Cody Wilson

What does Holla Forums think of Cody Wilson?

>recently founded just to piss of liberals

hes probably the most impactful radical of our time. at least in the US.

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He could fuck my bitch tbh

>>recently founded just to piss of liberals

No he created it because he is a white supremacist you moron.

how is hatreon white supremacist?


>Firstly, as a tribute to our political embarrassment and symbolic misery I have built a website. This will be a thread.The sacred world union is in panic. Without real solidarity between peoples and nations, a kind of conspiracy takes shape.This conspiracy is the masquerade of Security. But as I have learned, Security is the best medium for terror.But the depths of terror are strange. The terror of the Good is much deeper than that of Evil.And so the sacred union (a parody) takes hold under the sign of total, preventative war against the slightest infectious molecule.The least anomaly or exception, the smallest singularity, is a threat to the White Terror of World Order. My insight, and that of my intellectual master, is that this vast conspiracy of positivity and counter-terror is an autoimmune syndrome.Lay traps. You can force the democracies to sabotage themselves “progressively.” My love letter to the failure of the European Union is . It is now open to the public.In my quest to be the most brutal of libertarians, I have become the #1 funding platform for the Alt Right. It took no time at all.

cody is an intellectual powerhouse.

>recently founded just to piss of liberals
He's facilitating the financing of the traditionalist right. They should be put up against the wall and shot tbh. They are not a leftist and they're helping the enemy.

is leftist content banned in hatreon or something?

Are we getting silently raided by people shilling capitalist/individual anarchist bullshit. ffs

Wikiweapon and ghost gunner are interesting, potentially useful even. But Cody Wilson is a reactionary and doesn't deserve any support. They're not on our side.

brainlet marxist


you know lefties can go there too right? only reason they don't is because the crowdfunding sites have deemed leftist to be socially acceptable is the era of " FUCK DRUMPH xD"

your time will come tooo

He used to be somewhat OK, but he's slid into dumb reactionary politics and now he's incurably retarded.


It really doesn't matter. He made it specifically to finance the alt-right. He pretty much admits this and brags about the position he's in. If you don't see how he's openly supporting the far-right you're either an idiot or disingenuous.

brainlet brainlet


ya got me

it actually does because in the case of a growing leftist presence there he either accepts it or censors it, in which case he'd come out as an hypocrite

not saying that the second option isn't what the aut-right doesn't want, but still

let the world be man

kuso thread

He brags about supporting the alt-right openly on twitter, going to far as to create videos Hatreon specifically supporting Andrew Anglin and Richard Spencer. You're fucking retarded if you don't see how they're specifically supporting the alt-right. Christ, I'm so tired of everything on the internet going to the far-right.

*videos promoting Hatreon

He leans to heavily towards capitalism to be considered one of us, he just hates the state in general and likes any thinker, left-wing or right-wing, who also opposed it.

Doesn't he consider Hans-Herman Hoppe one of his inspirations? That automatically precludes him from being left-wing.

hes not associated with them . but he is making a point that he will help ANYONE get funding.

hes a true anarchist


Yeah, I guess that is what """""true anarchism""""" is: completely incoherent and willing to support the right.

Bookchin was right

I am not denying the fact that he leans to the right, what I am pointing out is the fact that the left and the anarchist could use hatreon, and if he decides to censor them then he'd come out as an hypocrite, which would alienate most liberals using it


Also, I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess that OP is Cody. That being said, OP you are a gigantic faggot.

im not cody, cody is busy swimming in money and trad pussi

I could build an AK for a fraction of his autism. Christ.

You missed the point homo.

What ever you think of CW, We need more radicals like him.

The most prominent leftists are these fags who make a shitty unfunny podcast and are castrated by SJWs every time they "cross the line" , while the rest of the left just sits there and watches.

I don't agree with all of his viewpoints, but he has excellent praxis. Radicals in general should follow his lead and focus on genuine subversion of state/economic power instead of culture war bullshit. "Real politics" in the words of Wilson himself.

Also, crypto-anarchy is super relevant and imo a very viable path to revolution. Should be getting more attention on this board as a theory of insurrection.

Honestly leftists should be more upset about online censorship of the alt-right. It's naive to think that the same censorship won't eventually be directed at us as well.

Just look at reddit for an example of censorship of action. First it was just subs like r/coontown and r/fatpeoplehate that got deleted, but now it's also r/leftwithsharpedge and the mods are cracking down more on r/anarchism everyday. We shouldn't place the fate of our movement in the hands of silicon valley oligarchs.

This is not at all suspect /s

You sure he's not just trolling?

Most of his creations remain his intellectual property. Someone could set up a clone of Hatreon and he'd be well within his rights to bring them to court.

But beyond that, I'm probably going to be the first to say that he's naive. He honestly really buys into the same Silicon Valley paradigm of disruption. It meshes well with his individualism: why bother organizing when all you need to do is code and distribute the killer app that will destroy porky once and for all? Who needs to dirty their hands in politics when you can code you way to a better world.

Either that or he's a grifter hopping from one easily scammed fringe movement to another. I doubt he's running Hatreon at-cost.

He may not be a typical ancap but he still considers himself a market anarchist so he's not my guy. Believe it or not but I actually do have more sympathy towards the post left/some strains of individualist anarchism than my flag may suggest but individualist anarchists that aren't anti market generally tend to be fairly close to the American conception of "libertarianism" even if they claim to be anti capitalist for whatever reason. If you want to look to the right for some cool practice you should read James Mason's SIEGE instead.

Source? He's very outspoken against the concept so this comes as a surprise to me.

That's probably my biggest criticism of him actually. Still think what he does is important though, even if it isn't perfect.

He's kinda pretentious when you see him talk and obviously digs the bad boy character he gets to play but generally isn't a stupid faggot so he's cool in my book

Grasp for straws harder you fucking faggot.

if it means more gun availability and pisses off the state, then good

>recently founded just to piss of liberals
Nope, he gets the gulag.

No, if anything he's a useful idiot for future leftist militias, if they even bother with his stupid plastic guns instead of just getting their hands on cheap surplus service rifles.

Nothing about him seems anarchist. He strikes me more of a traditional Tea Party burger that wants to take up arms against the government for all the wrong reasons


I've never seen him explicitly release the IP for the 3D guns or for Hatreon into the public domain, so I'm assuming he retains some sort of control over them. It wouldn't be the first time a tech disruptor never followed through on his ideals.

post leftism was a mistake