Hillary clinton is definitely not a walking corpse thread

mein führer i can walk!!!!

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nanci pelosi definitely did not suffer neurological damage from a stroke


"W-what a t-t-terrific audience"



who gives a shit? reported

ur a faggot

reported you before you posted, checkmate

OP, what is this pic from? I'd reverse image search, but I'm on mobile

Dirty Granny Sluts #3: Enter the Back Door


yale law two days ago user
there's some staged photo ops from the same day where she's being held up by people without the crutches.

Ganbatte Hillary-chan! Fighto!

At least we can agree one thing I guess. when is her death date, that's the real question

She's going to get better in a few years and look slightly different and maybe sound a little different and act a bit different all at once, but she's not dying!

her explanation for the crutches is that she "broke her toe"

b-but she's white…shouldn't you be trusting her automatically based on that fact alone? i don't understand you folks

Definitely not dying of a rare neurological condition named "Kuru" from cannibalizing the flesh of Indigo Pizza-Children

She'll most likely lose again too. That'll be funny to watch.

I trust people based on how they act and how they are not just on their skin colour. We're not a hive mind, like you lot we all have varying opinions. Not to mention trusting someone simply because they are white is fucking autistic, I wouldn't trust this guy just because he's white and nor would anyone else.
I hope

hitler with tits


mein gott.


For a moment I literally thought I'm on /x/. What is the point of this thread?

Better question is who gives a fuck about hillary clinton in 2017

She will never have power again. She will probably croak by the next election.

Lets hope so, otherwise dems will be idiots enough to let her run again.

Is it a law in america that all the presidential candidates have to have at least one foot in the grave? They are all like 500 years old.


I can believe an old woman broke her toe. women have total cuck bones. do you think she has cerebral palsy instead? or is paralyzed?

i don't trust conspiracy theories like that, i stick to the facts and science. also nice dubs 88 wisdom.

What a bitch.

reported, saged, and hidden
I'm with Her in 2020!

dude, I was able to run around with my broken toe
just wear tight shoes

the way she walks, she's a dead meat
broken toe my ass, she is so deep down the spectacle, it's just amusing really

Who will the democrats run? Trump is almost done his first year and their hasn't been any serious critic or challenger from the democrats promoting themselves as realistic opposition. Kamala Harris?

Maybe not direct power but it's pretty clear the Clintons still have considerable power over the Democratic Party. One of their lieutenants Donna Brazile somehow got absolved from cheating during a debate and was reappointed a comfy organizing position. Thankfully, the Democratic Party will never have power again.


She'll probably run with Bernie to help him win California during the primaries and the old blood will unironically try to run with a zuckerberg/rock ticket.




She fed a CNN debate question to the Clinton campaign and was promptly fired from CNN when leaks let the public now.

It would seem that way, but no. Kennedy and Obama were both perceived as young and handsome, which certainly helped them get elected.

If they run the zucc Trump could honestly win again. Zucc is far scarier.

Zucc is far scarier, but almost nobody talked about Peter Thiel's support of Trump.
Jimmy Dore does a good job of talking about the Amazon deal but I am concerned that nobody talks about Palantir.

You made me laugh so loud that some girl turned around and gave me the stinkeye in the library. Thanks

It would be top spek to watch Trump bully the fuck out of the Zucc on the debates

She just wrote a book. Also there’s Clintonites trying to stop any possible move to the left in American Politics.

For whatever reason i just imagined zizek debating Trump
Mein gott it would be so glorious
Just imagine the puzzled look on Trumps face when Zizek really gets going with dialectics and lacan
Then Trump tries to say something about the wall and Zizek Interrupts him with saying that the Wall is pure ideology and talks himself into rage about old jokes and anal fisting and Trump has a mental break down
It seems as if i should start writing socialist fanfic

They would just shout at each other. Trump would insult how scruffy Zizek looks and Zizek would say something like "My gott you are sho shtupid" and start psychoanalysing him while Trump says shit like "This guy is just the worst, take a look at him folks. He can't even shave for the presidential debates! Total mess!".

Is this real? Please be real.

pls don't ruin my fantasy
Also i didn't mean a presidential debate but as an event where the spectator is smart enough to at least get an idea of what zizek is trying to say like at a university or something

*Trump starts tugging on the collar of his shirt and tugging his sleeves and pulling stupid faces* "What even is that? Can't you at least try to act like a normal person? This is what the communists in Europe are like, people, they're hopped up on all kinds of junk and they want to get your children on it too. Not here. Not here."