Is there any place for leftist nerds to shitpost besides here?

There's been a growing trend of leftists LARPing or self-identifying as bullies. It seems to be part of a pattern of automatically becoming the opposite of what the alt-right is.

So if the alt-right is HONESTLY showing it's nerdy and virgin side, then the left automatically want to be a bully.

But it makes the left SUCK for men who ARE nerds and/or men who are socially awkward.

Is there any place on the internet that leftist nerds can shitpost besides here. For a year this is the only place I feel safe in


This is a uniquely good board, and I don't think there's any other real alternatives

Internet right-wingers are an inherent self-contradictory. On one hand they want to be full of nerdy incels, and on the other hand, they glorify chad culture.

Yea, intelligence in anything but a few sanctioned topics is pretty frowned upon in most left spaces

cuz then urr a lonely virgginn nerrdd XDXDXD


What about leftytrash?

Really nigger?

I don't know what you mean user I'm not a nerd.

OH wait I am, all I do is play vidya all day.

Well shucks. Maybe here is the only place

honestly what does this consumerist identity matter to you

It really doesn't. I don't call myself it, others do.

But if I take a look at what it means, sure it described a good chunk of me

Discord servers
Wire servers(?? Never actually used it)

4/co/ is pretty comfy. They have sizable liberal and MAGAtards population so it evens out. I know some of comrades lurk on there sometimes as I have seen our memes. It's very nerdy and a nice place to discuss comics and cartoons. 4/tg/ also has a very insulated community and if you're into tabletop games it's pretty nice and informative if not contrarian.

4/jp/ hates talk about politics but it's otherwise a comfy place to shitpost about touhou and vns

You're getting a taste of what real Communism will look like. Since other forms of hierarchy will be banned, hierarchies will form based on social capital instead. think high school, forever.

4/vr/ is not bad if you're into retro vidya. The generals for doom, roller coaster tycoon, pcengine games and jrpgs can be quite lively and full of good info. Outside of the occasional racist Holla Forumsermin or reactionary gen-x'er the shitposting isn't that bad.


citation needed

Shitpost on >>>/leftyb/ use this board for actual discussion.

Stop flogging that poor board.

The term "nerd" is liberal consumerist shit, but if you are a leftist who happens to have "nerdy" interests and/or are introverted, expect to be treated like shit by twitter and leftbook leftists

You have no place in the revolution.


also the left isn't becoming bullies just to spite the alt right, the alt right is just full of scumbags that happen to be nerds, and get no sympathy because they're loathsome people

what is this animu?

t. recent convert into the church of Japanese cartoons

Hataraku Maou-Sama

I'm pretty sure those subs are fake tho

ok but the left has just as much if not more nerds

It's totally LARPy

no one uses that board
1000 active users is too small to separate into smaller boards

Good response, although I don't fully agree

I think that's true of right-socialism, which has always been more popular than left-socialism. I have no idea what true working communism looks like, because it seems unattainable and not realistic. Socialism is different.

But even though socialism started with meritocratic, almost ancap level meritocratic philosophers, it CAN be implemented in an egalitarian way. It just depends how the social rules and values are set up.

now i see how germans feel about the downfall hitler rant videos

what the fuck are you talking about. there's nothing "LARPy" about nerds being mean to other nerds.

they're detourned subs

Yea it is, if you are a nerd or grew not a bully pretending to be a high school bully because
, that's roleplay.

you are dumb as shit my man

die cis scum

What the fuck are you on about? There's no bullying of nerds

it's not even an effective political strategy, it's just anti-intellectual SJW nonsense, to degrade the alt-right or fellow leftists as "nerds" and therefore "lesser than" or "virgins" or whatever.

It's just we don't need more of a culture of intellectual laziness in the left. The right is reading and making theory at 1000x the speed we are, and they aren't' afraid to go into anything or debate anything. There's like only a few set of topics that leftists outside leftypol on the net will talk about and even then they won't debate the ideas.

Ridiculing right wingers is fun

/vr/ has the minor problem where you get these ultra beardy motherfuckers who are still clinging to their old sega master system or apple II. You haven't experienced true hell until you've seen people legitimately screeching and throwing console war fits over consoles that are over 30 years old.

It still easily beats the fuck out of the majority of 4chan though, especially Holla Forums.

In some other thread, people said 420chan's Holla Forums is good, but it seems to have too few users.

It seems Holla Forums is the vanguard of the socjus-free, English-speking left.

There's nothing wrong with consuming knowledge, my fellow.


Kirtainer supported Zoe Quinn during gamergate


Oh? Any evidence?

Real talk, people who pine about not having a girlfriend are just the worst, especially the ones who have never had one.
It's not worth it.


I don't care about gamergate or Zoe Quinn, I hate more people in gamergate than I hate Zoe Quinn.

Literally any board except Holla Forums

high school was pretty cool. hanging around with your mates you've known forever without a care in the world

Not really the same thing. Hiroyuki was basically making money off of building ad profiles on 2ch users. I don't see why he would have stopped for 4chan.

All of 4chan is Holla Forums now and has been for years

Certified faggot then.

I vaguely recall that name. Does he have past public drama?

420chan admin.

get out, nerd. Holla Forums is a chad board

The tide is receding. A lot of the weeb boards (and weeb threads in /vg/) actively resent Holla Forumsyps now


Chad is corporate identity as nerd you fucking idiot.
This is a bad boy, street wise, badass, MEN and anti soyboy board. Nothing to do with corporate bullshit or metrosexual faggots.
We are old style, prole looking, "Man that they don't built anymore" type of guys

Nerds deserve to be bullied tho.
They are the cancer ruining fun everywhere on the internet.

wanting to get rid of nerds on the internet is like wanting to get rid of cereal for milk. The internet was made by and for nerds.

Normies just get to participate.

Also Jello is a total dork

The working class became soft in the 50s and 60s.

Pretending otherwise is bourgie. Only bourgie are fit. Workers should be able bodied. But we aren't fucking fit.