How long until a leftist politician is accused of serial sexual assault and forced to disappear because of vague allegations?

I wish Bernie Sanders was a leftist.

Even if he did grope someone I doubt it would hurt the Sandman. He's literally one of two congressmen in the country with a positive approval rating. Something like 60% of the country views him favorably.

Which just goes to show how fucked the "democracy" is.

FFS is this really what passes for "left" in Burgerland?

But to answer the question: I'm certain someone will come up eventually.

It's worst, Hillary passes for left kek

The conservative party where I am from would be to the left of Sanders.

You European?


It already happened many times, except they actually did it

I'm sure it's a weapon that could be used, but what purpose would it serve against Sanders at this point? He's been effectively neutered by the DNC and I can imagine he's going to try to run again in 2020, if he's even still around by then. He's more useful right now as a way to keep socdems in the Democratic Party fold.

Are Irish conservatives for gay marriage?

Eventually someone will play the part of reformed sexual predator well. It will still affect them their whole life, but running and denying and hem hawwing get you nowhere. The only thing to do is accept it, after all it was your own mistake, and then carry on.

This mirrors in general the drive to have the moral high ground. Fuck that. We have to turn a critical gaze to the sectors that dehumanize sexual predators (one species of criminal) in the sense of making believe that if you did x then you are nothing and should go away. This is projection… No ethical co sumption under capitalism means we all underwrite rape every day. This is an overwhelming accusation today but eventually it will be possible to admit what you did, provide an analysis, and move on. If you never get to be alone with anyone for security reasons, no biggie. You have to accept the consequences for your actions but non sexual harrassers must do the same (build communism) to actually be credible.

Social democrats are "radical" by our standards.

He helped de spook a lot of people on socialism…

Forgot this part. How many people will be like rape is so evil blah blah and then when someone gets conicted they go ha! That guy will be raped in jail for years. Utter hypocrisy. People are only concerned when the violence is against people they value.

Sexual violence should stop, but that involves way more than demonizing and ostracizing sexual criminals. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and these demonizers do not face what it takes to prevent these crimes. They want them to happen so they have a big enemy to be against. But really were one big family, this is an internal problem.

Yup, the conservative Prime minister of Ireland is gay.
Although, I do believe there are fringe groups out there who oppose it.

he's racist tbh

It was a different time

who knew he was so redpilled.

Bill Clinton has already perfected the "reformed" sexual predator

Liberals are sneaky, they'll probably manufacture rape allegations if any of /ourguys/ gets big.

they actually tried with this stuff

I remember reading the headline and thinking that Bernard was done, but reading the article and realizing it was irrelevant

Sandman was centre-left most of his career so I think he's hiding powerlevel because centrism is considered radical leftism in burgerland.

who's the other Congressman?

Bernie is a leftist, but leftism is bullshit. Non-communist leftists are the most common kind of leftist, which is to say, retards.

notice most of them are jewish porkies and/or high ranking officials. let them devour themselves. I'm not here for parlimentary socialism. I'm just here for the violence.

whats the story behind this?

It's a real quote, brocialists love him because he is a sexist.

again, we scapegoat americans for everything here newfag

I wish meme communists would do something as small as getting into school council, let alone create a nationwide movement.

There are parties in the North that oppose it and your country is one of the few in Europe where it's still a bit of a bad idea to come out as gay in a small town. I dated an Irish girl and she had a gay friend in Ennis, dude was petrified of being outed to the point he almost committed suicide over it. In his talking about it he said a lot of gay guys are the same way there and they all want to move to other countries as soon as they can. It's different in Dublin and some of the bigger cities are like the rest Europe, more advanced than America, but not quite as much as some of the better countries.

You're also extremely ass backwards on abortion in a way that makes even America seem somewhat progressive on the issue. Though I agree on most issues your country is to the left of ours socially.

He wrote some articles for a small letfist newspaper in Vermont some time in the 70's.

They don't really hold up, but they didn't do lasting damage because people realized once you get through the initial shock, it's not that big of a deal.

he likes raep, duh

it was really basic "astonishing lede to draw you in" for a fairly mundane essay on gender roles

Elizabeth Warren, iirc

It happens all the time among lefties. Nobody cares enough to report it to Fox News.

Can you imagine being these "BLM activists"

Bum rushing a social security rally to accuse Sanders of being a racist.
Boy their activism really paid off…

it already happened

*blocks your path*


Also Nader has a shittton of "problematic" quotes like this, although Nader is more MGTOW