Can we have a thread about gift economies?

Can we have a thread about gift economies?

aside from Graeber, any other authors you guys recommend?

Is it actually a viable way to abolish the law of value or is it doom to fail?

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I don't see how modern technologically and logistically advanced society could be organized using it. I hate to spout memes, but it seems like it could only work on small scales, primarily small, tight-knit communities.

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umm, can you like, explain your arguments in a non-autistic manner?

I find it difficult to imagine a society with a gift economy that doesn't also fill the criteria of communism. Production for use and the value form couldn't exist in a gift economy unless you allow gift giving to exist in an abstract sense in which gifts can defer their consumption indefinitely.

I agree. So quit it with the gift economic rhetoric and adopt a communist agenda. Why put the cart before the mule?

I'm not the OP, but I find gift economies to be interesting as hell. I think they're a worthy object of study. I don't believe that any communist revolution can succeed without alternative economic models that can be used to supplant the old ones. A Cockshott-style cybernetic economy makes some assumptions that I feel aren't necessarily compatible with an advanced communist mode of production. Gift economic ideas offer a potential way forward imo.

I think the idea for a gift economy is to not have centralized power and wealth

what a fucking meme
sure, it works for haircuts and backgarden vegetables but not for houses and trains

The idea for gift economies isn't for all transactions and resources to instantly be handled through gifting, but by dismantling the logic of the market through encouraging accumilated wealth to be gifted away rather than hoarded or reinvested into capital. That's at least what Marcel Mauss thought. His hiers promote similar "steps" towards socialism through UBI and the likes


Well as Lenin obviously failed to abolish commerce through brutal force, at least Mauss was justified in trying new paths

That might just be the worst take on Lenin I've ever read. Expropriation isn't even exclusively Leninist

Read the text you drooling brainlet. It explains how Mauss wrote The Gift as a response to Lenin's failure at abolishing commerce

Except as I said expropriation isn't a leninist concept, it's shared by pretty much all revolutionary socialists. The bourgeoisie aren't gonna just give all their money away


Read a book m8

Well I guess its settled, it wont work, thanks for the experiment I guess OP

If you refuse to give away gifts in gift economies you'll probably be socially ostracized, and you won't recieve any gifts you might need on your own. That's how reciprocity works

How did this meme start. Socialism isn't giving gifts, it's common ownership of the MoP. It's a mode of production, not a mode of distribution

Michael Hudson

The whole idea behind a "gift economy" suffers from what I like to call "exchange fetishism", common amongst both anti-communists and utopians. They view commodities as if they simply exist, ignoring the way production is organized, choosing instead to only look at how distribution occurs.
Clothes do not come from the wardrobe and food does not come from the fridge, you cannot sabotage capitalism by people gifting eachother old clothes.