Holla Forumstard subhumans infest every board

Why are Holla Forumstards so stupid?

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Hide your power level

Well what did you expect feom one of the most cancerous boards. Also you made a bait thread you basically asked for it. The problem is when you are in a thread completely non related and poltards ALWAYS FUCKING SHIT UP THE PLACE. I remember that for like a fucking year it was almost impossible to discuss about punk rock on /mu/ because of conservative is new bung xddd even now threads are spammed with ebin RAC bands by poltards that are obviously in bad faith (they don't just post music but try to start fights). Literally pol made me a leftist, I didn't know about non-socdem leftism before I said to myself "hey, they ruined every place I like, I guess I have to go on their enemy board"

This is why I keep telling you morons that you have to start by pointing out the stupidity and contradictions of *right-wing* ideology rather than trying to promote leftism to a hostile audience. If you're spending most of the thread defending the fucking Soviet Union, you're just wasting your time.

Instill doubt in them by breaking up the right-wing echo chamber and pointing out all the bullshit they've been fed and they're pressured to believe by their peers.

See how the Holla Forumsyp interlopers in these threads tried to defend right-wing stupidity and instead got absolutely destroyed:






We have too many autists that refuse to listen anytime anyone points this out and are obsessed with performing their little "debate" rituals. The majority of people who start stupid arguments on this board roll over the first sign of someone pushing back.

You brought this on yourself.

Holla Forums is against banking, lol?

Just when the Jews do it, or when it negatively effects them, in which case it's evil Globalists or, even worse, Globalist Jews.

Can we have a discussion about that movie please. I'm trying to pinpoint some ideas of how that movie is about alienation, and Camatte's thesis that the human being is dead, having been deconstructed by capital and rebuilt in it's image, just like replicants.

Holla Forums has enough cancer going and you encourage it

I haven't seen the movie or know anything about it, so what's the deal here?

The state of /lit/ is truly sad, I say this a s a brainlet

can someone give me a briefing?
from the trailer it looks like a bastardized version of the original with Hollywood epic shootouts™ and generic jobs/musk corporate villain as a main antagonist

in comparison to Roy it looks like a fucking joke

there's AI gfs

oh, that changes everything

It's actually really good, I also had my doubts before I watched the RLM review. The movie basically fixes all the problems the first movie had, while posing questions about representation, freedom and the alienation brought on by virtual technologies. Only downside is it's occasionally dumbed down compared to the original as to not confuse the burger audience.

Found the thread.


Fuck wymin.

This. I was a right winged lolbertarian once, I realised that the right was stupid and became a radical centrist before becoming a leftist.

There's actually very little shootouts in the movie. A lot of people just don't understand how good it is.

problems with the narrative? are you talking about the moot original ending?
also, is it revealed if Deckard is a replicant or not?

That's why idiots are super vocal in their idiocy.

It's part of a wider tendency among the right to think that private banking isn't capitalist for some reason.

…so this is the power of Holla Forumsreddit

Also, why the fuck are you trying to push shit about "commodification of women" on 4/tv/? Not only will they never be convinced, but it's out of place and just plain idpol.

More specific than that, to them, there's "jewish" capitalism and "white" capitalism

Imagine lacking this much self awareness

Well it fixes the fact that very little actually happens in the first movie, and that it has little to no character archs. And yeah it reveals if Deckard is a replicant or not, Blade Runner 2049 is a lot more overt than the original, unfortunately

…but Holla Forums is basically like reddit

t. reddit

…but it didn't reveal if he's a replicant


imagine being this much of a brainlet that you treat political beliefs as a fashion statement

But it did? Wasn't he the only replicant that managed to have a child with another replicant? And how else would he have survived in the highly irradiated Las Vegas?

Most people here hate both of those things.

this, Holla Forums is Cum Town territory

I don't think people here hate chapo, they just hate chapo communities

people here rightfully hate all of left twitter, but left twitter that's offended by chapo and demands apologies for jokes and loose associations are much more contemptible than those that don't demand emotional gratification at literally all times

no offence but I don't see why you would participate in twitter in the first place, it seems to me like a community which only makes sense from a perspective of a company owner/start up to spam the feed with sales offers, for creating a "le quirky xd" brand to your hipster cafe and what not

Welcome to Web 2.0

I hate to say, but it's more proficient to troll them than debate.
You'll just get drowned out.

These pictures LITERALLY gave me cancer oh my fucking god
Imagine being THIS drowned by your own ideology

Speak for yourself kike

What a dumb motherfucker.

I like 4/pol/ but I hate the jew hate and nigger hate. It gets real old real fast. The fact that some people un-ironically believe that the jews control the world or are out to destroy the world really pisses me off.

I just want a chan where I can discuss politics without people spouting off about how its all the jews fault :(. Shame that /liberty/ is such a slow board.

You absolutely deserved this, faggot. Holla Forums is autistic, and you've become just as autistic by imitating them.

everything is political, microbrain

this statement is objectively false and you are reddit tier for parroting it :^)

While not absolutely everything is political, most things can be related back. Most of the boards on 4chan can be found to have a justified conversation about socjus and the culture wars that are going on right now. Boards ranging from Holla Forums to /a/ and Holla Forums are often tangled up in them, when you have tv shows and movies that are spewing radical ideology. If you have a game that has a socjus theme it will be all over Holla Forums etc etc.

tv shows and movies are not spewing radical ideology. A few, very few, are including very mild ideology, and if you think that it IS radical ideology that's just because you're so hopped up in radical ideology in the reverse direction that you don't actually have any real idea of what's normal

you are dumb as shit my man, and you deserve nothing but bad things

You know, I wouldn't really mind Holla Forums so much if they managed to not be so obnoxious.

as someone who dosnt really browse here (I browse the nerv center) let me tell you that mods should delete this thread, it is confirming the myth (I hope its a fucking myth) that you are all cross posting faggot 4chan redditors