Debating Holla Forumscucks on /his/

I'm wasting my time ain't I

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That faggot probably won't change his opinion, but there are probably people reading that will see you fucking him and agree with you.

Stop complaining about it here and start dealing with it there if it pisses you off. All you're going to do is give them a screenshot to weave the narrative of "HALP GUYS COMMUNISTS ARE OUT TO TAKE OVER THE BOARD!!!". You'll never convince a 4cuck, but you sure as hell can laugh at him in the process.

Pseudo-intellectual detected.

Universities and streets are not physically safe to hold opinions in and generally operate on a lower level of debate than the internet. There's no real outlet for debates outside of the internet.

You're a fucking pussy, dude.

I arguing with Holla Forums about the USSR yesterday, when you call them out on facts they completely loose their shit. It's mental. I posted a graph showing the average calorie intake of the USSR (which was higher than the US) and they could only reply in capslock, talking about Their final argument was that Robert C. Allen, which I quoted as a source, had a little bit of a longer nose.

I've talked to absolutely mental SJWs before, and none of them were as instable as Holla Forumsyps. At this point, they just psychological treatment.

I attend a university where there are opinions you can be punished for holding, I have no right to speak. Outside of uni there aren't many issues as I live in a relatively civilized part of America.


Argue for the lurkers, not for the propagandist.

you can't debate anyone who won't or can't change their mind. might as well talk to a brick wall

You Yankees are really fucking pathetic. You can't even fight for what you believe in, this is exactly why you have no respect and why there will never be a workers revolution in your country

white nationalism is basically the only belief you could possibly be expelled for, and even then, you probably won't be. so what are you on about?

I strongly oppose science denial and my main field of study (evolutionary psychology) is the most frequently denied science other than climate change. Evolutionary psychology is not allowed around progressives and social constructionists, I could be expelled for sexism.
It's a crisis that ANY belief can get you expelled and you should be fighting for their rights.

Why would I want my ideology to appear violent? Discourse is always preferable to violence, violence is for when there is no discourse, and the free speech crisis is not something permanently sealed, it can be reversed (or brought to reality for the first time I guess, communists and fascists have been denied free speech previously in the USA)

This. Destroying right-wingers in debates and exposing their autism does a lot to convince fence-sitters and those entertaining doubts.

Tankies gonna tank

I find this hard to believe considering that Freud and De Beauvoir are the founders of those social fields and basically built them off of proto-evolutionary psychology
You are probably just surrounded by a department filled with illiterate cucks.

TBH I think the best way to fuck with Holla Forumsyps is to point out the the insanity and ridiculousness of right-wing "thought." This not only puts them on the defensive, but if you make your argument well enough, you can plant the seeds of doubt about their asinine beliefs.

Arguing FOR leftism among Holla Forumsyps is far less productive and puts YOU on the defensive instead because you're stuck debating the Soviet Union, etc.

Focus on instilling doubt first. Political conversions are always gradual. Once you make them doubt the right-wing propaganda they've been fed, THEN they will start seeking out other options.

Examples of arguments to expose right-wing nuttery can be found in threads like these:

What time period because I'm calling bullshit if it was 80's or later.

I also want to see this graph, but if you consider the urban poor in the 50s and 60s coupled with the black population it wouldn't exactly be shocking.

Right wing people have low lQ

If you don't have (at least) mild schizophrenia, you're a brainlet.

If I do something stupid I just convulse on my floor mimicking a seizure until I feel better about myself.

Which is why I specified 80's or after, mostly because the injection of sugars and fats that causes the american diet to be too calorie rich.

I occasionally punch myself repeatedly in the face; I think I have given myself a brain aneurysm.

which was fake btw lol

Imagine how an idpol progressive would react to being told that gender roles are the consequence of sexual dimorphism and men on average are more psychologically fit to compete in meritocratic or competitive work environments leading to inequality. Or that the destruction of the family unit served to destroy social cohesion, worsen public mental health, and enrich the state and capitalist class.

Breadlines implies they had bread.

If anyone wants to join on the debate, im the only lefty there it appears like

You're first statement is totally correct. But your second is just conjecture, the family unit is a relatively recent invention. I mean one could argue that the family unit is a perfect embodiment of capitalist production as Engels points out. Thought he obviously doesn't push for the destruction of the family; I don't think the family's destruction or creation has really anything to do with the eventual destruction of capitalist production. But what ever, I have a general idea of the people you are talking about. They think that any allegiance towards traditional family structure means that you are a fascist.

It's pretty fun when I sometimes start shaking and feel that I am losing control over my body. It's like drugs, but you don't have pay for it.

Because it does.

I hope you are being ironic my comrade.

The extended family unit was destroyed first.

the "traditional family structure" is older than fascism/capitalism and has similar qualities across cultures

Why are people on the internet so obsessed with debate culture, anyway?


i blame new atheists and their obsession with logic and producing " crazy x person gets #rekt by facts!" youtube videos

Because debate is an engaging pastime, and the internet facilitates debate on lots of topics with people you would never otherwise talk to.

it implies it was scarce enough that people had to line up to get any.

White people.

Debating is probably the gayest form of polemics I agree.

This is a laughable display of ignorance.
There are countless beliefs you could be expelled for holding.

Just think of anything which is almost universally considered to be a great evil, and then defend it. The more spooked people are, the stronger their reaction.
Try advocating for the human rights of pedophiles and see how many seconds it takes for you to be lynched.

Are you trying to claim that people didn't live with their families before capitalism? I find that very hard to believe.

No the idea of the Nuclear family: aka two parents and 2.3 children is really recent: facilitated by the free movement of labour and then the need for hte consumption of housing. Mostly family structures were based on living with extended families: what kind and how varied from region to region but in some cases you lived with an entire extended clan (see northern Scotland).

That just depends on the situation. Generally moderate people or less moderate but more intelligent people aren't prone to exploding in your face. It's the sjws, the people that are liberal as a fashion statement/Facebook-activists and the extremes on the right. All of these are simpler of mind and usually low on political knowledge, which they like to compensate with shouting or physical violence.

If you have some human insight you should be able to avoid these people.

read bread man πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Read Engels

oh cool they're letting me teach now!

how is this any different from living in towns or villages until recently?

It isn't, see

What opinions?

Doesn't matter, censorship of any opinion is an attack on human rights.


It just keeps fucking happening. Some guy claimed that people would start lining up at 6 AM just to have a chance to get some toilet paper, a few posts later and it's 4 AM.
And in another thread, a picture of empty shelves again, I reverse image search it, it's from 1990.



No you’re educating them.


here's another one with even more sources