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Trash thread


you first


dislike, never share, unsubscribe :^)


The "dirtbag left" make me cringe

I don't use twitter or facebook.
Only discord because no adds.


This is probably some datamining shit but you know what, fuck it.




Nice try, CIA.



yes, we should wait to end those things, and by "wait" i mean "wake up to the fucking reality that you can't stop those things you fucking retards class war now"

truly humanity's greatest threat

Who are /ourguys/ on Twitter besides Adam Mount, Richard Wolff, and Aditya Chakrabortty?

Idubbbz, pewdiepie, richard spencer, david duke etc etc

clearly equal to rape, user


(yuss i made a tweet people RTd finally)

oops it's @Marxist_Media :^)