What does Holla Forums think about him?
Could he be crypto-/ourguy/?

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I do like him

He's okay but needs to drop his obsession with race and jews, also needs to start making black metal again.

Fucking hell, the comments in those videos. It's fucking hilarious and depressing at the same time.

This so fucking much. Need another 'Hvis lyset tar oss'.

I'm probably the only one who thinks it's extremely funny Varg has a big bag of Twix in his study room. Probably has a glass of milk to go with them

I guess the ancient Nords made Twinx from raw materials in the wild and had imports of cocoa from Mexico. The bag is probably shining silk made by his wife.

For the past two years he has decried the entire right wing as retarded, said capitalism was the biggest enemy of humanity, and subtly said that he believes leftists are much more intelligent and politically sound than the right. He cracked in a recent video and started going on about how the right is too childish and brainwashed to stand up to capitalism and that leftists are inherently more intelligent. I wouldn't say he's one of us, but he is certainly more than just 'crypto' with his /ourguy/ness.

family, tradition, and the death of capitalism and return to paganism is all he's ever wanted.

he's an-prim

He's a crypto ==NAZBOL==
We have to make him read nazbol stuff, or even better, juche stuff

He claims to now be anti-nationalist because nations aren't prim enough. Plus he has also stopped blaming Jews for everything.

I'm not sure Varg has milk. The milk might get mixed with the cornflakes he has and then they turn soft. Varg likes his cornflakes crispy.

I think it's more appropriate to say he's not blinded by insane ideology than him really being /ourguy/ unless you're an an-prim.

Not really, unless his politics are genuinely changing.

I think he's just fickle, frankly.

Varg is inconsistent and also full of shit. Euronymous kicked ass, though. Never forget.

hmm yeah the one who couldn't keep a record store running and used photos of a suicide to shock and exploit an industry's image, ultimately getting stabbed in the head really "kicked his ass"

its the logical conclusion of völkish logic, nations are rather a recent invention after all, especially as 'expressions of a people' or 'people's will'

I like him. He's actually standing up for his beliefs and putting effort into trying to live the lifestyle he suggests other people live as well. That kind of honesty is quite respectable, even if you don't agree with his beliefs.

Varg "All power to Soviets" Vikernes told several times that he prefers "communism" (socialist republics of Warsaw pact) than capitalism. But he's ultimately national anprim who believes that modern medicine is jewish christian plot to ricemix us, and all those niggers would dissapear from europe in a couple of decatedes if they would not have access to fruits of industrialized world.

He's especially heavy on self-sufficiency stuff, that is why I like him.

Actually, yeah. He did.
Euronymous had way more influence on the basic sound of Norwegian black metal than Varg did - Euronymous basically defined what guitar sounded like in the genre. Also, he was semi-commie.

Varg was a Nazi fucktard who piggybacked off Euronymous's band, murdered him, and gained the affection of right-wingers (and pretentious hipster fucks, eventually, for different reasons) in spite of being the carjacking white guy version of various right-wing bogeymen. Guy is alive because he lived in a country that wouldn't kill him.

Retarded primmie

Euronymuos was a fucking edgelord who believed the gorillions meme and liked communist for that.
You just don't like him because you are black

I mix brown and white rice together all the time

Do you know which video?

I like his music. Don't know about him. He talks about some pretty spooky shit.

I can't remember the specific one where he cracked, but it was within a window of four months and now, I think.

He's an eco-fascist and has nothing to do with the left. His odalism is consciously eco-fascist, drawing on the historical legacy of nazi agricultural minister Richard Walther Darre and the green wing of the nazis. I with people would stop posting him here.

Still better than Varg, tbh. Also, unironically denying Holodomor&thelike outright is Tankie as fuck and I'm not sure how anyone can come out with that "Soviet Union dindu nuffin" shit and simultaneously act like they're really any better than the edgy Satanic version of that. Capitalist propaganda exaggerates numbers and details, but the USSR was up to a lot of shit.

Actually, I just use this flag to weed out the retards who can't get past it and don't have substantial things to say.

Yeah but the black metal renaissance of the 2000s would never have happened without Varg.
Like it or not Hvys Lyset Tar Oss was just as important a milestone for the genre as the early Mayhem stuff.

He is the one that said "right wing people have low lQ"

Which videos?

Thuleanperspective "about the alt-lite (but also the alt-right)

He's got like 3/4s of a redemption arc going, I like it.

I'd be happy calling him comrade and liberating the northern front with him.

he doesn't really talk about the Jews much, also who cares that he talks about race, he finds a way to feed it into collectivism and loving earth.

Understand that varg isn’t legally allowed to voice his full opinions on YouTube, or he’d be jailed in Europe. So everything video you watch by him is essentially a “lite” version of what he actually believes. He unironically believes being Nordic makes you a different species, and thinks that having children with a Japanese women results in “MUH IRREVERSIBLE MISCEGENATION OF PURE BLOODLINE.” He’s a fucking idiot, that openly admitted he doesn’t give a “flying fuck” about science because it’s all “Jewish controlled”.

Take the white pill. "pagan communism" is perfect stage of communalism.

All I can say about Varg is that Euronomunus and the Churches deserved it.

Holla Forums is so cancerous it turns famous pagan reactionaries into leftists

jews and porky are synonymous, much like prottie heretics. they're usually found together. not much difference since prots are usually pro-Zionist neocons. same shit, different day. I mean I'll admit I'm pro-white but its more complicated than you think.

only economically in my case because of Pinoshits. I'm still a nationalist but stale helicopter memeing turned me off from Libertarianism for good.

