in a while - 4 hours of sleep
rince and repeat
time is fucking running out fast man, this kind of life is unironically convinced me to take LTV more seriously

once in a while I go "fishing" with my workmates, where I drink myself into submission

life is shit

my keyboard is broken


sounds like you need better hobbies, schedule like this must feel awfully dull and depressive tbh

With difficulty

…where should I start

Chatting up coworkers, hit up some bars, go to concerts. Socialistly.

At the pub, like any regular old working class person

Engels, the original /jp/sie

wow so apparently he liked fox hunting, that shit is in the level of bull fighting. I blame the time he was born.