every time, every fucking time

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Thanks, I looked at the comment section and now I want to kill myself

tolkien myth: orcs are elves who have been corrupted into evil by melkor because i'm uncomfortable with the implication that some races are inherently evil
these retards: orcs are muslim because they're big and scary, elves must be white people because they're the good guys and they look pretty

I actively avoid comment sections these days.


Do all these people who are complaining about Muslim invasions not remember when the US and Britain actually invaded Iraq. Or the 15 year long occupation of Afghanistan? I don't want to get in retarded tankie or MTW level of anti imperialism but jesus fucking christ

Do YOU not remember 9/11!!!!!!????





Don't they know that there's already a middle eastern race in LOTR?

Ian Mckellen was a homosexual and a Labour voter lol

Don't you know that we waz kangz?


Do you really think most of them support those actions?

they like to larp as crusaders of course they're pro-imperialism.

We have over 9000 penises…

Why would they be pro-imperialism?
Every imperialist action the United States takes increases the amount of "non-whites" coming into the country.

deus vult etc

"The dwarves of course are quite obviously - wouldn't you say that in many ways they remind you of the Jews? Their words are Semitic obviously, constructed to be Semitic". - Tolkien

They don't have the introspection to figure that out.

Why would they value memes over demographic winter

They aren't that stupid

yes they are

no u


Go to Holla Forums or watch some of thsi alt right youtubers and come back user

Why is nat soc such a honeypot for stupid people?
I always forget that people actually watch e-celebs, but at least I can pretend it is better than mindless sitcoms.

Ya scared me for a bit there. He is still alive


Yes, I'm mad.

I wonder

hey retards of the world! Think your life sucks because of your personal failings or the systemic reality of capitalism? No! Actually the problem is an invisible conspiracy of jews that is secretly responsible for everything wrong in the world. Don't think critically about society, just blame everything on our convenient boogeyman.

America is literally Mordor. Why can't these morons see it?


Dude allegory is only like okay if we're quoting Oscar Wilde and stuff heh

I can't stand these people. 10 mins of babbling in and I can't understand the point of this video.
I also can only find 1 person in the "alt-right" who even talks about CRISPR, is Black Pigeon Speaks the smartest of the bunch?

Cmon, you gonna tell me Wade Boggs is alive too?

you got it boss hogg


Wasn't Tolkien a rayciss, though? Like Lovecraft and C.S. Lewis?

He was vehemently opposed to racism from his experiences in South Africa iirc. And the races are bad in LotR not because they're inherently evil, but because they actively choose to do evil things/have been corrupted by Sauron etc. I think there's even a point where Frodo or Sam wonder about the Easterlings "What lies or threats sent these men so far from home," implying that they're not just there because they're bad men, but because they're being coerced into fighting people that they likely have nothing at all to do with.

Orcs might be an exception because we don't know for sure how they're made, because Tolkien never came to an ultimate conclusion. They might be the result of elf-rape, or disfigured and twisted elves, or Sauron's own creation meant to mock the fairness of the elves with orcish cruelty and malice. In the first two cases, the orcs wouldn't be inherently evil, and even in the 3rd case it might still be questionable.

Orcs (at least the Uruks) are the children of industrialization. To me they always seemed like how an old school aristocrat would view the proletariat.

Yeah, just like useful idiots tend to do. That is all they have ever been.

yea, I always viewed LotR as a tale of industrialized Mordor vs feudal Kingdoms of Men
fantasy always has this kinda feudal sentiment

you wish reactionaries had the capacity for that

Tolkein said his work wasn't allegory, was never allegory

Tolkien not only outright stated LOTR wasn't an allegory he actively dislike Allegory

Sasuga /leftycuck/

Always a Greek bust.

Not only is this missing the fucking point of the Game of Thrones setting, but this person doesn't know what moral relativism is.

I've got nothing. That's just pure cringe.

It really is the ultimate political red-flag.

Tolkien can claim that, but his views clearly seep through into the writing and world-building of The Hobbit and LotR. It's about Christian agrarians vs the evil empire made of people corrupted by modernism and industrialism, and while you can argue that he didn't write the stories this conflict being the focus, it's still a noticeable theme he either consciously or subconsciously put in his works.


Nazi nerds BTFO

You could but then you're just grasping at straws

Oh you pomo nigger

1 so much for the anti post modern right 2 allegory is not something that you pull out your ass like that. That is interpretation at best

Game of thrones is shit though

99% of fiction is shit
the only cool tv shows in my opinion were jackass and bojack horseman

First it was the whole blue pill/red pill from matrix now it's the orcs and humans from lotr.
Fucking hell…today's people are so influenced by american pop culture it's unreal. They can't distinct fiction from reality and Hollywood was never about reality and always about fantasy. We're talking about the entertainment industry which took almost 50 years to feature a fucking toilette in a movie

OK, last son of the west.

Pol Pot is the final stage of the personal development of a leftist.

Please don't tell me people actually sit through an hour of this

It was always right wing. The 'happy ending' is literally that the true aristocracy regains their rightful titles and that the idyllic pre-modern village life status quo is protected. All protagonists except Sam are noblemen or divine beings.

I have a family member that does

Of course not, they do something else and listen to him rambling. ADD is bigger than ever

Sauron did nothing wrong, Orcs are proletariat, Gandalf is bourgie Jesus intervening to uphold the aristocratic status-quo, Middle Earth is a fuck I kill 6,000,000 men of the west

Daily reminder that Tolkein was /ourguy/

Yeah fantasy fairy shit is inherently right wing unless you haven't noticed already famrades.
Vidya, I know but my point stands.