Or Gaahl. Or Les Legions Noires. Or, actually, Mayhem and a bunch of the '80s black/heavy stuff that Mayhem were listening to themselves.

It really and truly wasn't. Atmosphere had been a part of the genre since Venom. Adding a bunch of delay and reverb to stuff is pretty unremarkable compared to basically building the Norwegian scene - and Euronymous, in spite of supposedly being super-duper unlikable, not only defined that sound stylistically but also was central to organizing the scene both in Norway and internationally.

He's an agrarian primitivist of sorts who likes conservative social values. His views are essentially radical traditionalism taken to its logical conclusion.

I like him though, he doesn't shill for feudalism or capitalism so I won't criticize.

I slightly prefer Mayhem/Euronymous but Burzum's metal material is cool. I just find Euronymous more interesting really

whats this, leftypol agreeing with an alt righter …

fucking hilarious hahahahah

He is an ultrareactionary.

He isn't a alt righter, he's a former old school neonazi turned turd positionist liberals

"he isnt alt right"

If i had a shekel for everytime i heard this… i would be porky rich

He precedes it though

why does this matter? at all?
alt right, nazism, Not Socialism, conservative. its all the same right

i mean.. come on, they are all nazis
who "preceded" what, doesnt really matter

He's closer to Ted Kaczynski with racial theories than fascism proper though

He was a bog standard Nazi when he wrote Vargsmal though, but that hardly matters now

I mean, not really.
I know leftypol lumps people together a lot, and there are lots of people who claim not to be alt. right but are. But Varg is from a separate thing and had a political base before the alt. right was around to fanboy him.

You could just say "right wing." "Alt. right" is specifically something he's not.

Absolutely. Varg is simultaneously the only good third positionist who has ever lived, will ever live, or could ever live, and the only good primitivist who has ever lived, will ever live, or could ever live.

hes NAZBOL obviously. He wants white nationalism in europe with left wing economic policies. that = nazbol

Look for Adolf Stalin on youtube

He makes a good useful idiot at least. The Alt-Right is becoming divided by infighting, and it's partly due to his videos. Go make a 'White Pagan anti-cuckstianity' thread on Holla Forums and see what happens, it always turns into this rabid shitstorm that lasts for ages

Reactionary primitivist with retarded ideas about vikings and christianity.

Euronymous was the edgiest tankie that ever lived and considered Varg his protege up until a few months before his death. Theyre just mirror images of each other, Euro attacked a random stranger for standing too close to his girlfriend at the bus stop, he was a psycho and didn't pay bands on his label because apparently Socialism according to euronymous means reinvesting the workers pay in your own business without their consent

Varg got contrarian when he realized christians were agreeing with his videos
The man has priorities, as backwards as they are

He literally only supported ML because he bought into the "hundreds of gorillions and everyone is sad" shit and wanted to be contrarian since plenty of his peers in the scene wore Swastikas and such. Varg at least has a solid set of beliefs, as flawed as they are, and also believes that they would be greatly beneficial for humanity, whereas Euronymous just thought totalitarianism was cool because people were sad and died. I don't think they are really comparable.

I like that he keeps saying for people to not donate money for his videos, because he does them out of personal pleasure. Agree or disagree, that's a good stance.
Unlike the one dullah man


what is it with middle eastern television and using "shoe" as an insult?

Ah yes, the weekly Holla Forums's favourite ecofash thread

He should also love all the people on the earth

In the same way that democrats and Maoists are (ie very little)

Respect his consistency tbh

Butthurt Bookchinite detected, go shill for your US backed state somewhere else

Who was the user that got Vargs phone number and made the video when they were calling him up, and fucking with him pretending to be his neighbors? That was hilarious.

Obvious alt-right shill. To overcome capitalism will require the unification of all of humanity against it, it is a global super-parasite made of systems for systems. The weapon is awareness of its true nature, which demands dialogue, cooperative analysis. The so-called "left" is being gamed just as much as the right to prevent this by actors who seek to essentially derail conversation at the top levels of social discourse.

Kek. I'm the OP on the active J. Barg thread. I meant unironically.

The J Barg thread 404ed I think

I like him I hope some day I can call him comrade Varg.

Euro actually participated in socialist shit, tho.

But then you go on to criticize him for being inconsistent. Euronymous was still more consistent about this than most tankies, in that he was able to celebrate the bad shit the USSR did rather than just apologize for it and pretend it was a non-issue or a total positive.

Also, he was possibly hiding his powerlevel.

If we would have to choose our favorite reactionary shitlord musician I would pick Douglas P rather then Varg. I mean, Gay Stasserism is equally shit as this guy's 'odinism' but musically I preffer Death In June to any of the Varg's projects.

Nah Juche is too rationalistic.

But I just thought something crazy.

Hear me out here.

What if we convince Varg creativity, consciousness and independence are volkish values.

And why we not just kill him ?

Because maybe he'll one day will make a good BM album again.

What about Boyd Rice?

We all know that the only answer is to make Varg google Bookchin

Tbh I could see him going ancom. Especially ethnic/tribal orientated ancom

Maybe a National Anarchist like J Barg

I long for the day until this pig disgusting wh*Teoid is murdered so I won't have to see his tard face or hear about his equally special "ideas" about race

Euronymous spotted.