How would Marxism solve social issues like cultural and gender equality?

How would Marxism solve social issues like cultural and gender equality?

Identitarian issues are a result of Capitalism. Eliminate capitalism, then you can make social progress permanent. If you keep Capitalism, then for every time you make social change for the better, conservatives/reactionaries will try to repeal the change.

by despooking you of silly ideas like 'gender' and 'equality'

Homosexuals will be put in gulags. Ethnic minorities will be transferred to Uzbekistan and Siberia.

Culture wouldn't be treated like an industry made for profit, and so we would return to the original "folk" or people's culture

Why do you think Slavs today are more folksy/less trendy and commercial than Westerners.

Socialism protected their culture from.commodification. Now thar the USSR is gone though, its only a matter of time.

Former USSR states have been consuming american capitalist culture at alrming rates. Soon the transgenders and gay pride parades will start to pop up there as well

"cultural and gender equality" is just the competition for access to bourgeois priviIeges (such as all the tax breaks married couples get). eliminate the priviIeges and "equality" is no longer a sensical issue.

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Such is the logic of Capitalism, friend. No need to be mad. That's why Fascists and just tradtards in general are doomed to fail.

To not expect Capitalism to commodify your culture and reduce it to the lowest common denominator.

To expect your regime to have any sort of power would be like thinking that the man atop a ladder has any power over tge man holding it.

Stop speaking about marxism as if it's an economic system you mouthbreathing liberal.

by killing everyone who thought they would be equal or better once the Marxists got in power– they would be killed equally, so in a sense Marxism would solve that particular issue.

by making them completely irrelevant politically
you can be whatever turbotrad retard or hyper-idpol faggot stereotype as long as you realise that your political realities and necessities align with your material interests
and at this point the dichotomy is starting to be humanity vs capital, and less bourg vs prole

Level economic conditions, problem solved.

Seriously, that's about it, and it works.

Nobody would be telling you to care so that they can profit from perceived caring.
What does "solving" cultural and gender equality do? Can you truly measure from 1 data point whether the circumstances are now equal or those who control the system adjusted it to continue their control of the system?

Marxism is a theory corpus. It doesn't solve any issue.

Remove capitalism because those are spooks created by capitalism. Everyone will be equal regardless of identity group.

The very language you use betrays the fact that the problem is capitalism, and the commodification of all human experience; the colonisation of life by the marketplace.


We assign every single man a single woman under socialism. Every marketplace is controlled to ensure equality.



(alternative formulations I like are from At Daggers Drawn "those who want the present society to continue vs those who want to destroy it asap" and Tiqqun's take on 'molecular revolution' opposed to conflict between 'molar' entities like bourg/prole in This Is Not a Program/Intro to Civil War.)


this too.

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the sexual free market rose was a sweed all along
this explains EVERYTHING

First off, women are not our equals, never have never will be and second of all quit looking at cultures through a first world lens