It also wouldn't be an accurate statement taken at face value, the Starks are an entire family of non-moral relativists and the entire appeal of Stannis to right-wingers is his iron clad righteousness and fanaticism. There are a lot of other minor characters that see things in black and white terms, they just happen to be counter balanced by the moral realism of the other characters.

The dude isn't right wing and people are reading way too much into the nobility winning or all the heroes being nobles. Tolkien's goal with middle earth was literally to write his own anglo-saxon legends and build a world for his constructed languages. Entirely just nerdy fun for him. Not every fucking book has some hidden message or deeper meaning.

I hate it in my guts that LOTR is being turned into an alt-right political meme.

Does it not seem a bit bizarre to you for an imperialist power to invade a country and then have its de-facto priesthood (media apparatus, in modern times) argue that it ought to atone by awarding people from the other side citizenship?

Don't know why but this cracked me up

nope tolkien was protoreactionary wanking over days bygone, he'd probably vote republican

No, because Republicans wish for a return to the 1950's. Tolkien wished for a return to the 1750's

if any comparison holds true then Holla Forums is the RL equivalent of Grima Wormtongue

sentimentality is the same


Reminder that the orcs were the most technologically advanced race in LotR

I have some kind of addiction to cancer. But I also find great joy in the 1/100,000 comment that is actually well thought out.

Fuck! Shitposting flag.

I tried. I really tried not to be an explicitly deeply triggering and problematic reactionary black nationalist dude.

But yall post garbage like this. And this is mainstream shit too, not a fucking paid subscription stormfront-esque site.

White people need to be exterminated so we can finally have world marxism smh.


Gonna let you vent, but I meet white people who are chill. Just gotta be in the right circles.

all tech,scienteific,cultural advancement stops at the border and we are a spacefaring nation. so pol is right after all

Color me surprised :^)

Right wing isn't theories nor ideas. It's organized crime, pedophilia, mental retardation and faggotry

If only Sarumon had advanced his gunpowder tech even more and made guns then outfitted an army. Mordor Gang RISE UP


Warcraft 3 was Cultural Marxist propaganda.

>>>Holla Forums
Fuck off, seriously, you fucking idiot

literally what did he mean by this.

what about that is "inherently right wing"

I don't think it's meant to be right-wing, I think it can just be interpreted that way.

Take this song for example: youtube.com/watch?v=Emg14MOMDgU

It was originally released in the 70s and iirc was at least partially inspired by a lot of the anti-imperialist struggle at the time, but it doesn't take much imagination to see how this could be twisted into white nationalist propaganda.

In zelda specifically, good guys are blonde with blue eyes and fair skin. Meanwhile gannon and all the villains are dark skinned and dont they come from a warm desert like climate too. I mean that's just anglo ball fondling Japan for you nothing new really.

I can see where you coming from but that song has such an "us vs them mentality" its hard not to take it as its very own imperialism.

Link is based on a generic elf kid
the original hes a brown haired lad.
Also in the original gannon and the moblins are all pigs, and the gerudo arent "evil" because gannon is.
and bascially sense skyward sword gannon has been retconed into being literally white

Now this is ideology at its purest.

Me not that kind of orc

Sauron's rule over Middle Earth is temporarily necessary in order to sufficiently advance the productive forces so as to make socialism possible.

That makes no sense. You could write 'progressive' fantasy if you so pleased. Like the Order of the Stick these days, which feels compelled to make half the Dwarven population black despite them living underground without sun and whose main villain's motivation is essentially Karmic retribution upon the world for racism.

Orcs actually have an interesting society though and showed good characteristics even in "evil" characters.

This is wrong, though. Do they really just go by statues?

Wasn't that the dwarves? From what I remember anything the orcs could do men and elves could do as well.

Dwarves had advanced artisan shit, but they weren't industrialized like the orcs were.

The orcs were the only race we saw that were industrialized and had rudimentary gunpowder technology.

How did it come to this?

Is it actually shit though? I wasn't impressed by the pilot episode. Does it get better?
I need a new series to binge.

Everybody thinks their fuckin Bilbo Baggins.


The plot goes to shit around season 5 and it's all downhill from there.
The books are much better IMO


But Tolkien was blatant as fuck with it. All the humans are bandied together to stop literal satan and the only humans on his team are one crazy white dude and the Arabs. Only thing I could think watching those movies: What's the Arabs end game? Even the trees get to have fucking motivations, but nope, the arabs just get to appear at of nowhere like, "fuck it, you know we're evil, need we say more(or anything for that matter)"

Read the book. It's directly stated that the Men of the East aren't in any way inherently evil, merely that they had been told lies that in some way lead them to fight with Sauron.

Sauron is basically the pope of his own religion that worships Melkor (who is basically Satan, right down to being a not-angel of Not-God who lead a rebellion against him), so it's likely they were fooled into adopting their religion.

That's not true at all, though. Rhun is a place. There are the Umbarians too. Plus more I know I'm forgetting about. There's more to LotR than the movies, you know.

Read the slimarillion to learn more about the Easternlings.

Link doesn't always have blonde hair nor are all of the villains dark skinned, nor are the gerudo themselves exclusively villains in every game. You're dumb as shit my dude.

Read the books before shooting your mouth off you fucking idiot.

I'm sorry for disrespecting your culture and traditions my Anglo friend.